Fanatec Announcements: CSW V2 Reviews Out

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  1. Crispy

    United States Allen, Texas

    Looking for CSW V2 Beta reviews? As more come through I'll link them in the OP!
    HoiHman's CSW V2 Review
    eKretz's CSW V1/V2 Comparison
    Logiforce's CSW V2 Base review

      • Pre-Order CSS now! First batch will ship 30th of August, next batch will ship 30th of September!
      • Clubsport Button Box planned. Still in planning phase, but with community input!
      • Firmware 756 available for CSR wheel. CSR Elite soon to follow. Please use driver version 144.
      • CSL Bundle available. Combines CSL seat with PWGT3 or the CSR Wheel. Both come with CSR Pedals.
      • Firmware 037 available for CSW, again please use driver version 144.

    Now lets get on to the wheels currently released!

    Clubsport Wheel Base V2

    As evident by Fanatec's past, V2 models are often added into the lineup a few years after the V1 release. The CSW is no different. However the differences are quite astounding. The wheel uses Hall sensors on both the motor and steering axis, making the wheel more precise. Improvements to the belt drive come with the addition of ball bearings, making the wheel much more smooth. The biggest change comes from the change in motor. In the heart of the V2 lies a brushless servo motor, giving the feel of a direct drive wheel. This motor provides a much, much stronger force feedback effect.

    Oh and one more addition. Later in the year more wheel rims will be announced. These wheel rims add compatibility for consoles like the Xbox One and PS4. (Neither console confirmed as of yet)


    Clubsport Shifter

    The Clubsport Shifter is the brand new addition to the Clubsport line. Beta units are out and customers will have this shifter in their hands come early September! It features 7-Gear+Reverse in an H-Pattern, and proper feeling sequential gears. The Gear Knob can be replaced with multiple gear knobs from other companies. The Shift Feeling can be adjusted as well. Multiple mounting options allow the wheel to be mounted to any rig. An ultra realistic shifting feeling also includes an inhibitor to prevent accidental misshifts into reverse.

    There are two versions of the shifter. There is an H-Patter, and a Sequential. (SQ) The H-Pattern includes all of the features, besides the SQ mode and SQ Shifter, and will ship for $149.00 USD. The SQ mode will include the H-Pattern features, as well as a SQ mode and special SQ Shifter Knob. The SQ Shifter will be priced at $179.00 USD.

    Clubsport Wheel

    The Clubsport wheel is the pinnacle of simracing. This new addition to the clubsport line is accompanied with two rims, a Formula rim, and a GT Rim. The Formula rim is modeled after the type of wheel rim you would find in a formula car, such as an F1. The GT rim is more in tune with cars from the GT3, GT2, and GT1 classes of racing. This particular rim is licensed by BMW.

    -Wheel is made of CNC Machined metal
    -Quick Release for changing wheel rims on the fly
    -Compatible with both PC and PS3
    -Grooved belt instead of tooth belt (Smoother)
    -Belt tension can be modified outside the wheel
    -Code sensor mounted on wheel axis for more precision
    -Two Force Feedback motors



    Clubsport Pedals V.2

    The Clubsport Pedals were the best pedals around for simracing a while back. Then they were beat. Fortunately enough they were beat by the same company that made them. Introducing Clubsport Pedals Version 2. The Version 2's sport many different upgrades from their old self

    -The pedals sport a new black look. All color kits are compatible so you can tune to your liking if you please
    -Added oil damper to the load cell and stiffened the load cell a bit. New hydraulic brake
    -Degressive clutch feel first developed by Teki Ei-Ichi back during the reign of the Clubsport Pedals V.1



    CSR Elite Wheel

    The CSR Elite is the premier wheel for Xbox simracing. Features official licensing from Forza Motorsport. Internally the wheel is almost identical to the CSW, besides the quick-release function. The rim features the Forza Motorsport logo in the center, carbon fibre faceplate and spokes, with a plastic rim and alcantara hand grips.

    -Two Force Feedback Motors
    -Axis Mounted Sensor
    -Xbox, PS3, and PC compatibility
    -Grooved Belt for added smoothness
    -Similar Internals and electronics as the CSW
    -No quick release, but you can still change the rim
    -Wheel I own! :cool:


    CSR Wheel

    This is the entry wheel for Xbox Simracing on the Fanatec Platform. This wheel sports the officially licensed rim from Forza Motorsport, with Aluminium metal replacing the Carbon Fibre. Internally, this wheel is the same as the Porsche Wheels, mainly the PWGT2. Since the rim is lighter weight the wheel is a little faster than the Porsche Wheels

    -Light Rim design
    -One Force Feedback motor
    -Toothed belt
    -Xbox 360, PS3, and PC compatibility
    -Forza Motorsport licensed aluminium wheel
    -Forza Motorsport Paint Job


    CSR Elite Pedals

    The second best step in the pedal department of Fanatec, the CSR Elite pedals boast an Aluminium finish similar to the Clubsport Pedals V.1. These pedals also include one special feature that sets them apart from the Clubsport Pedals.

    -Aluminum Finish
    -Load Cell Brake
    -Ability to Invert or detach each individual pedal



    CSR Pedals

    These pedals replace the standard pedals. They electronics are very similar, and they are an entry level pedal set.

    -Invert Each Pedal
    -Aluminium Finish
    -Similar Electronics to Standard Pedal Set

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  2. Mike0105


    I have been waiting for the CSS for a while now. The original specs released by Tom last year seem spot on.

    As long as it's not as loud as the current shifter I will pick one up I reckon.

    Just got to keep saving for the pedals now!
  3. Franjo

    Canada BC

    I'm excited to see what the CSS will be like.
  4. Mike0105


    Just a reminder of the likely specs announced last year for the shifter.

  5. Crispy

    United States Allen, Texas

    Oh great, my hopes dropped. I just hate that gated shifter like the R8. Oh well, still might pick it up.
  6. kikie

    Belgium Thuis

    Some news about the Fanatec motion simulator maybe?
  7. Mike0105


    Really? I've loved them since I was a little boy. Had a poster of a Ferrari on the wall with an insert of the interior. I've always wanted to own a car with a shifter like that, but I'm not likely to, now is my chance to get close!
  8. Fanatec...


    No phantasy here...

    Come on you can do better.
  9. Crispy

    United States Allen, Texas

    That would make my day. But like an attachment instead of a whole cockpit, so a rig could be fitted with one. Or even a couch. :)
  10. Crispy

    United States Allen, Texas

    I like how they look, just not how they feel. They are easier to shift into correct gear, but to me the sliding motion of shifters like the standard shifters is much quicker. To me at least.
  11. kikie

    Belgium Thuis

    Ok, probably no motion simulator but what about a shifter with FFB which makes it impossible to shift when someone miss-shifts ingame?
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  12. AGP5000

    United States 18603

    I'm sure Thomas has big news. One thing I would like to point out though. For a true quality shifter, prices are around $2-300 US. If this shifter is to be of similar quality, 99.95 EU and 109.95 US are 100% unrealistic. You get what you pay for, and at only $100, it would not stand up to SST or ACT shifters, IMHO. I hope I am wrong, but I am a realist.

    As for FFB shifter, I do not think any sim or game would have that feature in its code to replicate that. We all would love to have a feature like this, but if you are going to pay for a shifter like that, go get a race car lol.
  13. sandboxgod

    United States Texas

    Is that correct? ACT shifter sells less than $100. Please provide links where you saw the price for more? I had been looking into purchasing a shifter for my T500rs possibly if Thrustmaster didn't come through in a few months so I've been comparing prices. They sale for way less than $200 I thought <-- This is where I am looking

    On topic: This sort of news truly deserved it's own thread (Thomas 1st mentioned this to us in the Fanatec thread). Later down the road I will most likely end up buying a Fanatec gt2 so perhaps I could use this shifter along with my t500rs as well (I think I read it uses USB connection?). Maybe Fanatec can clarify now or when he makes the official announcement

    [edit] Mike0105 thanks, you already answered my question. I thought I saw a USB connection mentioned somewhere
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  14. Mr Latte

    United Kingdom N Ireland

    It's weird as Fanatec are not listed as an exhibitor yet to be making any announcements at E3 and I don't recall a stand/presentation in the past. Only the collaboration with FM3 in the past. Somethings up your travelling all the way to USA.

    Okay my guess, something Forza 4 related then perhaps could be in the works?
    FM3 had to of been good for Fanatec?

    On a personal note Thomas I think you really enjoy this "teasing". :)
    Last edited: May 10, 2011
  15. fatkrakr

    Online Now!

    Maybe it will be the whole deal pedals wheel shifter for say.............. $500?
  16. kikie

    Belgium Thuis

    A non Porsche wheel (generic).
  17. Christhedude

    United Kingdom Bristol UK

    great and i just received my shifter set today...

  18. This would be wonderful. Imagine how much higher quality it would be if they could put the Porsche license money toward better components.

    A man can dream. A man can dream...
  19. Maybe they will announce their response to the T500rs wheel. Hopefully its not a new PC/PS3/360 wheel as I am still waiting for my GT2 to show up.
  20. Crispy

    United States Allen, Texas

    He might announce that Fanatec wheels will start to be sold in the United States, at places like Fry's Electronics or GameStop.

    I hope not Fry's, the wheels will be around 1,000-2,000 a pop. :lol: They overpriced the T500RS so its not a far shot.
  21. blacbul67


    Thomas has said on several occasions the license is not a major outlay, compared to the Microsoft licence for their xbox compatible wheels.
  22. Mr Latte

    United Kingdom N Ireland

    10,000 PWTS sold out rather quick mainly because of the 360 support and FM3 Marketing. So the licensce is well worth paying as was having a AAA game to create instant demand for it...

    Thrustmaster T500RS seems to of sold really well with the same concept announcing a new exciting wheel with a AAA game proving again it works as a business model. FM3/PWTS introduced clutch & H Shift for X360 platform and T500RS brought extra precision/power to GT5.

    I think theirs a good possibility that FM4 will be the first console game announced to support a 7+1 speed shifter, just got a gut feeling on that.

    Well we will know in a few weeks if theirs a repeat of this happening with Fanatec/T10 again, (cough) eh Thomas. :sly:
    If not then that would be a shame and missed oppertunity for both parties all IMO of course.
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  23. AGP5000

    United States 18603


    You are correct, the ACT is only 89.99. BUT, I asked around and was told it felt very cheap compared to the SST. I would love to have an SST shifter feel, or maybe Gorilla customs shifter feel with the ACT look. Really good shifters do cost hundreds of dollars. I do not want to have an upgraded standard shifter that is still clacky with some aluminum trim for show.

    For as high of a quality that Fanatec tries to put itself on, an ACT style shifter would be a complete fail to me. For those who do not know, their standard h-pattern shifter has gone through a re-design so to say. They changed the interior a bit to dampen sound, and increase the fluid feel to shifting. For $50, it is not a bad deal. BUT, we all want a top grade, top of the line shifter.

    I am sure we will not be disappointed, they also redesigned their standard pedals. They had a problem with the potentiometers moving slightly out of place causing inaccurate outputs on the pedals. Now, from what I have learned, the standard pedals will be a great buy. I had them myself, but after a few weeks, the brake was all wrong.

    I guess after this blabbering of mine, I can't wait to hear the news!!!!!!!
  24. sandboxgod

    United States Texas

    Ah that's a very interesting criticism @AGP5000. I looked up what people pay in real life for high performance shifters and they did seem to be around $200-300+ (my friend just paid that for his street legal racer). I still hope they can deliver a quality product like you say for a nice price

    I think Thomas already said if a Fanatec GT2 were to be sold at FRY'S it would have to be around $800? Not sure if that was just for the wheel. I can't find the link to Fanatec's post maybe you could click on his post history if you are really interested.
  25. Thaddaeus


    cool news are cool! Ty OP.
    Guess ill need to have a racing rig when this comes out :)
    Do you know of any first preview pics by chance? Did not find any :( (anyhow, quality will be solid, and i dont expect an ugly design.)
  26. Mr Latte

    United Kingdom N Ireland

    Whats worth remembering is that originally they wanted to maintain a similar size just with metal components over plastic.

    So I dont imagine a full heavy duty shifter in the sense like some quite big and serious shifters on the market you refer to guys. Just a compact unit that has a better build and more satisfying feel.

    Of course keeping the size down means its weight should not be a great deal heavier but it helps minimise materials used and keep it in the pricepoint Fanatec hope to target. Its going to be interesting seeing how Thrustmasters and Fanatec's compare.
  27. Franjo

    Canada BC

    Also if the CS shifter is to be compatible with the Rennsport stand, do you really think the metal rods will hold it? Every rennsport stand does come with the shifter adapter now which is what I assume the CSS will be attached to for stability.

    I'd prefer the shifter have some good weight to it.
  28. Crispy

    United States Allen, Texas

    $800! :scared: Thats terrible. I'm glad its an online only buy then.
  29. Fanatec...


    We are very happy with our e-commerce strategy. We can sell products with a much better price performance (at least 50% cheaper) and offer our customizing solution so that you only pay for what you need and you can upgrade individual components like wheel, shifter or pedals at a later point.

    We are also much closer to the customer and get great feedback. Sales are more stable and production is more easy. I could go on and on so there is little chance that we switch back to the old school way to distribute a wheel. But of course we are working on a new webshop to increase our service.
  30. Fanatec... @
    We are also much closer to the customer and get great feedback. Sales are more stable and production is more easy. I could go on and on so there is little chance that we switch back to the old school way to distribute a wheel. But of course we are working on a new webshop to increase our service.[/QUOTE]

    Based on my experience (problems with PWTS CSP) is still not resolved, despite repeated contacts with the support Fanatec. I think you still have a long road ahead.
    For example, I mention my experience with Trustmaster. Following the publication of video YouTobe Trustmaster team established contact with me, offering help.It advised me to exchange my steering wheel by the vendor. Unfortunately, I moved from UK to Poland and the seller refused to send a courier at my new address. Support from Trastmaster, took over care of this matter and my new steering wheel is on its way.
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