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  1. do not open the museum!
    do not open the news!

    gt5 has a big trouble
    maybe the save data contains network cache
    and will continue to bloat
    you can not start the game again when you reached 4165KB
    if you have ever watched the museum or news,
    then please check the amount of saved data and back up ASAP
    Japanese crazy users reported this fatal bug
    but Polyphony says nothing
    I cannot already start,I hope you are safe

    how to reproduce
    museum trouble
    1.create a new psn account
    2.start new game
    3.save[maybe about 400KB]
    4.open the museum[only have 5 cards]
    5.all manufacturers and all text down to the bottom
    6.save[increase about 300KB]
    7.try again and again.. 14 times
    8.file size gonna be 4165KB
    9.only open the museum but save data has errors can not start the game again
    does not matter how many cards do you have
    problem is how many times do you open the museum

    news trouble
    1.create a new psn account
    2.start new game
    3.save[maybe about 400KB]
    4.open the news
    5.see all news text and pics
    7.only open the news but file size gonna be over 2MB
  2. freight48


    Is your shift key broken?
  3. Who would open/close the Museum consecutively 14 times in a row is more of the mystery than the bug itself.
  4. White & Nerdy

    United States Wasilla, AK

    Is this actually true?
  5. bazylfox

    Poland POLAND DWR

    I open the museum always i log into gt5 (since november, so must be more then 14. times) and the game still runs great.

    I always at the end of the day copy save to my pendrive though.

    I exchange museum cards with my wife (she has got second account) and she also is not having any problems.

    so... whats the bug ?
  6. amar212

    Croatia Croatia

    The OP reads like an experimental poem :D
  7. It's cache
    so, If you open ONE manufacture and do not scroll down,
    then increase few KB
    increase amount is displayed on the screen text
    anyway, each time the text is displayed
    the save file is going to increase [unstoppable]
    someday, your save data gonna reach 4165KB and cry

    You can verify this problem easy by your new account
  8. Sephy

    United States North Carolina

    Is it viewing News and the Museum or is it just hitting 4165KB? Cause I'm at around 1500KB I think.
  9. Come on? This means you can't use GT5 completly and I used the museum several times... this has to be a joke!
  10. diptob79

    Indonesia MUSCAT

    I never open museum nor the news..
    My save game is still around 400kb (started GT5 since first release)
  11. NK

    Netherlands (GMT+1)

    This does sound pretty bad, however, I would venture that secondary confirmation would be required before we all run to the hills with arms raised, etc.

    If it can be avoided by clearing the cache, then that's a doable work-around.

    My main save is about half the amount mentioned, so I'm not too concerned at this stage, but will probably clear the cache just to be safe.

    A heads up is, after all said and done, a heads up...

    My tuppence...
  12. VBR

    United Kingdom London England

    My 'BS Meter' is hitting 11, anyone else?

  13. Darktuna


    I read it as a poem believe it or not. Made it easier to comprehend.
  14. ADEuk


    So once the save file exceeds 4mb or so the game dies.:nervous:
    If it's true then thanks for the heads up.:tup:
  15. Rudi Raser

    PSN:GTRP_RudiRaser / GTP_RudiRaser

  16. birksy82


    Mines hit 12 :lol:.
  17. VTiRoj

    United Kingdom Barrow in Furness

    I'm at 1065kb myself. I'll make sure I dont visit the museum or read the news then. :nervous:
  18. PzR Slim

    England Europe

    Any chance that people might hold of on the insults until this can be proved or dissporoved? The OP, who is obviously not a native English speaker, might just have done a great service to the community.

    Can anybody else confirm or deny this?
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2011
  19. spunwicked

    United Kingdom Bakewell UK

    Here here, worth investigating :tup:
  20. CloneHead

    Denmark DK

    Good post, agreed :tup:
  21. Rudi Raser

    PSN:GTRP_RudiRaser / GTP_RudiRaser

    Sorry, but my english is to bad to explain it right. :ouch:

    But you can believe me, its true.
  22. OwensRacing

    United States Indiana-USA

    I have been in that museum a few times......ok a lot. I send my kids cards from there each time I do my back up routines.

    Crossing fingers hoping I get no problems. Just to be sure I am will stay clear of the museum.
  23. Hugo Boss

    Staff Emeritus
    Netherlands The Netherlands

    The opening post might not be completely according to the AUP, the problem he describes DOES exist. It's also mentioned a few times here at GTP.

    To all non-believers, simply google: 0x00000015 [217]. That is the error message that comes along with this problem.

    The link to the German GTRP forum Rudi Raser posted, describes the problem the most accurately, but you'll need to speak German to understand.

    If you enter the museum, you'll notice the cards need to be loaded when you scroll down. Apparently some of this data becomes part of the game save, could be because of some sort of cache or whatever else. The more new cards you receive, the bigger your game save becomes when you actually watch these cards in the museum. Have to admit I'm not fully up to date, but when the game save file reaches 4165kB, your game won't be able to load anymore.

    According to the OP watching the news also increases the game save file size, don't know how much that influences it, but fact is that this is a serious issue for people who actively collect museum cards...
  24. Wiegert

    Online Now!
    United Kingdom Salopia

    Guess i'll be steering clear of the Museum from now on. I'm glad this issue came to my attention :tup:
  25. LVracerGT

    United States Iowa, USA

    So is there a way to clear the cache then to make sure this doesn't happen?
  26. ShaneG

    United States EST

    Same here, I was halfway to collecting them all.:drool:

    My save is up to 1965kb, so I guess it's best if I stop now. :scared:

    Hopefully the next update fixes this.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2011
  27. lbsf1

    United Kingdom Warwick Uni
    PSN:lbsf1 GTP_lbsf1

    Is there a way to safely clear the cache without damaging files?
  28. Wiegert

    Online Now!
    United Kingdom Salopia

    Yeah, i'm hoping that update 1.06 resolves this problem.
  29. deftonesmx17


    Seriously, what isn't wrong with GT5 at this point?
  30. mark_twigo


    I am sure you can clear the cache within gt5,s settings
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