Ferino Design - Photo/Art Gallery | ~Community Gallery Shots~ [20.11.14]

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Greetings to all visitors !
In my amazing photo/art gallery on the beautiful GTPlanet!


15th Anniversary of Gran Turismo by Ferino Design (2013)

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Love the Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision GT photo! The lighting on your shots looks a lot better than GT5's did, especially without editing. The soft flare looks awesome :)

GT6 so delicious!!! words can't convey how happy I 'm !
And that's what will be discussed in my first massive pack =)

View only in full size!
1920×1080 and 3840×2160


[Apollo do you copy]

[Fresh edges]


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Holy Mother of 🤬, your pictures are so perfect... as always :D
Love the angle in the first VGT AMG shot...
Can't handle the reflections on all shots... too much beauty for my brain:drool::dunce:
Seeing you gallery makes me weep that I can't get out and buy this game. We had an ice storm and it's dangerous to drive. LOVE your work mate.
Well this is high quality through and through. Enjoyed looking through these a great deal.
You never cease to amaze,
I cant wait to get this\
also could you do me a favor of taking a few pics of slammed cars
DANG! One hella solid start for a gallery, Ilya!👍
Looking forward to more pics from ya. At this point everyone knows, they will be great.
thanks guys! more coming very soon!

Also i finished all licence on gold and S licence (all silver) and all gold on goodwood. ^__^