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  1. jenoma


    This setting bring the Ferrari 330 P4 to a whole new level, as reported by Harley45 is capable to bring your new shining classic car to it's limits and compete with more powerful and newer cars.

    The default 330 setup is truly awfull, it's like driving a cart on ice, with this setup you can drive the Nurburgring with precision and speed, and it has been tested with both stock (471BHP) and fully upgraded (648BHP) 330 P4.

    Ferrari 330 P4 setup in collaboration with Harley45

    AERODINAMICS (Front / Rear)
    30 / 55 - MAX / MAX (feel free to tweak this setting, but be sure to keep the balance between rear and front)

    Max Speed 340KMH/211MPH (390KMH/224MPH with the upgraded car)

    Initial Torque 16
    Acceleration Sens. 19
    Braking Sens. 19

    SUSPENSION (Front / Rear)
    Ride Height -30/-30
    Spring Rate 16.9 / 14.7
    Dampers (Ext) 5/4
    Dampers (Comp) 4/3
    Anti-Roll Bars 6/4

    WHEEL ALIGNMENT (Front / Rear)
    Camber (-) 1.1 /3.4
    Toe Angle +0.12 / +0.18

    BRAKE BALANCE (Front / Rear)
    3/1 (4/1)

    There are several things that can be changed safely to tweak the setup for different tracks, the height has been tested at -40 too and you can safely raise the dampers by one notch at the same time. You can change the Transimission Max Speed to different values, depending on the track and preferences (the lower, the more power oversteer). You can tweak the aerodinamics too, but I suggest to keep the actual balance between rear and front, unless you want a bit more oversteer or understeer.
    Brake Balance can be presonalized, but be aware that the rear should be kept at lower values to prevent car's instability while braking.

    Thanks to Harley45 for tips and suggestions and for testing the setup.

    Feel free to comment and to give suggestions as I'm not an expert tuner by any means :)


    Second Tune 330 P4

    AERODINAMICS (Front / Rear)



    SUSPENSION (Front / Rear)
    Height -40/-40
    Spring Rate 16/11
    Dampers (Ext) 3/2
    Dampers (Comp) 3/2
    Anti Roll Bars 3/3

    WHEEL ALIGNMENT (Front / Rear)
    Camber 3.5/4.5
    Toe Angle +0.10/+0.20

    BRAKE BALANCE (Front / Rear)
    2/1 (3/1 or 4/2)

    Different tune from the previous one, in my opinion in a better way, the car is more stable and, on Nürburgring the handling is far superior, I've been able to go as fast as 6:29 with a DS3, TCS 1 and ABS1, doing a couple of grass excursions in the process.
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  2. khan525


    i use tunes from this site on every one of my cars and i have never posted because one was good. might i say that this is a fantastic tune sir
  3. jenoma


    Thank you very much Khan.

    I've updated the setup with a different tuning, which I believe to be slightly faster.

    Thanks again :)
  4. Harley45


    Tried the 2nd Tune version you Posted .

    I'm a Average Driver so not quick .

    Still Posted a Sub 7 min lap with a Stock Engine rated at 446BHP :tup:

    I might need to tweak it a bit for Personnel Prefference , its a little too low and there's some big kerbs on the Ring , which I seem to run over a bit too often :dunce:

    But the Tune is in the Ballpark and now makes the Car sooooooo much better to drive .

    Big Thanks from me :tup:


    Changed the Ride Height to -30 front and Rear , feels a lot better less choppy
    Softened the Front Damping Compression and Rebound by 1 notch each .
    Raised the Areo to Max Front and Rear

    Got a 6:39:944 :tup: <---Oops thought the last second was a 6 it was a 9 D'oh

    All other settings from the 2nd Version where kept the Same .

    Car Rides Curbs better for me like this :)
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  5. jenoma


    Thanks Harley for sharing and you got a pretty nice lap there too! I'll try this setting tonight :)
  6. Harley45


    UPDATE 2

    Added the Turbo Upgrade (its removable though) so now its got 648BHP to play with :scared:

    Changed the Brakes too 4 Front and left the Rear at 1

    First lap it hit the Rev-Limiter on the Main straight made me jump out of my skin and I erm Crashed :dunce:

    Changed Gearing too 224MPH it still hit the Rev Limiter but about 200 yards before the Kink on the Main Straight just before the bridge so maybe one more notch up .

    Its a bit more a Handfull now with no TCS :lol:

    But at my 2nd Attempt I got 6:33:086 :tup:

    No Offs but a few erm sideways moments to hopefully a few secs can come off that time .

    Thing is now i'm getting Agressive with a 648 BHP Race Car :dopey: and No Major Aids apart from ABS set to 1 , its really good to Drive this Car now like this :tup:

    Oh yeah forgot to mention i'm using Automatic Gears as my brain can't keep up with a Manual Gearbox :dunce:
  7. GTP_Fangio

    Portugal Autodromo do Estoril

    I´ll give it a try.
  8. jenoma


    I've tried your settings a while ago and the car is perfect, at last for me, and they're working very well even with the Turbo Upgrade.
    If you agree, I'll update the setting with the modification you've suggested, just to keep clean and readable the whole thing.

    With the Turbo Upgrades, which i didn't saw :sick: where disponible, the car is a little monster, fast and precise, it's really something :)
  9. Harley45


    Feel Free to do so mate , your Original Settings got me near the ballpark .

    I just Tweaked it a bit :)
  10. jenoma


    Thank you Harley.

    I've also slightly modified the rear Camber and Toe In, tell me if you find the car more stable and precise when cornering.

    Thanks again :)
  11. KushBombz


    Just thought I'd let you know this tune got me through the B-Spec Historic Series. I left the tune unchanged for the first race, and got gold pretty easily. The second race I used a bit of luck (the 2J was having a terrible race back in 10th and 11th after hitting numerous walls), changed the transmission to 199mph, and was pretty much constantly smashing the "Overtake" command for the first 5 laps.

    I won the second event (really hard without a 2J) a whopping 7 seconds ahead of second place (a Chaparral 2D). I didn't do anything the last 3 laps, just let Bob cruise it on in for the gold. I was having doubts it was possible with the Ferrari, but you did it!

  12. I feel that the tuning is off for some reason. I guess it works inside a video game but a car that drives like this would not survive on a real track. You guys don't feel the continued springy bouncing right after weight transfer (corner entry/exit)? It has good grip but the car wobbles a lot.
  13. jenoma


    I think I understand what you're saying and yes, it has some noticeable weight transfer, but I was looking to the lap times when I tested the softer Dampers (Nurburgring, upgraded car 648BHP, 6.31 with a lot of errors here and there) and didn't pay much attention to the rest.

    You can easily get a more stable behaviour though: lower the car to -40/-40 and raise both dampers settings by one notch, front and rear. If you want to try another solution, simply raise the compression 1 notch and you should see improvements.
  14. Harley45


    Ok i'll have go with the New Rear Settings and let you know :tup:

    As to the Weight Transfer , I actually prefer the Car to do that as its given me Feedback though my Wheel , too tight on the Suspension will make it slide a lot more and i'm only using the Car on the Nurburgring Nordschleife , maybe on a Smoother circuit it could do with some tweaking . but as a Ring car its a little Monster :tup:
  15. jenoma


    I think that jjohan35 refers to the bumping(?) of the most solicited rear tire when you're exiting from a corner (I should have studied English more when I was a kid...).

    Anyway, I've tried to lower the Spring Rate values a bit, in a small and fast session at lunch, I think you can safely play with them: softening the suspensions with nice results if you find the car too jumpy :tup:
  16. I'm referring to weight transfer at corner entry and corner exit. The bouncing continues after those moments for a long time and after hitting any bumps on the road. I'd rather have stiff dampers + soft springs on a bumpy road on the Nurburgring. Your current tuning probably gets you by in a video game but in real life your suspension will wear out so quickly if a car is that bouncy after a bump or weight transfer. Plus when a car is that bouncy after a dump or weight transfer, you're losing stability and grip on the road. But this is a video game after all.
  17. jenoma


    I didn't see that at first, but after a couple of laps on Nurburgring I think I've understood what you mean. I will try to correct this without compromising the 330 grip.

    Thanks Lord this is a video game or I would have died a thousand times probably, if not more :lol:

    There are even discrepancies between the real 330 P4 and the GT5 version, the aerodynamic was fixed on the front of the car, the default setup is way too stiff and compared to the Ford Mark IV there is clearly something amiss, or the 330 would never won the World Sports Car Manufacturers' Championship in 1967.

    So yes, it's a game, but having a correct setup I think is something I'd like to have, wich is why I've asked for suggestions from more experienced people :)
  18. Harley45


    I'd be Gratefull if you could Share your settings regarding the Suspension Setup you are using so I can try it myself .
  19. It's actually not that different from what you guys came up with except I addressed the issue of the continued bouncing after weight transfer. I dropped the spring rates about 2.0 for front and back and then increased the damper settings by about 2 for both front and back, extension and compression.
  20. Harley45


    Thanks for that i'll give it a Try out :tup:
  21. Used this tune with the racing soft tires and beat the rocket-powered-tin-can and the drag racer in the historic car cup race 1.
    Chap' was 0.663 behind and T7 was 0.800 behind
    Mind i say without this tune and without racing softs is like driving a puffer fish powered by a rocket.
  22. Harley45


    Puffer Fish Powered by a Rocket :lol: good quote like that :tup:

    Thing is its a 1960's Race Car and as Such slinging less than the Stickiest Tyres on it Will Require one of two things

    Another Tune or Nutsacks the size of Watermelons to hang on to it for Dear life and Pray a lot :lol:

    There again i'd still rather Play around with this Car as it has that something special about itself .
  23. melvynn


    This tuning for the Ferrari 330 P4 is just amazing!! Thanks so much! I went to all the effort of getting that car and then found it to be undrivable, with a pad anyway!! I haven't tried it standard with a steering wheel and pedals but it was truly awwwwful in the historic race car event with a dualshock3!!! I struggled to peg the leader at the best of times, but still quite a few seconds a drift, and constantly having to correct and avoid spinning up the rears in the higher rev range, especially when the road was not flat round fast bends! After tuning it with your tuning exactly, round deep forest it was so easy to drive fast, and an absolute pleasure! I look forward to driving this car later with my wheel!!!! Thanks again:tup:
  24. jenoma


    I'm glad you found this tuning useful.

    A couple of weeks ago I've completed another tuning for the F 330 P4, which I believe to be fairly superior ( under 6.30 at Nürburgring with a DS3), but I really forgot to write it down somewhere.

    I'll post it later today :)
  25. melvynn


    Unfortunately this setup didn't suit my driving style with my Logitech G25 very well at all, I couldn't get better than second round Monaco without mistakes!? I resorted to soft tyres as I found it too hard to drive consistently, without any driver aids at all of course!! I don't think driving a car like that, and fast should be a walk in the park by any means!

    I am yet to race round Monaco with my DS3, I will try with all the racing tyres and let you know though! An improved tuning would be highly appreciated also! I'm going to have a go round Nordschleife when this blasted b-spec Nascar championship is done with, {bored now:yuck: yawn:}!!!!
  26. jenoma


    I'm not able to test tunes with a wheel at the moment, so I'm using a DS3 with TCS1 and ABS1 for obvious reasons. In my opinion, driving this beast with anything but race softs, is hard as hell :) I've used only softs with her and with the last setup, posted a couple of minutes ago, I've been able to stamp pretty nice lap times on the ring and on other tracks.

    I hope you'll find the last tune more interesting :)
  27. MoTK70


    thanks for sharing this! it really made a HUGE difference in my struggles with B Spec historic race!
  28. powerdrome

    Italy Rome ITA GMT+1

    hello jenoma, thanks for this setup.
    it made a really undrivable car in something at least funny.

    I used it in the first race of the historic racing cup on Deep Forest letting me to win with hard racing tyres, now i tried it in the second race MonteCarlo, but here it is not so good.

    1. Any suggestions for this track (cote d'azure)
    2. what do you think it affected most in the setting of this car: camber?

  29. jenoma


    Thank you Powerdrome and MoTK70 for the kind words.

    Cote d'Azure is the hardest of the three races, I suggest you to lower max speed in the transmission settings, by a large amount I should say, and you can even try to stiffen both dampers settings by a notch or two.

    For your second question, camber has been the last setup to be modified, the most important ones are LSD and spring rate, in my opinion, even ride height is important to get the most from this car.

    If I'll have some free time I'll try to put my hands on some settings I think can be improved by a small amount (dampers settings for example).
  30. powerdrome

    Italy Rome ITA GMT+1

    i count on it, in the meantime i'll try to work on dampers and height; i'm still riding with hard tyres, do you think is a mission impossible?
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