FFB/Grip inconsistent online

United States
United States
I’ve definitely noticed it when I was not around anyone in the lobby.

The other day in a GT3 lobby with same settings as Sport mode I felt like the car was struggling to brake past the 100 board on Maggiore T1. Here’s the thing I’m not actually sure if there was a difference in braking distance, but relying on my FFB as I usually do, it REALLY felt unconfident and like I couldn’t brake like I normally do.. The same goes for the other main braking and turn in zones. I don’t know what it was (Grip? FFB?) but something felt so off, I was snap oversteering in places I never would etc. I had to change my FFB settings because it felt off from what it normally does. And sometimes I get this phenomenon in Sport races too. Would I have experienced such phenomenon with a controller, indicating that it’s wheel related? I’m not sure. Maybe someone who plays with a controller can share their experience.
FWIW, I use a DS4. FFB is a non-issue for me as it only manifests as a slight rumble. So i cant speak for FFB issues
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I’ve been arguing this point since Nov. I’m the first to admit that I’m slow but that’s because I’m very cautious and don’t want to hit anyone or wreck, yet it simply doesn’t matter if I’m on pole or last in sport mode, I spin every single race. The grip that was there in the qualifying I spent 30-60 min running with little more than a 1 sec gap at most and never spinning becomes a mere pipe dream in race. Exact same breaking points peddle pressure throttle controls etc just amazingly stops working and sends me off track. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten maybe a 1/4 tire width onto grass and instantly spun while going straight with no throttle or steering change at all, yet I watch most everyone else with only the inside tires barely on track go faster! For ref I’m a level 40 driver with gold on every track experience but Nordschleife and top 3 times compared to my friends who are all DrB or better and fast yet I can’t buy a clean sport race.