First bike!

Inside the tank is all good. Made sure to check that out for any sort of cloudiness to the gas, leaks, etc. Everything looks good, and the bike runs great. It's just too quiet
My mom said "you are gonna keep it this quiet, right?"

Loud pipes save lives. That was my answer!
Alright I can make my real First Bike post now! Wednesday afternoon I drove 40 miles north to go check out a '92 Suzuki GS500. She needs the rear brakes bled, oil change, and registration/license for me. I've been getting a little time on this thing just around my neighborhood, and she feels good. Starts right up, runs really well, and for $740 I got a great deal!


Awesome! Glad to see it all worked out for you :D

My mom said "you are gonna keep it this quiet, right?"

Loud pipes save lives. That was my answer!

Take it from me, that Magna I had was running 4 Vance & Hines pipes and was LOUD. Still didn't keep people from trying to run me off the road! Two thoughts:

1.) Be visible. Maybe not 500 yards of reflective tape, but lighter-colored gear does help a person to stand out.

2.) Become familiar with the horn button; maybe invest in a Stebel.

Best of luck with getting it fixed up! Nothing like the feeling of having that first bike :D
Well with some really healthy pay checks this week, I've got my MSF course scheduled for this wednesday and thursday. Get the license on Thursday afternoon, hopefully register friday, and start riding!
Shame you missed out the the bike, she looked real sweet.

What the....? Thats your first bike!!! I hate the UK! Stuck to a 125....

Its not all bad, my first bike was one of these

Not my actual bike.

It had 7 speed gearbox, 13000rpm redline, and 33bhp. I was naughty and never had it restricted to 12bhp which was the reg at the time.

I have a 97 TL1000S and 02 R1 now.
"Loud pipes save lives" is one of the stupidest things ever proposed. It was cruiser guys trying to justify their straight pipes. Remember, these are the guys who say helmets are dangerous.

All loud pipes do is annoy everyone around who doesn't ride, and projects all of us in a negative light to those we ought to be trying to get along with.

And "opening" the exhaust by getting loud cans doesn't really add that much to the bike's power, either, and may actually reduce it by reducing torque.
I found that through looking through a specific forum for my first bike, which I have yet to even ride, but have stripped down, cleaned, replaced parts on, and rebuilt; but that's another thread, that you can actually cause trouble by adding louder pipes as you will upset a balance that some technician somewhere took ages to get right when the bike was being designed.

In other words, if you are dealing with a car's engine, and it has an ECU, it can adjust to a bigger, faster airflow, and more fuel in at once.

A small, in relative terms, bike engine, is therefore by it's size more susceptible to changes in weather, fuel potency, and of course, fuel and air intake.
In particular, if the engine is carburetted instead of injected and you whack on a great big exhaust and chonking great air filter without tuning the rest of the fuel/air system to suit, you will usually create a flat spot somewhere along the powerband, or even, render your bike useless to ride.

I'll butt out.

Nice first bike there Mustang.

Make it your own!

My bike runs richer now that it has a race pipe on it but otherwise still runs pretty well. People will notice you a lot sooner with the louder pipe and to me thats worth it.
I really want it to be louder though. I'm used to driving a straight piped pickup, all my buddies have trucks loud like mine, I learned to ride on a 250 rebel (in the first post) with no mufflers, then a 650 custom Honda Hawk with a Muzzy can on it.

I've never driven anything quiet, I've never wanted to,, and I have no intentions of changing that any time soon. I think my bike sounds like a prius, and I can't stand it! I don't care if it doesn't pick up any power or anything switching pipes, I just love my vehicles to make noise
Then you should hear a 600 with GP style pipes...
Especially when you are doing 100mph and you hear this sound behind you, then it SCREAMS past and spits out flames as it goes by.
I've probably heard something like that. We get a lot of bikes at the drrag strip I work at, eye candy :drool:

My buddies dad has a Triumph speed triple with fuel injection and some aftermarket under the tail exhaust with a carbon can on it. That thing is as loud as the dedicated drag bikes!
It's all settled. I've paid my money, my MSF license class is wednesday/thursday this week. Register on friday and ride! Straight to Action Kawasaki for my gold mirror visor (my helmet is visorless...)
I will second that.^ Whats the point of putting something on your head if your not going to protect all of it?
Well the point is, you can't steam an open face up, they're cooler, as in temperature, and you can wear goggles with it instead of a visor if you wish.

But none of that 🤬 matters.

Like TA says, they suck.

My only crash test of a helmet was a face hit. With an open-face, I might not still be chewing my own food:

I just bought an HJC....

Are they any good wfooshee?

I was given all the spiel about how some guy in the Moto GP wears one, and that it's carbon this and lightweight that, but I just liked the colour, and it fit, and finally; it fastens with a double D so I was happy with that.

I got an FG-15 like Ben Spies has or something.

Mine is an HJC. Works pretty well, fit better than others and was cheaper priced than others. I see nothing wrong with them unless you're a diehard brand snob.
I should have been a little more clear. I was given a full face HJC helmet by my buddy's dad because it was too big for his head. The only snag there, is that the helmet needs a visor, because they took off the one it had for another helmet.


And another helmet I was given for free is a Shoei open face helmet with a flip down visor.. it's ugly but it's always better to have a back up.

And now for my unfortunate turn of events. The class I registered for to get my license was cancelled due to low enrollment. So now I'll be taking it on Saturday and sunday. Would have been nice if they had told me it might get cancelled when I paid yesterday. I re-worked my work schedule, rescheduled an orthodontist appt, and overall got my hopes up I could ride Friday night :(
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Are they any good wfooshee?

Well, I had no issues from that incident, brain-wise. I had some bruises on my hip where I hit the street, and sprained my ankle when I neglected to remove it from the space between the road and the bike.... Keep in mind that an FJR is close to 700 pounds, and I was loaded up for a weekend.

(Finished the weekend OK, by the way, although shifting involved moving my whole leg up and down rather than rolling my ankle.)

But I had no stars in my eyes, headaches, dizzyness, or anything associated with head impacts. I even remember thinking, while sliding down the road, "Wow, I hit my head and it doesn't hurt.... Good helmet!"

(The accident was a fairly slow low-side to the left, gravel and sand in the road from a driveway that sloped down towards the highway, right in a tight left-hander.)

That lid was an AC-12, and I replaced it with another one, on the theory that it did such a good job, I need the same thing. Never tested the replacement, and I've just replaced it (for age) with an HJC AC-16.

They fit very well, the liners are removable and washable, and the new one came with a pin-lock visor, which once and for all solves my summer Florida rain riding by totally preventing fogged-up visors.
Are so would you recommend Pinlock then?

I see I have that option with the FG-15, and am looking at getting the insert.

They seem to do a good job, but you can never really know about these things until you've tested them in the environment you need them to work in......

Excuse my grammar, it's a little early for me....

That stinks mustang, but you should be able to find a visor quite easy.

Also I'm sure happy with my HJC, it saved my head too! Though I really like my HJC with the drop down sin shade however then it only passed DOT standards.
That stinks mustang, but you should be able to find a visor quite easy.

Also I'm sure happy with my HJC, it saved my head too! Though I really like my HJC with the drop down sin shade however then it only passed DOT standards.

The visor isn't going to be an issue. It's gonna cost me $35 for it from the closest store around here. I'm getting one of the gold, mirrored visors :) That or purple if it exists... But probably gold. Only upside to having to wait another 3 days for the license is that I get 3 more paychecks before I go there.

I really do love having 3 jobs that pay back to back to back each week :)
Cool. 👍 Though, you may want a clear visor handy, night time stinks with shades on.
I'll have clear glasses. I'm not big on the clear visor thing... Just a looks thing to me, I want them mirrored like my Oakley sunglasses

EDIT: Decided on a blue mirrored finish.
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Cool. 👍 Though, you may want a clear visor handy, night time stinks with shades on.

Too right, been caught out a few too many times at night with a dark visor and having to ride in winter with the visor up to see and having bugs go splat in your eyes lol
I'm lucky. I'm in Florida, we don't really get winter. It might hit 30 at midnight for a week and then back to being warm