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Discussion in 'Forza Horizon 2' started by 430_Riviera, Oct 24, 2012.

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    Bought the game today. Played it for about 6 hours straight. The physics are pretty decent for an open world game and I love just driving around. The car customization is pretty good and I love the barn finding experience. I love the fact that I can just sit down and start having a good time by just driving around and doing burnouts and drifting in housing plans :sly: Not as serious as FM or GT games but a ton of fun!
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    So I booted up the game today, hopped in my "robin's egg blue" MX-5 with a modest RENESIS swap, and set off down the road...and it felt so right. :cool:

    I forgot about that, back in FM2. Horizon's replays are a near-total dud for me, but they still work great for positioning photos.

    I've learned that Rewind makes an effective "instant replay" for free roam (duh). You don't even have to leave it on. You can turn it on, rewind, see the replay, and then turn it off before you even return to driving. :)
  3. Speedster911


    Well, I'm about 20 hours into it, and honestly I just want to delete it off my HDD, and move on.

    Pretty visuals here and there, but just doesn't have the refinement and polish of FM4, which makes sense somewhat, since PG handled the majority of development.

    My main gripes:

    * Engine sound detail not as rich as FM4
    * 30 fps racing.. arrrgh, abomination!!
    * Dumbed down physics model, feels far too basic, even more so than FM3
    * Dumbed down cosmetic damage
    * No tuning
    * No real sense of achievement
    * Not really an open world setting, but an open road one (oh well..)
    * Night driving exciting at first, but then the 20 feet drawing distance gets annoying (no option to toggle hi/low beam)
    * Terrible, dated and tacky looking tire/dirt smoke effects. A game that looks rather impressive in some areas, should at least focus on special effects a little
    * Overall sound design not that impressive; wind noise, road noise, tire screeching effects, sliding on dirt sound effects...sounds like you're popping corn in the microwave when you're driving on dirt! Poor design!
    * On a whole, game feels very limited and dated, at least based on what I've experienced with previous Forza games
    * Open road setting is interesting, and can be fun at times, but marred by a serious lack of polish
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    Yezzir, aa'second that! A game for the serious sim fan it is not.

    Cheers you guys, enjoy it while you can!
  5. Corolla Sound

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    I finally bought Horizon on boxing day and have put about 10-15 hours into it. My first impression was pretty much just sheer amazement. My overall impression is that it has by far exceeded my expectations. I didn't think there would be any modifications or conversions and I thought there would be less freedom. I think this is a really good game, and I havn't even started to play online yet.

    (Plus they even included a Corolla DX in with the traffic cars (same car I drive in real life)). I was so excited to finally see a 7th gen Corolla in a game.
  6. Speedster911


    Check your audio settings and sound system bro! Muffler upgrades DO make an audible difference, more so in FM4 no doubt.
  7. rocketcaron


    I enjoy the actual racing quite a bit. With the AI set at the hardest and steering on simulation it fits my skills perfectly. I like a game where I'm not absolutely sure of winning every time and these game are kind of rare on consoles.

    The game presentation is not really polished. As mentioned, the replays just suck. I'm not really into the storyline and the Dirt menus feels like a by-product and they are. These days you really feel that they don't care that much for these details 'cause they know people will buy the game anyway.

    But my conclusion is that the game is fun and enjoyable where it counts. Great title with a lot of potential for the future. Just need polishing...
  8. saskman1950


    I bought the game the day after it came out. Finally yesterday I put it in the Xbox. I found it was right up my alley. I didn't have to race I could just loaf around and view the scenery.

    So for the time I spent in it, before going back to FM4, I thought it was alright.

    Would I say it was awesome?? I'll give that a definite MAYBE.

    Disclaimer *This is in my humble opinion*