FM6: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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I need to add THE ugliest thing I've seen since september 10th.

The number of players using the BAC Mono is increasing exponentially and it's outrageous. I just finished an A class race on Laguna Seca (not a track that usually comes up). 16 players.....and 8 (50%) of them had a BAC Mono. I would be ok with it, really....but the problem is that most of the people using it can't even drive! In this particular race it was a crash-fest.


Generally speaking, there are too many crashers.
Seriously, I'm reporting noobs and crashers on trucks everyday to the moderator of the official Forza forum. He keeps thanking me but I think he will get tired of me.
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GOOD - Car selection, graphics, Nurburgring is scaled correctly unlike in FM4 (I didn't play FM5), cars carried over from FH2 like the Chevy Monte Carlo SS and Donkervoort D8 GTO.

BAD - No more NASCAR stock cars, despite numerous NASCAR tracks, and even the NASCAR V8 as an engine swap.

UGLY - The damn RX3 glitch car that everyone uses in D/C/B Class hoppers, lack of Multi-Class hoppers, Drivatars unaffected by mechanical damage with damage set to 'Simulation', lack of proper Storefront and Auction House.


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That's a really good point and makes me wonder why I haven't thought of this before. Probably because I do very little career racing in any game.

They should make all games with 2 modes. In Progression (career) mode you start with little and need to earn stuff but in Open mode you have zero credits but everything is available to you.

It's might be just crazy enough to work.
To be honest that sounds to me like what GT have gone for in previous iterations with the Arcade mode. I guess Forza could achieve the same thing in Forza with Free Play but they really need to offer more options for choosing the AI cars, setting up track days and autocross etc.
The one thing though that I can't understand why Forza has not added is ballast. That is one of the easiest mods to do on a real car, I mean you can just throw a bag of sand in the trunk to add some rear ballast but for whatever reason on Forza you can't add any weight like this to a car. It would be a big plus if we could as not only could you balance out a car a little but you can also drop the PI a few points if need be by adding the proper amount of weight to the car
Agreed. Ballast should be in FM6 👍