Formula 1 Aramco Großer Preis Der Eifel 2020Formula 1 

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Cold, slippery track and they've still broken Takuma Sato's lap record from 2004.
Shouldn't he be there anyway as a broadcaster? Anyway, I imagine RP must still have the seat... COVID test and into the car?

Sky Deutschland are doing coverage from their studio in Cologne. Germany's testing results are pretty fast, assuming he didn't have to do one already to be allowed in the studio.
Murray Walker turns 97 today
, and he's still the voice of F1 to me even though I've seen Crofty be labeled as such.

Two quite recent podcasts with good old Murray for those who are interested:
10 apr. 2019

August 2020 - In the Fast Lane Podcast

And another good one from 2013
Latifi in front of Russell at the moment.

If the Hulk makes it into Q2 it'll be the drive of the day.

Perez is barely in the running for Q2 too.
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RP should’ve put Hulk out on Hards with a good load of fuel at the very start of the session. Give him as much time as possible to get a feel for the track, then come in for a racing pitstop for softs at the last possible second. Expedited practise-qualy session in one.
Despite the lack of running, it looks like we're getting basically the same grid as ever.
One of his larger pole margins. Albon still beaten to 4th.
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Will Bottas lose the place in the 1st corner?

I predict both Mercs will lose a place into the first corner(s). They seemed to struggle the most with getting their tires up to temp. Optimistic, yeah a bit. But if anyone can pull that off, it's Max.
Calling it now: Bottas will mess up the start, Verstappen will have engine issues, and Hamilton will walk away with the win. It’s been that kind of year
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F1 being shown on youtube in DE, NED, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway, Sweden and Denmark

Not sure if this is the 1st time this is happening.

Vpn suggestions?
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Lewis has to deal with some extra steering wheel vibration? Team was not allowed to repair this last night.

Go Hulk! Surprise us. Did he also say during an interview that his seat for next year is secure? --> "This is the only year I will not race F1 in a full season".

Have a good and spectacular race (hopefully)
Lewis has to deal with some extra steering wheel vibration? Team was not allowed to repair this last night.

Seems like it's to do with power steering damping and therefore not a mechanical steering issue? Can't imagine that a genuine mechanical failure of the steering assembly wouldn't be repairable.