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Discussion in 'GT3 Race Reports' started by Kboys71, Oct 5, 2014.

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    Can someone please help me in the 7th race of the formula Gt at laguna seca???? I cannot win this race no matter how much i try. My car i am using is the F687/S, my average lap time is about 1:05 and no matter how many time i try the race the F094/S that is always in second always manages to pass me. The only real strategy that has even come close to working for me so far is to follow the F094/S on the first lap and spin him out on the corkscrew. Does anyone have any sort of tips, tricks, or setups I could use to give me an advantage? It would help a lot!!!
  2. Cowboy

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    I'd say try and push him so he hits the end of the pit wall just before the last turn. The AI don't use reverse in gt3 so it may or may not help you
  3. Naveek Darkroom

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    If you don't want to play dirty (I'm not gonna stop you if you want to play that way), try stretching your tires out to 7 laps. I think those were the pit intervals I went with when I did this race in the F090/S, and they worked nice. I ended up pitting every seventh lap and look the checkered flag quite handily. I meant for my final stop to be on lap 27, but I accidentally went one more lap, though it was easy to get away with. Going with these intervals, I ended up swapping places with the F094/S quite a bit from pit stops. I'm not sure how different the tire wear is on the F687/S compared to the F090/S, but 7 lap stints are worth a shot.
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    I'm stuck on this too...I'll try to play it today and let you know how it goes
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    make sure to set transmission to 35; set camber to: 3.2f/2.3r, max your downforce, and try to pit every six laps, DO QUALIFY, MATTERS ALOT IN THE FORMULA CHAMPIONSHIP.
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    I used to hit low 50 sec lap times back when I played this, but the FGT was hard for me the first couple of times.