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Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 3' started by neige, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. neige


    Hi all, I've done a search on the forum before posting this.

    Is it just me or have Turn10 dumbed down the Nurburgring...this track seems unacceptably easy compared to Forza 2 or GT4. It also seems like they've made the track wider and turns wider. I dont know, it could be just me.
  2. McLaren


    All I've seen so far is that it definitely isn't as bumpy, they have made some parts narrower, and they did re-do some sections.

    However, my thoughts remain the same as before. One of the worst representations of the real track, which is an incredible shame because running this track through the cockpit of a car makes it so much more exciting. PGR4, GT4, & Shift, imo, are much more exciting to drive this track on because the course is much closer to how it should be in these games (regardless of physics).

    With that said, the cockpit view can still make the course a little more enjoyable, but it won't change the fact that you'll know something isn't right with this track.
  3. neige


    Yeah it feels boring, not as exciting anymore
  4. Jordan

    United States United States

    After watching gameplay videos of the track, I was particularly disappointed with the inaccuracy of the curbs. The steep curbing plays a large part in the difficulty of the track in not just other games, but real life as well (I've driven 6 laps of the Nordschleife). I don't understand why they would leave out this important detail which makes the circuit much more fun and challenging to drive. :confused:
  5. Moglet

    United Kingdom Isle of Wight

    The cars react very dramatically to the curbs in FM3 though, even if they are small. I flipped my Abarth 500 on one at low speeds. :lol:
  6. McLaren


    This. A small strip at New York has nearly flipped my 997 GT2. Have kept as far away as possible from the 'Ring's rumble strips.
  7. Bogie 19th

    United States Wisconsin

    Sup with all the avatar changes to periodic elements?
  8. Loon


    Premium User avatar fad, and they're not meant to be elements.
  9. BlackZ28

    United States Tulsa, OK

    I gotta say, I love the track in the game. I've never raced on the real thing, so I suppose I don't know what I'm truly missing. I have raced on it in many other games. This seems like a great representation judging by the previous titles.
  10. ShobThaBob


    It's really not. It feels like almost every corner has been changed.
  11. Bogie 19th

    United States Wisconsin

    I was kidding about the Elements. But good to know about the fad :)

    I am loving this track update big time.
  12. Lain

    United States Seabrook, TX

    All I know is that Forza 3's Nurburgring is the easiest to drive videogame representation of the track I've ever played.

    Realistic? I dunno... never driven on Nurburgring myself, and I'm playing Forza 3 with a pad. Fun? Oh hell yes.
  13. YSSMAN

    United States GR-MI-USA

    I did a flying lap of the track last night in the Evora, and I didn't experience any major problems with them. Generally speaking, the track is drastically improved compared to its predecessors in the Forza titles, but of course, its not perfect. They added more of the surface bumps and humps toward the back of the track, but its nowhere near as accurate as what was in GT4. For a game that has talked a lot about being "balanced" for newbies and veterans, I'd deem their version of the Nurburgring, at the very least, acceptable.
  14. vr6wantsr20det


    I think you guys may be right, first day i got the game (tuesday) i took a Stock AE86 (easy car to drive) and i FLEW through the ring, it doesn't seem the elevation changes and inperfections on the road are as pronounced in forza. I am on controller so it's not the best comparison. A good game, but i can't just the realism on a controller and i can't pony up the money for the Fanatec wheel, whenver my G25 and it's back-up fails i may spring for one....:guilty:
  15. neige


    good to know some of you feel the same.
  16. TBR 427

    PSN:TBR 427

    But the n00bs don't belong on the nurburgring. You know this, I know this. Everyone knows this.

    It's supposed to be a challenging track where people go to truly test themselves and their machines, to the limit. It's a proving ground, used for pushing boundaries and scaring people.

    Not some kid-friendly theme park ride.
  17. Eric.


    I actually felt like the ring was much, much improved for this version. I'd need to go play GT4 for a quick comparison for the "standard" but it seemed good enough to me.
  18. Tenacious D

    PSN:Tetsumura / GTP_Tetsu

    As others have said, the "wrong Ring" undoubtedly boils down to making it more fun and less of a pain for online play. It's become so much of a Turn 10 tradition by now, I doubt they'll ever model the Nurburgring correctly.
  19. The irony being that the Nurb is one of the few tracks that anyone can just drive onto, pay a fee and race on... so really the noobs do belong there just as much as the rest of us.
  20. Kryz11


    Only for free run days, whenever events are there, you have to be participating in that race or u can't drive there ;)
    Pretty much any track in the world you an drive every day.
  21. TBR 427

    PSN:TBR 427

    True, but there's probably more drive days on the ring than anywhere else.

    But again, obviously, the point I was making is that it's not an easy track. Heck, it's probably one of the most dangerous tracks; one of the hardest to master, with more crashes there in a year than most other tracks have in 50.
  22. Moglet

    United Kingdom Isle of Wight

    Because it's a lot easier?
  23. I thought most tracks required you to be race licensed?
  24. neige


    Yeah i guess, but in a way that player interaction is gone and have became a system of transactions.
  25. Eric.


    The Nordschleife is technically a toll road. :lol:
  26. Dave A


    Unless you don't do arrive and drive track days in other areas of the world then, no I don't think so. You can get instruction on what to and not to do before hand which I think is mandatory unless you do have experience, but most tracks will have days allocated to the public each week so you can just turn up and drive round the track for a fee.
  27. vr6wantsr20det


    this morning before work i think i got driver level 33 and received one of the Race porsche GT3-rs and took it for a run around the ring quickly, It seems like compared to the last time i drove the RING in NFS Shift, the Forza version turns don't seem to be as sharp, and the elevation changes aren't as severe as to upset the cars traction/balance. Definitely seems like a slightly numbed down version of the Ring.
  28. Interesting... I have always heard you need a race license to be on the track... maybe that's just a California thing?

    Seems to me with non race licensed drivers on the track you run a huge liability risk.
  29. vr6wantsr20det


    My uncle is from Germany and i met some people who have visited the ring and on non race days you pay the toll and away you go. I'm sure there's a "Drive at your own Risk" sign before you enter so no liability. I hope to make the trip one day to experience it myself, had enough practice in the Video/sim world, would love to put in a couple of laps with a decent RWD/AWD car, or a very well set-up tuned FWD car. :):tup:
  30. Bogie 19th

    United States Wisconsin

    Did some ring this week. Did full course and P2P, and I loved it. Looks and races awesome.
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