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(all designs on my storefront if anyone's interested - mockngbrd )


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Been through a few designs trying to come up with a custom Race Team livery for myself and any friends that wish to join me when FM7 releases. I want something fairly simple and clean that I can easily recreate on nearly any car. Pretty close to finalizing the design.

Latest iteration of my own custom racing team livery.


Ditched most of the Premade Manufacture decals, the only one on the car is the Rockstar Energy Drink logo on the roof. The Rockstar logo on the side I remade myself, The star and "ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK" are two separate pieces so I can position them to fit each car. The number badge and all other sponsor decals I made myself so I can quickly swap out the number and driver name badge then upload to the storefront for my teammates. Now I just need some teammates.

I'm finally done working on this livery! Well... I didn't put many hours behind it, but I laid the first lines in the days leading up to the release of Forza Horizon 3, so almost a year ago. The inspiration comes from the flamboyant liveries of the F-15s of JASDF's Hiko Kyodotai aggressor squadron - and versions of this livery with different camo patterns and/or more garish colors may be coming to an Auction House near you in the future...

Filename is Aggressor, for those interested. Please bear in mind that the livery is designed for compatibility with the Rocket Bunny kit and either the Greedy wing or the INGS low spoiler before applying. And no, I am not porting this to the GT86 (although I'll see about adapting it to the BRZ HE ASAP).
More improvements to my Project Meridian Racing team livery.




New number badge with a new Project Meridian Racing Logo that better matches my Yellow/Black color scheme, Rockstar logo on the roof now uses my custom version, Got rid of the white box around the Driver Name tag on the front and rear of the car and moved driver side name tag to on top of the number badge rather then under the window, and added [PMR] Club tags to front and rear bumpers. A version of this without the name tags and with a different number will be available to download soon, as well as some of the Vinyl groups I used.
Forza Horizon 3 8_16_2017 11_36_38 PM.png
Forza Horizon 3 8_16_2017 11_37_13 PM.png
Forza Horizon 3 8_16_2017 11_38_12 PM.png
Forza Horizon 3 8_16_2017 11_39_59 PM.png

(I hesitate to say) Adaptation of a livery from Race Driver: GRID. Most of the changes resulted from (laziness) not being able to work around the way Forza splits up its body panels for painting. Really it's just the logos not wanting to go where I want them, and the Saleen badging stubbornly refusing to move addresses.
I've been having a bit of fun with the Hoonigan Escort:


Thought about blue wheels but I'm concerned that might be too much blue?
thought to share my latest design 911 gt3 rsr based on gran turismo's ford gt lm spec II test car.
if u want the design my game tag is SoulBuffalo8
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With each iteration of my personal racing livery subtle refinements make it look even better.

The major change this time is that the livery is no longer black on yellow, but rather the yellow is the vinyl and the black parts are "unpainted carbon fiber bodywork" also swapped the PMR club tag on front and rear with the actual Project Meridian Racing team logo and repositioned some of the decals on the rear, as well as added a "Forza Racing Championship" decal. Another thing to note that I plan on carrying on to FM7, street cars get a Polished/Gloss finish while racing cars get a Matte finish.





Both these designs are available for download, as well as many of the vinyl groups I use.
Gamertag: Shanic Oatmeme
Darn it :D

Yep, I'm going to try to recreate the old JGTC cars.
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A few Designs will upload much more pls give me a feedback you can buy it on the auction market but not download the design.

add me on xbox live : TheUncleSam88

ASTON MARTIN V12 Vanquish.jpg
BMW M4 GTS.jpg
The Machine 2017.jpg
Lamborghini Urus.jpg

A few Designs will upload much more pls give me a feedback you can buy it on the auction market but not download the design.
I'm not sure if I've made this up or not, but did @PJTierney have a guide up somewhere? I have an idea for something I'd like to make but I don't really know where to start.
I have a logo guide but not an overall design one.

That's even better, my idea is pretty much all logos! I can't find it though and I can't remember if it's in this thread, another thread or if it was (for whatever reason) a news post - could you let me know where to look, please?

Edit: Found it, never mind!
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Some updates to my personal racing livery on my favorite Bentley.



Ditched the white roof in favor of cleaner Yellow/CarbonFiber base, Strip separating Yellow and bare Carbon fire on side recolored from grey to black, Reshaped hood stripes, Rear and Hood number now encircled (hood number angled to the side) replaced Project Meridian Racing logo on front with "Mobli 1" logo, Rearranged sponsor decals on side of car, Driver name on door moved above the side window with extra decals.

Don't want to double post, so have an EDIT.

Applied the updated version of my personal livery to a BMW 235i.



The livery and an A-Class tune inspired by the 235i Cup Cars are up on my Storefront.
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HW Viper.jpg

From the new Hot Wheels 2017 FM series! Will transfer to FM7 once I get the rest done.

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