Forza Horizon 4's Car Pass Will Include Two New Cars Every Week

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    Seems like a brilliant idea to keep player engagement high and avoid the huge backlash that T10 gets when it releases a pack that is not a crowd-pleaser. It's easier to stomach them adding a car you don't like when you have to wait a week, instead of a month, to possibly get something nice.

    Also, if they are going to release content updates weekly, it would improve their ability to quickly fix issues with the game. On the other hand, keeping to their schedule of dropping monthly CUs may lead to embarassing situations where the cars of the months are accidentally unveiled in advance. Although, that is assuming they don't plan to announce the month's plan and then drip-feed us the cars already...

    P.S. I wonder how their release schedule will tie in with the in-game week-long seasons? I could see them adding, as an example, an off-roader to the game at the beginning of winter, and a sporty roadster in the summer.
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    I hadn't thought of that but that's a really good idea.
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    Horizon is always a UE buy. I justify it by knowing I don't buy Motorsport anymore(pc2ftw) I'm still having fun on fh3 cruising with friends. Level 630
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