Forza Motorsport 2 Official !!

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Unrealistic? Some cars in real life don't have ABS. In my opinion, no abs proves you actually know how to control your brakes instead of slamming right before a corner.
Depends on how you play. I'm using the A/X buttons to throttle/brake and there's no way I can drive with ABS on. The wheels just lock immediately everytime I touch the X button.
Why not use LT/RT ? It is different from GT(5p) but it gives a better feeling.

Hell yes, I changed my GT control set up to mimic the FM2 set up, that way trail braking is possible on the DS3. Only problem is the triggers suck on the DS3, not enough travel, or maybe its GT's throttle sensitivity, its very touchy.
I'd go with sensitivity.

I like forza's original setup because it allows you to look left/right super easily with the right stick. Great for online.