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haven't [u;;ed the trigger yet, longest I've waited
Just finishing off my review right now, and I can 100% guarantee that someone is going to be infuriated by it even though it's level, honest, approaches it from my own point of view, and scores it objectively :lol: It's always the way; we'll have either scored it way too low (so I'm a GT shill) or way too high (so I'm trying too hard to not be a GT shill), or possibly both simultaneously.

The embargo lifts at a very inconvenient time for me (and more so for our Americans), so the infuriated people will be yelling into the void.

I haven't been able to jam everything noted in the thread and every thought I had into the review (as it's already over 3000wd), so I will be filling in any missing questions here later in the day as well as updating the Guide with all the information I will be able to share at that point.
i just hit purchase, then fired up GT Planet. I feel like I should have waited.
Done something I’ve never done before and went and pre-ordered the Premium add on for the 5 day early release, being bored on a night shift does strange things to people, can’t wait to see what it looks like on my PC with ray tracing enabled 👍
Have you raced SUVs in FM7 then?

I love the SUVs in Horizon, and race them all the time on dirt, cross-country and even road races... However every time I try racing them in FM7 I just get bored with their weight, body roll and generally mediocreness as serious track racing vehicles.

So personally, despite being a huge Horizon SUV fan, I think they won't be missed in Motorsport.


Yeah I won't be missing them either.
So, what's gonna happen with these cars in the files?:
  • 2017 Oreca #37 Jackie Chan DC Racing 07
  • 1991 Ford #15 Whistler Radars Mustang GTO

The Porsche 911 GT2 (993) may be a showcase reward car.
Series X jump to NZ works just fine as always.

Ok... before I log off for today and just to be incendiary, :mischievous: on a scale of 1-5, 1 being Ian Bell and 5 being Kazunori Yamauchi, what GTP's score will be?
A 6? A game that, despite offering less tracks and cars than its predecessor while not being visually incredible, somehow manages to actually provide replayable and enjoyabe content and isn't an absolute grind-fest infested with microtransactions?

We'll have to wait and find out. Either it's going to blow GT7 out of this world or it's the worst game ever. Given what I've seen I feel like a lot of the GT fanboys are going to be butt-hurt, but that's just my opinion.
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I think the region change trick has worked for me. The big countdown clock is wrong but to the left it says I can play at 11AM (Kiribati ftw lol)
Screenshot 2023-10-04 083114.png
Metacritic 84, a bit smaller but almost a tie with FM7 (86)