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  1. theschledy


    Hi everyone,

    I'm a GT Sport player, probably never touched Forza since the first one.

    There's a couple of local competitions in my area that I wanted to jump in to, but of course never playing Forza I'm not sure what to expect. How does the car handling & physics in Forza compare to GT sport? Anything I should look out for?

    Any help is much appreciated!
  2. turk1993


    Don't start with sim steering, normal steering is closer to GTS. And be sure to put all the deadzone to 0 in the extra controller setting. Also do you play on pc or Xbox? If pc check your graphic settings and turn of dynamic optimization, because it can make the game look bad even if your pc is strong enough to run it on ultra. Also start testing with normal slow cars to get a feeling of the physics. Its a bit different compared to GTS, the cars have more weight and the tire physics are superior. And if you play with a FFB wheel be sure the check the FFB Forza 7 thread, because the base settings are not that good and after some tweaks its decent on some cars and good on others. Also you will have a hard time choosing cars in this game, its over 800 now :) and there are decent amount of tracks with most of them with weather wich is a nice bonus. they also affect the physics with hydroplanning wich is one of the best now. And enjoy the game mate :)
  3. -Fred-

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    Cars feel more "lively" in FM, they tend to move around a lot more than in GT. You're definitely not on rails, especially with the older open-wheelers and prototypes. Physics are generally solid, perhaps a bit more forgiving and easier to get into than GT:S seems to be, without being massively unrealistic. The FWD physics are much better, and the feedback you get from the XBONE gamepad triggers is second to none. You also have a metric crap ton of cars to choose from, and none of them are powered by lasers. Track selection's fairly good, with many American racetracks, and all the good European/Asian stuff as well. The T10 made tracks are trash, however, (Bernese Alps and Prague are tolerable at best, but Rio and Dubai are unenjoyable filth) probably my biggest issue with the game.

    Oh, and the penalty system actually works. Downside to that functionning penalty system is that only 2-3 lobbies have it implemented seeing how it's in open beta form in order to make it better in FM8. But it works.
  4. queleuleu


    Slow cars are probably the most fun cars in Forza coming from GT. I love muscle cars and they are pretty boring in GTSport but in Forza it's like heaven for me. So many and so fun. I am a bit more skeptical when it comes to racing cars, they seem to have no grip?!
    All in all, Forza is a platform seller for me and the amount of great cars and amazing American tracks can't be find nowhere else.
  5. Corsa

    Corsa Premium

    I average 20 hours a week racing between rFactor 2 leagues and ACC.
    I say that not to sound anything other than an avid sim racer that’s probably driven every offering since 1999.
    Forza Motorsport 7 really surprised me.

    I expected the eye candy, optimization, UI, and leveling system to be good but the physics had me scratching my head hmm this is an arcade console racer?

    It is good, very good. They’ve managed to appease their target audience and also appeal to the more hardcore crowd.
    I can get this software to run 120fps on ultra, running triples at 1440 and it supports motion/tactile.

    It’s my fantastic go to fun simulator that gives me car customization and collectibility.

    GT Sport never managed to catch my interest, but 7 has left me curious what Turn 10 will do with 8.
  6. beyond72


    I know they've got a lot more going on under the hood being full blown sims, but after trying Dirt Rally 2.0 and now PC2 on the Xbox S, I have to say I really appreciate how T10 managed to deliver decent graphics and a smooth frame rate with FM7 on the S.
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    Thumbs down! Unsubscribed!
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    FM7 on controller feels much more alive than GTsport. I had a hard time feeling anything on the DS4.
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    Benefits of buying from a first-party developer. :):tup:

    You should see F7 on the X by the way. :D

    As for delivering 60 fps, you have to realise that Dirt Rally 2.0 and PCARS 2 have a more nuanced driving model, especially the latter. that's very demanding on the CPU.
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