Funny Pic Thread VII - No swearing. No sex. No complaining. (READ FIRST POST)

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I've played enough D&D to know these are some high-level mimics!

A lot of actors/models' first gigs are doing stuff like this for advertising and stock imagery. The amazing part of it is that so much of it is seemingly everywhere; fake friendships, bogus relationships, non-existing families, shiny people who aren't actually employees, to the point where...well, I'm weighing this thread down.
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And they got the correct amount of dustiness on the rarely used bottle too!
It says in the corner “ice cold”. So that’s actually frost. That’s because it lives in the fridge so long it becomes the dominant source of cooling for your bacon. You could shut off the power and the Jager will retain its cool for the next 6 years. If you’re out of antifreeze… go right ahead.

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