G27 settings?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Msportvideos, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. Msportvideos

    England Bristol

    What are some good setting for GT5 for the G27?
  2. Mr. S

    France Paris

    Wrong section - but it's rather hard to say anyway. Just keep trying until it's suitable for you. What might work for me doesn't necessarily work for you, too.
  3. Twissy

    United Kingdom Norfolk

    If you want the most realistic feel I would go Simulation, PAS off and Force Feeback 10, thats what I use and never looked back or changed :tup:
  4. I tried red bull vettell challenge on ff10, I thought the wheel was going to break, bad enough on 1 I find. Wondering how others g27s behave or if it's just mine that's faulty.
  5. G219

    United States California


    I drove the red bull once with my wheel. Never again, not enjoyable or worth it.
  6. Blaze_409


    DOnt use the RedBull or F1 car haha.
    I use Simulation, No Power Assist, and FFB on 5.
  7. F1's feel awesome with FFB on 10. The redbulls on the other hand...
  8. Eric W

    United States Massachusetts

    For all cars:
    No Power Assist
    FFB 10

    I don't use the X1
  9. Mac K

    Canada Ontario,Canada

    I don't think the simulation setting applies to the Logitech wheels... Anyways everyone already answered your question, but those of you who don't use power steering, why is it better? Faster lap times? Improved feel?
  10. mikeonthebike


    I don't use the power steering for improved feedback. I can feel what is happening with traction and oversteer/understeer a lot better. And it's a good workout!! Haha. I did a 14 lap shuffle race on daytona road course the other day and I really felt like I DROVE those 14 laps.