Games with PhotoMode (PS4 & XB1)

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Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone.
In "Music Video" mode, you can take screenshots by pressing triangle and they'll be automatically saved in your PS4's Gallery.
You can't move the camera in this mode but can change the characters' outfits.
Does it count as simplified photomode?


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Playing through The Witcher 3 again as I got the DLCs finally. One of the few things this game didn't have... A photo mode.

It's so pretty aswell. :drool:

Yeah, it criminally deserved one.
Yeah good ews, it's time to try far cry 5 :cheers: thx Meanelf :D
I think you'll enjoy it, my friend :)
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Shadow of War - Middle Earth One of the most comprehensive settings. It has contrast, sharpness, DOF, over 70 filters and 50-70 effects! You can green or blue screen (or any colour!) (Fade effects) behind and change 31 facial effects! Amazing. This must be one of the most under rated photo modes as I played Mordor for a little while but didn't really read much on this new photo mode (not as good as God of War/Hellblade but still very clear) with the options available.

I've tried the demo and can't seem to get any photo mode pauses in mid action, as the two controls are also combat options - it is very enjoyable as photo modes go though.
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It's already been mentioned, but I'd like to talk a little about what I consider the best photo mode in a game. With it's unique art style and gravity bending action, Gravity Rush 2 lends itself exceptionally well to a photo mode, but the approach to the incorporation of it is vastly different from that of other games. Most games simply pause the action completely, allowing you to set up that perfect shot. In doing so, you're not capturing a moment and/or memory, but rather, you are creating one. I'd almost call it cheating :P

In Gravity Rush, however, the game and its world does not stop. The picture you take is akin to instant film, requiring real effort to take a good photo, and even so, never allowing you to produce the same results that other games do, despite Gravity Rush being an excellent looking game. So why is this a good thing? It's the charm and uniqueness of it. It's the fact that it very much feels like real photography. You're capturing a moment, a memory, within the game, just as you would in real life using an instant film camera. While this does make it near impossible to take photos in combat, for general photography, I find it much superior to the pausing of other games. It's also the fact that it doesn't take you out of the game.

You can apply a few filters, but you only see the results of those filters after the photo has been taken. If I were to add anything, being able to adjust focal point, shutter speed and exposure would be great, and just like the filters, the results ought to not show until after the photo has been taken.

Uncharted, The Order, Driveclub, Horizon: Zero Dawn, all have really powerful photo modes. Yet I rarely use them, because doing so completely takes me out of the game. It'd be cool if you could pick a spot on a race track, and snap photos of the cars as they drove by, just like you would in real life.
I like that producing good shots in Gravity Rush 2 takes real effort, and that they feel more real because they are subject, at least in part, to the world around you, rather than being completely under your control. I shall of course finish off this post with some photos from the game.

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