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The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed this today:


It's the first in what will hopefully be an extremely long series in which we use the thread/post Feature tool to directly post GTPlanet's members' cars onto the site's front page on a regular basis.

We have a wide range of members from across the world, with a wide range of weird and wonderful cars of all kinds and sizes, and I'd like to get them featured on the front page to highlight just what a crazy community we have here. I figured @Danoff's Integra would be a great place to start :D

If you want your car - or someone else's - featured on there, you'll need to do a couple of things.

Firstly, we need a decent photo of it in its thread/post which can be used as a featured image; chances are you've already done that and it's in this forum somewhere.
Secondly, there needs to be a post about it that covers some general information - why you bought it, what it is, when, how much, why it's interesting, or whatever you like - which can be used for a "pullquote" like the one you see above.
Finally, you'll need to post a link to the thread/post as a reply to this thread. That's not exclusionary, but I have a better chance of seeing it if it's in this thread.

It doesn't need to be an incredible car, a fast car, a powerful car, a rare car, or anything else. We're not looking to just feature the best of JDM or someone's Ferrari; yes, the more interesting the better, but if it's got a story to tell then anything will do.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand go!

Car 1 - @Danoff's ITR

Car 2 - @MedigoFlame's VehiCROSS

Car 3 - @homeforsummer's RX-7

Car 4 - @con360's Suzuki Cappuccino
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For those of you keeping up with the front page, week 2's car is @MedigoFlame's Isuzu VehiCross!

In all honesty it was these two cars that prompted the idea; @Danoff's ITR is of course epic, but then I saw the VehiCross and was all "holy **** someone bought a VehiCross".

If you'd like to suggest your own car - or someone else's - please do speak up; I have already browsed through to pick some out, but don't worry about duplicating.
Holy cow, did not expect this! Glad you guys like seeing me suffer trying to get it on the road. :lol: It isn't too hard to source parts...for the most part, at least mechanically. After reading and hearing "man, I'd love to own one" from others and...myself, I wanted to take the plunge. Years and years of obsessing over the VehiCross, I kind of got frustrated with not seeing them around enough. So I figured I'd see one almost everyday.

Appreciate the mention, @Famine!
Love the idea Famine, it's very interesting to read up on other members cars. Does make me want more though... damn. Would love to see if follow up videos were possible even if it's a little showcase. Love that Integra and Vehicross!

Here's my car - a car that was slaughtered by the Integra Type R
Well, highly doubt my little Focus is much of an attention-getter like these previous featured cars. I only got custom LED Sequential headlights and black Raceline wheels to contrast my Ingot Silver.

My Suzuki Swift Sport ZC31S. No idea if my opening post kn the car has too much info or not enough but hopefully it's worthy of an article.
As I can only embed four URLs per post, and also to bump this back up the page :D

Car #5 - @dice1998's Chevrolet Camaro

Car #6 - @Hayden's Nissan 300ZX

Car #7 - @Solo's Ford Fiesta ST

Car #8 - @Doog's Mercedes-Benz 300CE

If you want your car to join them, all you have to do is... all the stuff it says in the first post. So get on it.
I wouldn't mind showing off my XJ8 L on the front page.
As you wish :D

With a little break over the Christmas/New Year period, we've had four more cars now:

Car #9 - @Heldenzeit's S65

Car #10 - @Tornado's Corvette

Car #11 - @Joey D's 4Runner

Car #12 - @wfooshee's Jaguar XJ

If you want your car to join them, just let me know. Right here is good!
I am going to choose some iconic cars of mine that I would like to be featured on the front page, in the future. Not right now as I need to choose and decide first.
Here is my car:
I'll throw my 90s GM hat into the ring too.

Used to have a members ride topic, but i must have deleted it. So here's a new one:
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Pick whatever you fancy!