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    Let's hear some spooky ghost stories from you guys! :gtpflag:

    I haven't experienced any myself, but here are a couple I heard:

    Back when I was a young kid my mother was at a heritage hotel due to a company activity. It was all fun and games until she went back to her hotel room a little past 12 am in the morning. As she was fumbling for the keys to the room, two people pushing what's apparently a food tray passed by and greeted her. She sensed something was off, but she was sleepy and tired, and so thought little of it and went to sleep

    The next day she explored, along with her friend, where those two people came from since her room was already at the end of the hallway. To their surprise, all there was a wall.
    "Zelle", my mom said
    "What they were pushing weren't food trays. They were ambulance stretchers"

    Apparently, after asking around, it's a common sight around that area since there was once a large fire in the heritage hotel that needed emergency rescues. My mom never knew that beforehand
    There's a superstition where if you flick your forehead repeatedly, your "third eye" awakens and you get to see the supernatural. Out of curiosity, I started flicking my forehead since I haven't encountered anything supernatural yet. My friend, who's an Ilocano (a region in the Philippines that's said to have really spiritually-bound locals), really advised me against it. He then rambled on how it'll affect my daily life, how every night will be full of fear, etc. etc. I would've passed it off as simple banter if it weren't for the fact that he had genuine fear in his eyes. It's a really hard thing to describe if you haven't seen them yourself, but you just know if someone already went through what they're saying through their eyes. So, up until now, my third eye is tightly shut

    Your turn :D
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