Grab an iRacing Subscription This Christmas For 50% Off

I bought iRacing last September for 50$ Canadian for 1 year subscription. It was some sort of a deal with McLaren and the game came with extra cars & tracks.

As much as I think Project Cars 2 is a very competent and complete game. I really don't think the multiplayer & online progression is on the same level as iRacing. I'm about to get to B Class so I'll need to buy a car to race with which is about 12$ with that said, 62$ is still cheaper than the 90$ I paid for PC2 when it came out.

Honestly, if you're into online racing I don't think there's anything out there as good as iRacing.


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But can I play on my PS4 tho? No? Ok byeeee.

xbox lol haha
In my opinion this is just advertising for iRacing. I played iRacing 2 years ago and as i know this "discount" is not new! You get this discount a few times a year. My e-Mail inbox is full of them. So OP is 1. new to iRacing and didnt knew that or 2. its simply advertisement
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A bit of a shame the offer does not cover returning customers. I would have resubbed if it did.... :-/

This any good? For lapsed accounts only.

Use Promo Code PR3MLAPSED1212

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