Gran Turismo 6 Controller & TV issues

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    Good day,

    I am starting to have issue when playing GT6. When racing, controller stop responding and screen flickering for a couple of second. It happening randomly and i have no clue why it happening. I try to troubleshoot the issue. Here what was done so far:

    - Test another controller
    - Change HDMI cable
    - check TV setting
    - Change Depp colour mode on PS3 to off

    I read some threat talking about GT6 running at 720P and other setting but i am bot sure it relate because it not only the screen, it also de controller that lost connection for few second. I am start thinking that my PS3 is dying.

    So if anyone had that issue before, can you please help me and give me hint so i can focus my research on a specific details.

  2. fordlaser

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    Have you tried playing other games on your PS3 ?.
  3. DoomBusterFX


    Yep i have played other games. Notice heavy lag on Heavy Rains Cut scenes. Other then that, it seem smooth for now. I change some display setting in the PS menu: HDMI deep colour to Off and dynamic range limited. I didn't change sharpen display setting in game cause it was worst with that setting on. I found a threat that describe a bit more what happen to me. See link below:

    I have also notice something strange when game get buggy. I notice that when screen is is bugy, some part of the screen are getting black, game switch my views from front to behind (like i was looking behind me for other opponents) and controller stop responding for few second. It always happen in cornering and never in straight line. It took me almost a day to complete last S licenses test with the Bugatti Veyron because of that issues. I was able to run multiple diag test with my PS3 and all when smooth so at this point, i think that GT6 is the issues. Will keep this threath updates if i found other thing that might be useful.