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    Below are my predictions for the car and track list in Gran Turismo 7. I’ve complied this list based on various sources, from their inclusion in previous series entries to various news stories published here on GT Planet. I’ve also added a few of my own considerations based on their place within automotive history. Please bear in mind this is NOT a wish list. Besides each entry I've written a small piece of commentary as to why I believe it will feature in GT7.

    I’ve suggested about 160 cars plus in total. This is based on approximately the number of new vehicles released in both Gran Turismo 6 and GT Sport. Feel free to make suggestions below on new and returning cars and tracks you think I may have missed. Make a case as to why you think it’s a possible prediction and I’ll get your proposal added to the list. I see this list as being a collaborative effort and will be great to see how accurate we've been when the final game drops.

    124 Spider ’17
    - 2019 GT Sport Supra survey.
    595 ’20 - 2019 GT Sport Supra survey. Would also represent a more current model for the brand than the present Fiat 500 Abarth

    Eagle Indy Car ‘66
    - Pebble Beach winner 2018

    Giulia Gr.3
    - Updated PDI Gr.3 concept for the manufacturer.
    Giulia Gr.4 - Updated PDI Gr.4 concept for the manufacturer.
    Giulia Quadrifoglio - Current saloon model debuting alongside its competition variants.
    Giulietta - 2019 GT Sport Supra survey. Current city car model replacing the Mito.
    TZ3 Stadale ’11 - PS3 Premium. This or the 8C. Or both.
    8C ’08 - PS3 Premium. This or the TZ3 Stradale. Or both.
    Spider 1600 Duetto ’66 - The quintessential Alfa Romeo roadster. Present in series from GT4 to GT6.
    Giulia Sprint GTA 1600 ’65 - Present in series from GT4 to GT6.
    8C 2300 Zagato ‘31 - Pebble Beach winner 2019

    A110 Gr.3
    – PDI Gr.3 concept. Debut of the brand in the Manufacturer’s Series.
    A110 GT4 – Real world GT4 variant.

    Amuse NISMO 380RS Super Leggera
    - Japanese tuner car. PS3 Premium. Precedent set by Amuse S2000 and RE Amemiya RX-7 being added to GT Sport.

    Vantage AMR GT3 ’20
    - Updated Gr.3 representation for the manufacturer.
    Vantage AMR GT4 '20 – Updated PDI Gr.4 concept for the manufacturer.
    Vantage ’18 – Current generation of the Vantage.
    DB5 ’64 - Iconic car of James Bond and probably the most famous Aston Martin of all time. Astounds me how it hasn’t been in featured in Gran Turismo yet.
    DBR1 ’59 - 1959 Le Mans winner driven by Carol Shelby no less.

    R8 LMS (Type 4S) GT4 '20
    – Updated Gr.4 representation for the manufacturer.
    RS5 (F5) ’20 - Current super saloon for Audi. No saloon representation for Audi in GT Sport despite them having a strong presence in games past.
    RS6 Avant (C8) ’20- Audi’s flagship RS model. Similar reasons to the above.
    R8 5.2 FSI Coupe (Type 4S) ’16- Second generation model of Audi’s halo sports car. Competition model already present in GT Sport. Found it strange how we’ve never had the road car variant.
    R10 TDI ’06 - PS3 Premium.
    R8 Race Car ’00 - 5x Le Mans winner 2000 to 2002. Present in series since GT4. PS2 Standard.
    Sport Quattro ’83 - Iconic 4WD model for Audi. Present in series from GT4 to GT6.

    Continental GT3
    – Gr.3 debut of the marque in the GT World Series
    Continental GT Gr.4 - PDI’s fictional Gr.4 model for representation in the GT World Series. No GT4 model currently exists.
    Continental GT Supersports ‘17 - Road model’s debut alongside its competition variants.
    Speed 8 ’03 - 2003 Le Mans winner. PS3 Premium. Present in series since GT4

    M8 GTE ’20
    - Updated Gr.3 representation for the manufacturer.
    BMW M4 GT4 ‘20 - Updated Gr.4 representation for the manufacturer.
    M8 ’20 - Flagship road car for BMW debuting in GT7 alongside its competition variant(s).
    M5 (F90) ’17 - Current M5. No M5’s of any generation are currently featured in GT Sport.
    i8 ’15 - Ground-breaking hybrid supercar (even went on display at London’s Design Museum). Requested by the GT Planet community. 2019 GT Sport Supra survey.
    M3 (E36) ’92 - Heavily requested by the GT Planet community.
    M1 ’81 - Iconic BMW and the original M car. Heavily requested by the GT Planet community.
    2002 Turbo ’73 - Iconic BMW present in series since GT4. PS2 Standard.
    507 ’57 - Iconic BMW sports car. PS3 Premium. Very good odds.

    Chiron ’17
    - Very likely given the Bugatti VGT debuted the design language for the Chiron.
    EB110 ’91 - Classic 90s supercar heavily requested by the GT Planet community. Great additional alongside a newly remastered Jaguar XJ220. Possibly scanned.

    CT5-V ’20
    - Cadillac as a brand currently missing from GT Sport. Previously represented in GT6 as the CTS-V ’11.

    2D ’67
    - Present in series since GT4. PS2 Standard. Chaparral only represented by the current VGT model the 2X.

    Corvette C8 GTE ’20
    - Updated Gr.3 representation for the manufacturer.
    Corvette (C8) ’20 - Promising precedent set by GT6’s debut of the C7, indicating a good relationship between PDI and the manufacturer.
    Corvette ZR1 (C6) ’09 - PS3 premium.
    Corvette Z06 (C5) ’04 - PS3 premium.
    El Camino SS 396 ’67 - PS3 premium.
    Corvette C1 ’53 - The first Corvette and the birth of a legend.

    V16T ’94
    - Boutique Italian supercar. PS3 Premium

    DS ’55
    – Iconic French executive car with futuristic body design. Included for its historic value.
    2CV Type A ’54 - Iconic French city car. Included for its historic value.

    C-4R Competition Roadster ‘52
    - Pebble Beach winner 2015

    Charger 440 RT ’71
    - Iconic muscle car. Present in series from GT4 to GT6. PS2 Standard.

    Zero ’78
    - Iconic Japanese concept car featuring in Gran Turismo since GT4. PS2 Standard.

    SF90 Stradale ’20
    - 2019 GT Sport Supra survey mention.
    Portofino ‘19 - 2019 GT Sport Supra survey mention. Precedent set by the past inclusion of a previous entry level Ferrari, the California.
    812 Superfast ‘19 - 2019 GT Sport Supra survey mention.
    488 GTB ’16 or F8 Tributo ’20 - Both mentioned in 2019 GT Sport Supra survey mention. I expect the 488 but have my doubts about the F8. PDI have never been great when it comes to featuring up to date Ferrari models.
    488 GT3 - Updated Gr.3 representation for the manufacturer.
    F430 ’06 and/or Ferrari 599 ’06 - PS3 Premiums. F430 seems the most likely as it was Ferrari’s leading model of the era (alongside the Enzo).
    XX ’05 - PS3 Premium. Precedent set by the additional of track vehicles such as the Zonda R and RS.01.
    Testarossa 80s - Heavy requested by the GT Planet community.
    512 S ’70 - If we get a vintage Porsche 917 then I expect to see this drop as it was a key rival during the early 1970s. No 917 however then no 512S as the former is far mort important historically.
    330 P4 Spyder ‘66 - Pebble Beach winner 2016
    250 LM ’65 - Le Mans winner 1965. Last time Ferrari would win Le Mans
    250 Testa Rossa, either the ’58, ’60 or ’61 model. Won Le Mans three times.
    500 Mondial Pininfarina Coupe ’54 - Pebble Beach winner 2012

    Shelby GT350R ’16
    or Shelby GT500 '20 - Latest edition of Shelby’s take on the Mustang.
    Fiesta ST ’18 - Ford’s current version of the best-selling performance hatchback.
    GT GTE '16 - 2016 class winner at Le Mans. Latest Ford GT already in GT Sport.
    RS200 ‘84 - Iconic Group B rally car. Present in series since GT2. PS2 Standard.
    Sierra RS500 Cosworth - New to series. One of Ford’s most iconic models of the 1980s (alongside the RS200). Heavily requested by the GT Planet community.
    GT40 Mk.1 J.W. Automotive Engineering (Gulf Racing colours) ’69 – 1969 Le Mans winner. Racing variant of the GT40 as we only have the road going version.
    Ford Mustang GT Coupe ‘65 - The original Mustang. We already have the Shelby GT350 so some modelling data already exists for PDI.

    Greening Auto Company 1971 Ford Maverick
    – SEMA winner 2018
    Honda Civic EX Phil Robles ’92 – SEMA winner 2017
    Ford Coupe ‘Bruce Levins’ ’51 – SEMA winner 2016
    GoPro Rampage 1970 Camaro – SEMA winner 2014

    NSX Super GT ’20
    - Current model participating in Japan’s Super GT.
    NSX GT3 ‘20 - Would replace the existing PDI Group 3 concept.
    Civic SiR II (EG) ‘95 - Present in the series since the very first game. Almost all models from GT1 are now in GT Sport.

    Veloster N ’19
    – Newer model for the brand and winner of the prestigious Road & Track Performance Car of the Year.
    i30 N ‘19 – Performance hatchback gaining rave reviews. Great exposure for the brand.

    Q60 ’20
    - Infiniti’s flagship coupe. Brand hasn’t been present in Gran Turismo since GT6.

    4200R ’89
    - Japanese concept car. PS3 premium. Precedent set by the inclusion of the RX500 in GT Sport.

    F-Type ’20
    - Current model featuring the recent redesign.
    XJ220 ’92 - Present in series since GT2. PS2 Standard.
    XK-SS ’57 - Road going D Type. Trivia for you, Steve McQueen owned one. Expect an absurdly high price.
    XK120 SE ’54 - Classic early Jaguar.
    C Type ’53 - 1953 Le Mans winner.

    Stinger GT-S ’18
    – Performance saloon. Great exposure for the brand.

    KTM GT-X Gr.3
    - Fictional variant by PD. Group 3 debut of the marque in the GT World Series.
    KTM X-Bow GT4 - Group 4 debut of the marque in the GT World Series

    Agera R ‘11
    - Record breaking car and heavily requested by the GT Planet community. The marque featured in Sony’s Drive Club, therefore I can’t foresee any major licencing issues now. Hopefully GT7 sees the debut of this manufacturer.

    Urus ‘19
    - 2019 GT Sport Supra survey.
    Huracan Performante ‘17 - Nurburgring record breaker
    Gallardo ’08 - PS3 Premium. Expect this or the Murchielago. Or Both
    Murchielago ‘09 - PS3 Premium. Expect this or the Gallardo. Or Both
    Espada ‘70 - Scan confirmed

    037 Stradale ‘82
    – Group B legend famous for its battle with Audi Quattro. Supposedly scanned but legitimacy disputed.

    RC 300h ’20
    - Current performance sports model
    LFA ’10 - PS3 Premium. Unprecedented demand from the GT fanbase. This or the ’12 Nurburgring model.

    Evora ’20
    – Current model of the Evora. Also mentioned in the 2019 GT Sport Supra survey
    Evora GT3 '20 - Group 3 debut of the marque in the GT World Series, providing licensing issues are resolved.
    Evora GT4 '20 - Debut of the marque in the GT World Series.
    Evora ’09 - Has been modelled but was pulled due to licensing issues. Either we get a more current model or this.
    Exige - 2019 GT Sport Supra survey
    Elise ’11 - 2019 GT Sport Supra survey. PS3 Premium.
    3-Eleven - 2019 GT Sport Supra survey
    Esprit V8 ’02 - Iconic Lotus model and PS3 Premium.
    Europa Special ’72 or Europa S.2 '69 - Either one of these classic Lotus should licensing issues be resolved with the brand. PS3 Premiums.

    GranTurismo MC GT3 '20
    – Gr.3 debut of the Maserati brand
    GranTurismo GT4 '20 - Gr.4 debut of the Maserati brand
    MC12 ‘04 - Requested by the GT Planet community.
    A6GCS Spider ‘54 - Pebble Beach winner 2014
    Tipo 61 Birdcage ‘61 - Iconic Maserati model.

    720s GT3
    - Updated Group 3 representation for the manufacturer.
    720s ‘17 - Current Super Series model replacing the 650S (already in game).
    570s GT4 - Updated Group 4 representation for the manufacturer.
    570s ‘16 - Current Sports Series model. Highly likely if we get the GT4 variant.
    P1 ‘13 - GT Sport features the GTR variant but not the original. Most highly requested car on GT Planet not to feature in game.

    AMG GT4 ’20
    – Updated Group 4 representation for the manufacturer.
    SL ‘20 – 2019 GT Sport Supra survey. The latest in a long line of SL’s.
    SLC ’20 – 2019 GT Sport Supra survey. The SL’s baby brother.
    AMG C63 (W205) ’18 - Precedent set by previous generation of AMG C63 present in GT6.
    E190 Evolution - Iconic M-B model and DTM legend. Present in series since GT4. PS2 Standard.
    300 SL ‘54 - Iconic M-B model and one of first true supercars. PS3 Premium. Excellent odds on this one.
    S Barker Tourer ‘29 - Pebble Beach winner 2017.

    Roadster RS (NC) '07
    - PS3 premium. Precedent set by GT’s relationship with Mazda.
    Autozam AZ-1 ‘92 - PS3 premium. Precedent set by GT’s relationship with Mazda.
    Cosmo Sport ‘67 - Iconic Mazda sports car and predecessor to the MX-5. Present in series since GT2. PS2 Standard.

    BNR34 Skyline GT-R N1 base
    - Mine’s have had a great relationship with PDI since the PS1 days. PS3 premium.

    Lancer Evolution IX GSR ’04
    – PS3 Premium
    Lancer Evolution VI TME ‘00 – Released to celebrate Tommi Makkinen’s WRC victory’s. PS3 Premium.
    FTO GP Version R ‘99 - Present in series since GT1. PS2 Standard.
    Eclipse GTX ‘95 - Present in series since GT2. PS2 Standard.
    Starion GSR-VR - Scan confirmed.

    400Z (Tentative name, TBA) '21
    - Latest generation of the Fairlady Z nameplate. Would be a good move on Nissan's part by working with PDI to help generate hype for their new sports car.
    GT-R (R35) Super GT ’20 - Current model participating in Japan’s Super GT. Probably the Autech teams' entry.
    Leaf G ‘11 - PS3 Premium.
    Fairlady Z (Z34) ‘08 - Current model in the Fairlady range, PS3 Premium.
    Silvia Spec R Aero S15 ’02 - Final version of the Silvia. One of the major JDMs yet to be added. PS3 Premium.
    R390 Race Car '98 - GT1 prototype and fan favourite. Present in series since GT2. PS2 Semi-Premium.
    2000 GT-R ‘71 - The original GT-R. Present in series since GT4. PS2 Standard.
    Fairlady Z 432 ’69 – We’ve the GReddy Z, just need the original. PS2 Standard.

    XR7 '67
    - Iconic muscle car. Present in series since GT4. PS2 Standard.

    C12.S 7.3 '02
    - Scan confirmed

    905 Evo '92
    - 1992 & 1993 Le Mans winner. Present in series since GT4. PS2 Standard.
    205 T16 - Iconic rally car, either Group B or homologated road variant. PS2 Standard.

    Superbird ’70
    - Present in series since GT2. PS2 Standard.
    AAR Cuda 340 Six Barrel ’70 - Iconic muscle car. PS3 Premium.

    Polestar 1 ‘20
    – Debut of Volvo’s new performance brand.

    911 (992) ’20
    - Latest generation of the 911. Added due to PD’s new relationship with Porsche
    Cayman 718 GTS (982) ’20 - Added due to PD’s new relationship with Porsche. 2019 GT Sport Supra survey
    918 Spyder ’14 - Part of the Hypercar Holy Trinity and essential for any modern racing game. Requested by the community.
    911 GT1 ’98 - 1998 Le Mans Winner and icon of the GT1 class.
    959 ’87 - Former fastest car in the world featuring ground-breaking technology. Key rival of the F40.
    917 ’70 - Le Mans winner 1970-71. Starring role in the film Le Mans.
    550 Speedster ’55 - Iconic early Porsche
    718 Spyder RS ’61 - Iconic early Porsche

    Megane RS ‘20
    - Current Megane performance variant
    5 Turbo '80 - Iconic rally car, either Group B or homologated road variant. PS2 Standard.

    P4/5 by Pininfarina
    - Scanned but with possible licensing issues. Conflict with Ferrari?

    BRZ '22
    - Second generation of the BRZ.
    BRZ TS ’19 – Limited production run BRZ tuned by STI.
    360 ‘58 – Known as the ‘ladybug’, this city car was an important model for the Subaru brand.

    Super Formula SF20
    - Current model for the 2020 season.

    Suzuki Swift ’20
    – Latest generation of the Swift hatchback.
    Suzuki Pikes Peak Escudo - An icon of Gran Turismo and present in the series since GT2. PS2 Standard.
    Suzuki Cappuccino (EA11R) and/or (EA21R) - Iconic Kei car. PS3 Premium.

    Toyota GR86 Concept ’21
    – Second generation of the 86. Precedent set by the previous generation’s concept debut in Gran Turismo 5.
    Toyota Supra Super GT ‘20 – Current model participating in Japan’s Super GT. Debut of the model in Group 2.
    Toyora Prius – Any model of the Prius.
    Toyota GT-One '98 - Present in series since GT4. PS2 Standard.
    Toyota Celica GT-FOUR (ST205) ’95 Rally Car - PS3 Premium
    Toyota Castol TOM’S Supra ’97 - Possibly Gran Turimo’s most iconic car. Strong odds. PS3 Premium

    Golf VIII GTI ’20
    - The latest Golf. Golf’s have always had great representation in Gran Turismo.
    ID R ‘18 – 2018 Pikes Peak winner. Debut on the proviso we get Pikes Peak. Doubtful otherwise.
    Scirocco R ’10 - PS3 Premium. Possibly a more recent model.
    Karmann Ghia Coupe ’67 - Gorgeous car built on the original Beetle platform

    Alfa Romeo Giulia Gr.4
    Alpine A110 GT4
    Aston Martin AMR Vantage GT4
    Audi R8 LMS GT4
    BMW M4 GT4
    KTM X-Box GT4
    Maserati GranTurismo GT4
    McLaren 570s GT4
    Mercedes-Benz AMG GT4

    Group 3 strikes me as the defining class for the GT World Tour. To keep things fresh, I would expect a couple of new manufacturers in the form of Alpine, Bentley and KTM. Whilst I expect previous cars from GT Sport to carry over, I do expect more current models to debut. During World Tour Events I imagine the more current models would take precedent over older models used in previous years.

    Alfa Romeo Giulia Gr.3
    Alpine A110 Gr.3
    Aston Martin Vantage AMR GT3
    Bentley Continental GT3
    BMW M8 GTE
    Chevrolet Corvette C8.R GTE
    Ferrari 488 GT3
    Ford GT GTE
    KTM GTX (Gr.3 Variant).
    Lotus Evora GT3
    Honda NSX GT3
    Maserati GranTurismo MC GT3
    McLaren 720S GT3
    SCG P4/5

    Toyota Supra Super GT 2020
    Nissan GT-R 2020
    Honda NSX 2020

    Audi R8
    Audi R10
    Bentley Speed 8
    Peugeot 905 Evo

    Ford RS200
    Lancia 037

    City - Cote d’Azur - PDI’s take on the classic Monaco street circuit. Would be fantastic graphical showcase for the PS5.
    City - Rome - Since GT2 the Italian capital has long featured throughout the series. Again another graphic showcase especially at various times of day.
    Original - Deep Forest - Series debut in GT1
    Original - Grand Valley Speedway - Series debut in GT1
    Original - Trial Mountain - Series debut in GT1
    World Circuit - Motegi - Series debut in GT4
    World Circuit - Silverstone - Series debut in GT6

    World Circuit - New Italian Circuit, either Mugello or Imola
    Rally - Pikes Peak - Based on Polyphony holding exclusive rights to the PPIHC.

    Update 1 – Reformatted the list, added Alpine, Kia and Polestar as brands. Added a few new vehicles based on research.
    Update 2 - Added the latest Renault Megane RS
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    I predict GT7 will have both Cars and Tracks in it. :D
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    United States

  4. barak181


    United States
    There might even be some racing involved!
  5. VBR

    VBR Premium

    Also, lots of infuriating game design & missing features as well as new unwanted features that are forced on us with no option to turn them off. I think that's a safe bet!

  6. Racing_Miku

    Racing_Miku Premium

    You missed my favourite Nissan off that list btw so I'll mention it here!

    Nissan Fairlady Z 300ZX (Z31) '83
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  7. Hallitrd


    Gran Turismo without AE86 is like FIFA game without ball.
    Otherwise I'll hope you're right about the Castrol Supra, Silvia S15 (and few other JDM icons), and the Sierra RS500 Cosworth, and everything else is bonus for me.
  8. Groundfish

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    :::::please please please pretty please:::
  9. CLowndes888


    Well yes, but actually no.
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  10. BrunusCL82


    I dont know...

    We need SPA!


    United Kingdom
    At first glance I read that as Cars and Trucks.
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  12. phil_75


    Probably random list of old cars picked out of a hat and forced into groups where they don't have a prayer of being competitive mixed with a handfull of cars from the last 5 years.
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  13. FoRiZon


    Don't forget TOYOTA SUPRA! The 2JZ one! Best! Has Toyota exclusive license yet they didn't add it SMH!
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  14. Razamataz


    United Kingdom
    I doubt most folks would care for a Leaf, Prius or a even a 2CV, hence why it’s not a wish list. I’ve composed it based on PDI’s past behaviour. If this was a wish list it would be much, much longer.
  15. V1LR-GUE10

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    United States
    All GT Sport cars will surely be in GT7
  16. 05XR8


    We night not see all GT Sport cars in the next game. Mentioned above, some models may be replaced with updated versions.

    It's random we got the McLaren Mercedes and the McLaren F1 race car.
    Random again to get the Beat, Copen and the S660.

    Is there a guarantee cars will be ported to the next game or remodelled. We were told it'll be easier to move cars to the next GT, but we were also told the same about GT6 to GT7/Sport.

    PD could totally not add the F50 and 993 in the next game. I didn't expect any of the DLC cars once I got the game. I hoped, suspected, speculated, all that, but it'll be interesting what the car list looks like in GT_.
  17. Scuderia Paul

    Scuderia Paul

    Something tells me these have a very strong chance...

    Aston Martin Vantage GTE
    Ferrari 488 GTE
    Ford GT GTE
    Toyota Supra GT500 2020
    Toyota TS050 Hybrid 2018.
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  18. zzz_pt


    No way the original Honda NSX is not included in the next game. The list overall seams great but the glaring absence of the 1st gen NSX cought my attention.
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  19. FoRiZon


    1st gen NSX is already in GTSport if you pay attention.

    The list is for new cars only.
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  20. zzz_pt


    True. Face-palm :dunce:
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  21. Nico_Ble99


    Well, as some people already stated: I surely expect not all, but most cars from GT Sport in GT7. Tons of cars that never appeared in GT before, and maybe even some that have been all time GT classics, such as the early 2000's JGTC cars to add that little bit of Gran Turismo 3 drizzle. I'd definitely appreciate that. I also think we could very well see more classic Le Mans racers. More Group C machinery or even some 70's monsters. Regarding modern race cars: I'm thinking we're going to see some more SuperGT cars, and with that I mean updated versions of the GT500's present in GT Sport. Sure, the RC F would be replaced by the LC 500, but you get the idea. Also: "proper" GT300 cars. BRZ GT300, Prius GT300, you name the lot. What might be a far call: more touring cars. Something like TCR or even V8 Supercars. Formula cars? Who knows. A lot of people would love it. We already have a 2017 F1 racer in the game, and I can't imagine that it's not gonna make the jump to GT7. But if not... Formula Gran Turismo, anyone?

    In addition to that, I guess we'll see a different class system. No Gr. 1, Gr. 2, Gr. 3, etc stuff. GT3's will race in the GT3 class, LMP1's will race in LMP1, Group C will race in Group C, and so on...

    Another bold prediction is a collaboration with a major racing series.

    And now: tracks. I'll try to make it as short as possible: current tracks, new tracks and old classics.

    Features? Livery Editor will be updated. X-axis, Y-axis. A feature to group certain layers, more paint finishes for decals, fully customizable and relocateable number plates. Custom window banners and (relocateable) name plates.
    GT Auto makes it's return, with the return of Racing Modifications. GT Auto will also be the place to give your car a new set of wheels (instead of the Livery Editor). Visual tuning also makes it's long awaited return, with real aftermarket brands for different body parts such as rear wings, bumpers, side skirts, mirrors and more. You'll also see some sort of data sheet that shows how each part affects or improves your car's aerodynamics and recommends you the optimal choice for your needs. The classic GT Auto features will obviously come back as well.

    Mechanical tuning also makes it's return, again with real aftermarket brands or OEM tuning (Nismo with Nissan, RALLIART with Mitsubishi, etc.).

    Career mode will also see a host of new features, although I'm not quite sure what could be possible. Maybe your own team, like in Grid or F1 2020?

    Online will mostly stay the same.

    And there goes my huge list of predictions for GT7. And as always: take 'em with a pinch of salt.
  22. iCyCo


    All of this content better be able to be experienced fully in VR
  23. pasigiri


    Please have the following tracks return:
    El Capitan
    Tokyo R246
    Rome Circuit

    Sooooooo much nostalgia. *sigh*
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  24. Cristobal1234


    I expect that a some electric hypercars will arrive to GT7 such as Lotus Evija, Pininfarina Battista or Rimac Concept One.



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  25. lauriebeamont


    United Kingdom
    I agree, it would be great to have some of the historic originals added back in. I think the new breed of original tracks seen in sport are really strong and offer a good variation in racing across their layouts amongst the slower and faster categories, but it'll be great to have a few of the top ones from yester year back with a nice bit of remodelling.

    - Seattle
    - Deep Forest
    - Trial Mountain
    - Costa di Amalfi
    - Citta D'Aria (I mean it's more for fun than anything as it's a nightmare to race on :lol:)

    I'd like to see some Real World Circuits return, with a few more added;

    - Twin Ring Motegi (All Variations)
    - Daytona
    - Indianapolis
    - Ascari
    - Imola (New)
    - Donnington (New)
    - Istanbul Park (New)
    - Kyalami (New)

    It would be great for PD to obtain some licenses for race series, similar to what they had for NASCAR in GT6 (Maybe Formula E , V8 Supercars) which could add some additional Career mode strands as well as offering some good Online options.
  26. Razamataz


    United Kingdom
    How many new tracks at launch do we expect to see? I reckon approximately 16 or so based on what GT Sport launched with. We're probably looking at:

    4 Real World Tracks - Silverstone, Motegi and a few new to series. in terms of prestigious motorsport venues, Imola and Hockenheim come to mind. To a lesser extent Yas Marina, Circuit of the Americas, Zandvoort and Paul Ricard. For reference, GT Sport over its lifetime debuted 4 new to series circuits (Interlagos, Catalunya, Autopolis & Goodwood).

    3 City Tracks - Monaco, Rome and a new to series location serving as a graphical showcase for the PS5 (think Prague or Rio when new iterations of Forza launched).

    3 Original Tracks (existing) - Most likely The Gran Turismo Holy Trinity. This is such a no brainer for PDI to develop and would be rapturously received by the community. However expect some significant tweaks for the circuits to be deemed FIA worthy. Trial Mountain on PS5 should look the absolute business!

    3 Original Tracks (new) - Something in the vein of Dragon Trail, Lago Maggiore and Yamigawa. PDI have a habit of providing multiple circuits at the same venue so expect to see a multitude of variations. These will be designed from the outset for use in the FIA GT World Tour and will resemble real world circuits more so than say PDI's original creations of games past (say Cape Ring or the the Swiss tracks of GT6).

    3 Rally Tracks - One of which may be Pikes Peak. A precedent established by both Gran Turismo 5 and GT Sport, both launching with 3 original circuits a piece. We know PDI have the Pikes Peak licence, now let's see what they do with it. If it does debut then naturally we should expect to see accompanying Hill Climb vehicles, mist likely the VW ID R and the Peugeot 208 T16 Pikes Peak (both previous winners). Probably some Monster Tajima classics as well. Would be nice to see the Escudo again!

    Excited to see what city tracks PDI have instore for us as they've been sorely lacking in GT Sport. They're so well suited for cars in the N100 to N300 categories. GT Sport to me just didn't present enough satisfying venues for hooning hatchbacks around on.

    I've already mentioned Rome and Monaco as the most probable candidates but I'm trying to think what other major cities may crop up. Historically we've had:

    PS3 Era
    Monte Carlo: Monaco GP circuit
    Tokyo: Route 246
    Special Stages 5, 7 and 11 circuits (fictional).

    PS2 Era
    Assisi (Città di Aria)
    Capri Island (Costa di Amalfi, albeit a fictional take on this stunning Italian island)
    Hong Kong
    Las Vegas Drag Strip
    New York

    Thinking on Seattle for a moment. I know it's hugely popular amongst the community (and deservedly so) but it's such an odd choice for PDI to choose as a venue. Did Kaz holiday in the Pacific NW and just fall in love with the place?
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  27. GTJG44


    This is what I think GT7 will look like at launch.

    Track List

    Real Circuits

    Twin Ring Motegi (RETURNING)
    Daytona (RETURNING)
    Indianapolis (RETURNING)
    Silverstone (RETURNING)
    Ascari (RETURNING)
    Circuit of the Americas (NEW)
    Pikes Peak Hillclimb (RETURNING)

    Original Circuits

    Deep Forest Raceway (RETURNING)
    Trial Mountain (RETURNING)
    Apricot Hill Raceway (RETURNING)
    Grand Valley Speedway (RETURNING)
    Autumn Ring (RETURNING)

    GT Sport had 28 locations in the game, with these tracks the number would rise to 40 locations. Which sounds like a good and even number.

    Car List

    GT Sport counts 335 cars in total, I think some of the Gr3. and Gr4. cars will be updated to later models, which means the older models might disappear. Knowing PD however, these may stay in the game to up the car count. In the end I expect there to be 500+ cars.

    Old fan favorites will return with new cars never before seen, like the Mitsubishi Starion and Lamborghini Espada.


    Arcade Mode
    GT Mode (Now named World Tour Mode)
    Sport Mode
    VR Mode
    Special Missions
    License Tests
    Livery Editor
    GT Auto
    Mileage Exchange
    Used Cars
    Track Editor

    This is what I predict to be available when the game releases.

  28. zzz_pt


    It would be nice to have both versions, like some racing games have 2 versions for the same track (old Spa and new Spa, old Monza and new Monza, etc). The FIA complient would be the one used in Sport Mode, but the other one could be used in lobbies, offline, and TT.
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  29. Eliuaustin


    Your list looks pretty good, although I feel like 70% will be accurate, and the rest will be cars coming out of nowhere that nobody asked for. Not necessarily a bad thing, but PD likes to completely shatter our expectations.

    As a side note, I think your list needs the Pontiac Fiero.. that absolute legend of a car which brought the mid-engine layout to the average American driver.
  30. tankuroded


    Semi-realistically I can see almost every licensable Premium cars to return in a future GT game (this includes Lotus since I assume they'll mend bridges by the next game). Might also throw in some important cars that were formerly Standard in the PS3 era, too.
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