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Thinking about PS5 load times and online racing. I battled my step-daughter in NBA2K(2020K, whatever) and a Wall-E looking robot character and watched her play this camping game with a character that looked like Hayden Panettiere. Anyway, the non-existant loading times felt natural.

How would this be for entering Sport Mode races? More time for Warm-Up? Actual qualifying before each race? Spectating from pit screen, like what's possible in a Lobby? Will players be able to choose time slots and be notified when their chosen race event is coming up or be automically entered in that race?

Jordan showed the loading time differences between PS4 & PS5. That is GT Sport. Will GT7 be on different servers to show off new features?
Well, the track-loading times will rely on our machines locally, you'd think, so they should be just-as-snappy.

As for lobby loads and whatnot, yeah, that'll be down to the servers and how efficiently PD manages to slim the assets down. It's above my pay grade, but logic tells me that ideally they should be employing local objects to the greatest extent possible and restricting the online stream to bare-bones race data and controller info.
Maybe they'll be able to fit even more than 3 two minute laps into a 20 minute time slot now.

Also have you ever gotten home from work after rushing thru traffic, 3 minutes before that last fia slot of the night, to boot your system up and fly through all the required button presses, but juuuuuuust missed it by seconds because of slow loading. lol
That has definately grinded my gears
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At any rate, I can't say I'm a fan of qualifying once, and then having it apply to every subsequent race you enter. But I also get the appeal of that design decision. Perhaps instead, GT7's online play could have seasons, which begin with a DR reset for everyone, though SR would be transferred between seasons. And instead of judging someone's skill by their DR, you could view a player's podiums right on their "main" screen, complete with how many poles they have, as well as the best ranking they've obtained in a championship.

Said championships could go way beyond the FIAGTCs, and include interesting rulesets like that UI mock-up in GT Sport's beta, which featured a Mazda Roadster Cup. But on the other hand, I think PD only wants to include special championships and/or time trials when they offer real-world prizes, as we can see by the FIAGTCs or the GR Supra Cup. I can only hope PD/GT will get enough funding to host other, potentially more interesting championships, or at least would be willing to have more lower-stakes championships instead.

On another note, I would seldom allow every car from a featured class to be eligible for an event. In fact, the only time you'd be able to potentially see every car from a class on the field would be the Manufacturers Series, whereas the Nations Cup would feature a sub-set of cars from a featured class, rather than simply permitting every Gr.3/Gr.4/Gr.1/etc. car. I'm reminded of this one Daily Race in GT Sport where you could only use the Group C cars within Gr.1. In addition, I'd love to see either more manufacturers join the Manufacturers Series, and/or more groups in the Manufacturers Series - Gr.1 comes to mind, between DPi, the upcoming LM Hypercar and LMDh classes, and other prototypes like IMSA GTP, LMGTP, or LMP900. I could even see the N-Series joining the Manufacturers Series - especially as more cars are added, as I would also not permit "inter-class" N-Series machines, like we see in many N-Series races in GT Sport. Or, maybe I would, since the PP system is also returning, which may make things a bit more fair when it comes to balancing, both in regards to cars left as-stock, and those heavily modified by players.
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Agreed on the PP system. I loved it 'cause it took into account P:W ratio as well as handling and therefore often surprised with how accurately it rated vehicles one might otherwise have thought wouldn't be competitive or simply way-too-fast.

Good system IMHO.