Gran Turismo 7 Players Will Be Able to Feel Anti-Lock Brakes With the DualSense Controller

Obviously, you can't create haptic feedback on a digital on/off button.

Time to move into the future, it's not 1997 any more.
Haptic feedback is essentially an improvement to conventional rumble and can be added to any part of a controller. It probably won’t be in the face buttons though.
A haptics add-on for the brake pedal would be very cool, one that could be put on any pedal set ideally. We'll be waiting till gt8 for thrustmaster to make a new version of the t-lcm's. Considering they still arent available 6 months after they were released...
I'm sure itll work as designed.

The issue I have with GT is that braking just lacks feel compared to Project Cars and even Wreckfest, so I dont entertain driving without ABS.