Gran Turismo 7 track path editor

How do you feel about bringing back the track path editor for GT7?

  • Definitely needs to come back!

    Votes: 96 82.1%
  • Meh

    Votes: 20 17.1%
  • I don't like things that are fun

    Votes: 1 0.9%

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I hope to produce much tracks with a path editor. Drive there with friends on very wide or tight tracks.
God I hope so. I loved the track editor in GT5, as primitive and crappy as it was, those short test courses were mine. I'd create courses specifically to test tuning instead of using High Speed Ring or Trial Mountain to test.

If it was to return, I'd hope to see it more fleshed out so you can make a narrow, winding Touge run or a mock-FIA race track to everything in between. More environment settings, finer controls, more control in general for that matter would be a blessing.
100% it needs to comeback and it needs to be fully operational offline with import / export via USB.

The way they introduced it in GT6 then took it away from the user with the server closure was disgusting.
If it was built into the game & didn’t require a external app to function I would want it back, my preference would be that it didn’t need online & continue beyond GT7 server lifetime.
100%, vehement agreement here guys.

Apart from losing everything in GT6 when the servers shut down, I wasn't able to create tracks anyway 'cause I've never owned and likely never will own a mobile 'phone (can't use them, long story). Went mad with it in GT5 'though and loved it even 'though it was pretty-basic.

Been drivin' GT6 now for 9 years and for sure those extra, missing tracks would go a long way towards keeping me entermatained until GT7 arrives. If PD requires an external app / 'phone for this in GT7 I'll be beyond-bummed. Just find a way to implement it in-game using the controller and I reckon most will be very-happy.