Gran Turismo 6 Custom Tracks Could Span Over 2,500 Square Kilometers

Gran Turismo 6 282 September 1, 2013 by

During the GT6 press session at Gamescom 2013, Kazunori Yamauchi referred to the game’s new Course Maker feature as “fundamentally different” from what was seen in GT5, and noted that players would be able to “lay out their [custom] tracks freely” in an area “100 kilometers by 100 kilometers” in size.

To put that amount of space (10,000 square km, or 3,861 square miles) into perspective, that’s larger than the states of Rhode Island (3,140 sq. km) and Delaware (6,452 sq. km) combined, and nearly four times larger than the entire country of Luxembourg (2,586 sq. km).


Needless to say, such a massive land area – rendered on PS3 hardware, no less – led many community members in our forums to be highly skeptical of the statement, assuming it could have simply been a mis-translation.

Andreas Nie, Inside Sim Racing‘s European correspondent, attended the press session in person and was also skeptical. Fortunately, he had a chance to follow up with Kazunori on his remarks a day later.

In his full segment on ISR, available above, Andreas discusses how that conversation went down, and Kazunori verified that the incredible numbers were correct.


“I said, ‘that is humungous, that is unbelievable, nobody is believing this on the forums, everybody is having a big discussion about it.’ He [Translator-san] turned to Kazunori, and told him this story – he laughed, and it actually got confirmed. Kazunori said at this point right now, they are not 100% sure that it is going to be 100 by 100 by kilometers, maybe it’s going to be 50 by 50 kilometers, but that’s still humungous as well,” reported Andreas.

Kazunori also went on to say “you’d be able to fit the Nurburgring ten times into this area.”

The smaller area – 50 by 50 kilometers, or roughly the size of Luxembourg – is certainly no less remarkable, and will be very impressive if or when it’s officially confirmed.

As mind-boggling as these numbers are, such an expansive landscape in a driving game is actually not without precedence; Test Drive Unlimited 2 reportedly contained over 1,600 square kilometers, and Codemaster’s Fuel featured more than 14,500 square kilometers. Forza Horizon, the large-environment game closest to GT6 in terms of driving physics, spans roughly 163 square kilometers.

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