Gran Turismo 6 Custom Tracks Could Span Over 2,500 Square Kilometers

During the GT6 press session at Gamescom 2013, Kazunori Yamauchi referred to the game’s new Course Maker feature as “fundamentally different” from what was seen in GT5, and noted that players would be able to “lay out their [custom] tracks freely” in an area “100 kilometers by 100 kilometers” in size.

To put that amount of space (10,000 square km, or 3,861 square miles) into perspective, that’s larger than the states of Rhode Island (3,140 sq. km) and Delaware (6,452 sq. km) combined, and nearly four times larger than the entire country of Luxembourg (2,586 sq. km).


Needless to say, such a massive land area – rendered on PS3 hardware, no less – led many community members in our forums to be highly skeptical of the statement, assuming it could have simply been a mis-translation.

Andreas Nie, Inside Sim Racing‘s European correspondent, attended the press session in person and was also skeptical. Fortunately, he had a chance to follow up with Kazunori on his remarks a day later.

In his full segment on ISR, available above, Andreas discusses how that conversation went down, and Kazunori verified that the incredible numbers were correct.


“I said, ‘that is humungous, that is unbelievable, nobody is believing this on the forums, everybody is having a big discussion about it.’ He [Translator-san] turned to Kazunori, and told him this story – he laughed, and it actually got confirmed. Kazunori said at this point right now, they are not 100% sure that it is going to be 100 by 100 by kilometers, maybe it’s going to be 50 by 50 kilometers, but that’s still humungous as well,” reported Andreas.

Kazunori also went on to say “you’d be able to fit the Nurburgring ten times into this area.”

The smaller area – 50 by 50 kilometers, or roughly the size of Luxembourg – is certainly no less remarkable, and will be very impressive if or when it’s officially confirmed.

As mind-boggling as these numbers are, such an expansive landscape in a driving game is actually not without precedence; Test Drive Unlimited 2 reportedly contained over 1,600 square kilometers, and Codemaster’s Fuel featured more than 14,500 square kilometers. Forza Horizon, the large-environment game closest to GT6 in terms of driving physics, spans roughly 163 square kilometers.

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Comments (282)

  1. wiithepeople

    I think this track creator could be developed further in GT7 and GT6’s Track Creator is merely a test for that. I believe its possible that for GT7’s Track Creator, map scanning technology from Google Earth or something very similar could be implemented into the game, so we’ll be able to drive not just the course of our dreams, but also a course that’s close to home, or even the streets where we live.

    Now THAT would be something.

    1. a3picGamer47

      That would be soo awsome driving on a track that you created and say “Hey I can see my House”. I hope that they do bring that feature eventually.

  2. raoul1138

    Any official word Point to Point races? I’d love to see Pikes Peak or other hill climb tracks included in GT6 and the ability to make your own would be amazing. That would allow me to recreate Mt. Akina and do some touge battles online :D

    1. SnakeOfBacon

      now that WOULD be fun, I’m also interested to see which environments they give us to choose from, and if we can sculpt them to our liking. Give me mountains! and tunnels! and a city to make that huge loop track from Tokyo Highway Challenge! (Tokyo Xtreme Racer)

  3. kolio123

    My conversion came to about 965 square miles. What on earth could we exactly do with this? Certainly we could not make a full round(as in a lap, not a circle) track and make hot laps if we really created a 200 mile tack. I believe they are trying to hide something very obvious. :) Well I hope always!

    1. jhw93

      probably will be 50 car races project cars since as though slightly mad likes to model their tracks as as wide as airstrips…

  4. shmogt

    This is going to be nuts. So nuts I almost don’t want it. The nurburgring already takes long enough to drive around now it’s gonna take half an hour for one lap

    1. sayba2th

      Then don’t construct courses longer than you wish to race or drive on, the opportunity is there to go as small or big a track as you have preference to. Why would you not want that option? This will cater to a number of peoples wishes. If the nurb is not your cup of tea then you have many other options to work with.

  5. sayba2th

    Slightly off topic but food for thought as this has been sitting with me now since the announcement of GT3 cars, as per the official GT website GT will now have the “Inclusion of popular cars beginning with FIA GT3 machines” Will we be getting all the GT3 cars like the DBR9 and Vantage, the 457, BMW Alpina B6, Ford GT, Camaro, Gallardo, MP4 12C?
    The big question here has to be if that is the case then you can’t have all these others that make up the series & not have the Porsche 911 GT3 R? Could this be that PD finally have managed to get the license off of EA and this is the way we have Stuttgart’s finest introduced into the GT series at long last? Also will we be seeing some of or all the GT3 tracks used as well. Ooooh the theories that could abound. So I think I will take pit crews stance here on this thought and remain Cautiously Optimistic over Assertively Pessimistic.

    1. infamousphil

      Don’t bet on it Sayba2th. It’s not likely that we’ll see a full field of GT3 cars, let alone any additional iteration of Ruf creations. It’s nice to dream though ;)

    2. Pit Crew

      ^ sayba2th didn’t mention Ruf in his OP. He was talking GT3 spec cars and Ruf has none that I know of.

      sayba2th im hoping that very soon Porsche will get sick of EA. We can dream bro…lol

    3. Rionmoon

      Dang in sick of these included car comments!

      GT6 is gonna be full of Skylines and S2000 and whatever is left over they can put in…like Civics.

      Seriously, like the lack of Porches

    4. GTHEAD87

      The skylines I dont mind but those mx5s have to be cut down. I had 35 which had different names. Half of them were old gen, the others new gen. The only difference in old/new gen was the wheels and tha name. What about adding ford escorts, opel ascona, opel kaddett, audi 80, mk2 golf, fold falcon(mad max) etc. They have more historic value than most mx5.

      it would be good to see opels car list differ from vauxhall for a change. Again they are the same car, same engine, but a different badge. Opel has more renowned cars than the vx220, corsa comfort, vectra etc. Instead they should have the ascona, kaddett, cavalier(vectra a), nova(corsa a). Vauxhall should have the chevette hsr and the viva.

    5. mr_pepps

      @gthead87 I’d pay real money to be able to race a Vauxhall Viva against an Austin Maxi and a Ford Cortina!
      I’d love to see the old motors you mentioned in your post – bring on the old guard!

    1. Tenacious D

      Even with its unified memory – 512MB – the X360 can’t manage more than 30 seconds. Sounds pretty worthless to me, except to show off YOUR MOST AMAZING WRECKS EVAR!!

    2. smskeeter23

      We’re talking about the GTP app… youtube videos won’t play in the app.

      As far as GT YT export is concerned… we just need to be able to have the ability to encode the video to something useful. Crunch a replay out to avi or something. We don’t need to be able to upload in game ;-)

    3. SnakeOfBacon

      yes yes yes! let us render and export our replays to PS3 and external hard drives! That would be a brilliant feature!

  6. ScotteDawg

    Had another idea – Will we be able to make figure eight tracks? Not necessarily with an intersecting piece of road, but similar to Midfield or Red Rock Valley!

    That Would Be Beyond Excellent!

    1. sayba2th

      One of my hopes as well hey, to have multiple crossovers would be sensational. Midfield is my all time fave of the originals just ahead of Trial. I would hope there will be no intersecting roads as this ruin the game play IMHO giving GT an arcadish vibe which is not where we want GT to be, this is not why we play GT. Just imagine the online tools that would decide to have smash em up derby time reeking havoc and causing mayhem, oh the commotion and calamity.

    2. another_jakhole

      Bridges, underground tunnels (or just tunnels :D). I hope this course maker gets innovative. People have been wanting to make gymkhana tracks so that’s one example.

    3. sayba2th

      For sure AJ, Tracks like used on ROC, we have the X Bow, the R8 LMS, 86/BRZ/FR-S, Gallardo, Sirocco & Nascars (Euro Racecar) & Formula 1 (Redbull F1). That is something I would be up for.

    4. Rionmoon

      That would be cool. Like a giant slot car track!

      Kaz has admitted he likes fantasy tracks so I hope the editor will allow for this

  7. Pit Crew

    I know kaz said Weather and time change for all tracks is not possible at this time, and in GT5s Course Creator this option wasn’t open to all locations, in one form or the other, but I hope we see it available for many of the future Layouts, keeping in mind that we may not get W/T change together at some locals.

    I can see it now Custom downhill drift WetTrack at dusk.

    1. GTHEAD87

      Let just hope we get puddles on the road. I liked that on the f1 games. When the rain stops you can see the racing line apear more clearly as the race goes on. Hitting the wet road outside the racing line is treacherous.

  8. 1gt6freak

    I don’t think you will be able to drive freely like tdu2 whit g6 course maker, it will draw a course in the city on specific roads, but the rest of the streets will probably be closed off.

    1. Pit Crew

      Tokyo Game show, and who knows what may come up at jalopnk movie festival, which GT6 is sponsoring, so i’ll stay Cautiously Optimistic over Assertively Pessimistic.

    1. SnakeOfBacon

      haha, yeah, a 40+ km drag strip that leads into a massive off-camber downhill hairpin before the finish line, just to screw with everyone

  9. beezball

    Well this is promising. It may jump from one of my least favorite modes to one of my favorites. I’d love to see a long distance stage race, point to point or something.

  10. Fender_st

    According to first GT6 video preview, Siracusa Dome Square is one of the photo location set. Siracusa is in Sicily, (southern Italy). AND Sicily is the place of one of the most famous old track in the world: “Piccolo Circuito delle Madonie” 72km, (44,74 mi) aka Targa Florio.

    So…any chance to finally have Targa Florio circuit in GT6? I really hope so.

  11. RLHubner

    Hey guys, this is my theory:

    2,500km is the area of the land the tracks can be laid out, not the actual distance of a track. Since combinations for topography require a lot of land to differentiate from each other. And if you divide by the scenarios eg. circuit in france, desert in the US, etc. the possibilities could really be narrowed to down to what we already have on GT5. I hope my theory isn’t right, but if it is, then we should at least be able to create our own tracks without randomization.

    1. TomBrady

      That’s what the article says dude.

      It’s not the length that they’re saying, they’re saying the area size of the locations we can make tracks on. It’s a 50 by 50 km piece of land to work with.

    1. Tenacious D

      Honestly, I love the Course Maker in GT5. This is something like Forza’s Livery Editor, but with land. LOTS of land! I sincerely doubt that the area we get to play with will be the only goody. :D

    2. sayba2th

      Pas, this has crossed my mind on many occasions as it would make for a spectacular inclusion to the series. With this announcement I am now hopeful as future DLC

      Tom, I believe you have counted one word too many

      Zoid, previous to this announcement I would have been doubtful as well, but know who knows.

      Toko, I am hoping for that surprise

      TD agreed love the course maker I have made myself some great alternatives to the tracks we already have. That would make a great application I love Forza’s livery editor. So that would be a good way of doing.

  12. SnakeOfBacon

    will they let me just have no track and go off-roading in a massive hilly desert in an FJ cruiser if I want?

    Because that would ROCK.

  13. Strikey182

    PD should make an app for phones that logs your GPS data, you can then upload it online and then download your data into the course maker. That would be amazing!

  14. larsh

    A proper track editor (maybe online) would be nice. Track width on a running meter or centimeter basis, different height levels, kerbs, sand / grass / tarmac etc.
    No more need to licence any more tracks, the community will take care of this.

    1. SnakeOfBacon

      If we get control over terrain, track width, camber etc., then not only will every missing GT track be made by the community in no time at all, but so will every other track known to man, ever. Every real world track, most Mario Kart tracks…

  15. gapanja

    I’m huge GT series fan and not trolling at all. I’m just tired of being disappoint and accepted this game as it is. And it is great. Just advising you not to fall in euphoria prematurely. Only time will show and it’s not much wait left. No matter, what we did post here. 99% of site memebers will end up buyng this game during the first week of sales.

  16. forzaturismo

    Great; GT6 will be the “SIM CITY” of racing games!!!!!
    want to create my own city race track and will add Godzilla to purchase my GTR ;)

  17. infamousphil

    Anyone remember AFX tracks? 12, 9 and 6″ straights combined with various radius curve tracks and hills would be great. We could possibly build our own versions of the complex string course. Add some structures, spectators, landscaping…

    LOL, maybe in GTGlobe ;)

    1. ScotteDawg

      I hope PD lose that idiotic crowd noise too! But, if they want to keep it in for the tossers who think it adds “ambience to an otherwise lifeless track”, they could at least put a volume control on it!!!

    2. TomBrady

      Yea they need to give us volume controls. I’ve always wanted to turn up the tire sound, and especially want to turn up my engine sound in relation to the other cars.

  18. smskeeter23

    Wow so much to speculate on. I’ll bring up a few things I’ve seen addressed in the comments and add things I haven’t seen…

    1. P2P racing and tracks. Goodwood is in so I’ve got to think it is entirely possible and likely in game somewhere already.

    2. They keep saying they want to keep releasing DLC tracks at an astonishing rate. What are the chances that the track creator they have made would be flexible enough for them to create tracks for DLC using that? Obviously they would have more control than the end user version but it is possible that this TC will be just as powerful as some are speculating. It would be a huge win for PD to have a tool like that to create DLC and also give a reduced but still amazing tool to the end users.

    3. Kaz has said in the past how impressed he is with the Modnation TC. He was also asked about having a TC like it for GT. He said at the time it was not possible but perhaps in the future. My belief is that he would try to make a system as much like MN as he can. Obviously though I can’t see it being even 50% of the MN TC though.

    4. My guess is scenery will be fixed to spatial area and not customizable but he did say the new system will allow for scenery spanning multiple hundreds of km (perhaps tens not hundreds?) So I cant see these TC locations being a completely barren wasteland.

    5. Keep in mind that any kind of free roam in this could be quite boring considering the online cap of 16 is still in place. Roaming across hundreds of square km could result in never seeing another car even in a full room. Is that fun?

  19. HaerBev

    It will be great if we can create mountains roads with forest and tunnels, serpentine roads following sea coasts, highways and cities, oh yes I’m dreaming, this is not a pc game with mods. Wait and see but who will find free time to create giant and ultra detailed locations ? Not me :)

    Smart words are yours machine1121.

  20. machine1121

    “you’d be able to fit the Nurburgring ten times into this area.”

    The numbers don’t add up. The full 24H Nurburgring can easily fit in a 7 km x 7 km box or 49 sq km. 10 Nurburgrings would require an area less than 500 sq km. While this would still be a huge ~22 km x ~22 km are, it is not the humongous 50 km x 50 km or gigantic 100 km x 100 km areas that have been discussed.

    I think all we can take from the information so for is that the track editor will have extremely large areas that can be used for creating some form of custom tracks. I think places like Rhonda will limit players to using the existing roads, but other areas may be truly wide open. I highly doubt that it will be possible to shape the terrain or recreate any real world tracks/roads to sufficient detail. Whatever we get it will be large, but relatively simplistic.

    We know that we are getting Rhonda and the surrounding area. I think the the Tokyo Ginza district that was shown in the NSX concept video is another possibility for a custom street circuit track editor. Hopefully the other areas will be more wide open and located in different environments. Something that included desert, mountain, forest, coastal, etc… would be pretty nice.

    1. sayba2th

      check the interview with Andreas Nie at the top, even at 50k x 50k that equates to half of Hawaii so there are some very awesome possibilities that could abound

  21. ccaranna

    Sounds as if the Grand Turismo movie will be a documentary, not a fictional story thankfully. We don’t need another “Gone in 60 Seconds” embarassment.

    1. TomBrady

      Well the way they made it sound is that it won’t be a documentary, it will be a movie based on Lucas Ordonez’s life

  22. sayba2th

    More excited than a teenage boy with his first X rated porno. THIS will be one of GT’s most defining moments. Who knows the possibilities. Create your own P2P events, epic open road environs come to mind for starters. 6 is really shaping up to be more impressive each announcement that comes. By December this may be my most anticipated game ever!

    1. Quigz125

      Lmao at your opening statement XD. But very true. Could make roads with curves more beautiful than a naked Victoria Secret Angel. The endless posibilities. And i think i saw somewhere that that picture of the village above is a photomode spot but also some of the the trailers show cars driving across the bridge. That would be an awesome place to lay out circuits for rallys.

    2. sayba2th

      that was my understanding as well however on the GT website it only shows Ronda as being a Photo mode so I did not want to jump the gun. I would love nothing more than having a custom Ronda track as it was one of the locations that dropped my jaw when the trailers started to circulate.

    3. sayba2th

      Rondo is confirmed by Andreas Nie as a course maker location as per Scotte’s comment, just watched the interview at the top of the page, this will be one sweet area to develop a real beast of a track!!!

  23. DYLAN777-is-not

    What ive always wanted since gt2 is a free roam map of the main screen. You know how GT used to have its main screen as a map where there was the east city dealership or the used dealership and you had a house. It would be awesome if instead of using a mouse pointer to get from one side to another you could use your car and drive there. I got the idea from an old ps1 game nfs porsche. They had small little free roam maps that were realistic and fun. Thats what i want i gt6. I dont want something like forza horizon thats just sooo fake.

    1. Halcyon925

      I think it will be an upgraded version of GT Academy 2013’s GT6 Demo. I would like to see the old Simulation Mode Menu again.

    1. sayba2th

      99 bottle of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer, take one down, pass it around, 98 bottles of been on the wall…..98 bottle of beer on the wall, 98 bottles of beer………..

    2. Rionmoon

      “I wonder if they would add Driver Fatigue, or the driver could be injured in a crash. Its more towards realism.”

      So is random drive by shootings and car jacking but that doesn’t make a better game.

      Oh wait that’s GTA!

      Still not a better game than the GT series

  24. Quigz125

    I would love to make the Transfagarasan road in Romania. Saw it on an episode of Top Gear and was blown away buy it. Pretty much every perfect corner of every track in the world in in this road. Or even the Stelvio Pass in Italy, another one of Top Gears favorite roads. Take a Ferrari or an Aston Martin on it and just cruise or even a old classic. I know im wishing for a miracle but it would be awesome if one of those were like a template or soemthing. And I don’t care about what those deweebs say about it not being possible or not getting my hopes up… like Pit Crew basically said earlier: a man can dream if he wants. Stop raining on a happy party.

    1. sayba2th

      Quigz the Stelvio pass would be a maaaad addition to GT6 esp if they are using at worst a 50k x 50k area to make that a reality. Keep livin the dream brah!!!!

    2. TomBrady

      There was actually a good mod made of that road in rfactor.

      Someone also made one of the stelvio pass but it’s not as good. The romanian one was pretty good though

    1. Quigz125

      honestly if they have 2500sqkm you might be able to do most of the autobahn. some of the long stretches u might be able to cut down to fit it in. what would be cool is to have an online browser to be able to search and DL other people’s tracks and drive on them. not just friends’ tracks.

  25. gapanja

    Ha!Ha!Ha! Guys,guys,please don’t clap your hands before the proper time. This is Kaz, and this is GT, not a PC moddable sim, did you forget about that? I’m 101% sure, that GT6 track creator will be as awkward,as useless as it was in GT5. I mean, doubtfully we’ll be able to create ABSOLUTELY custom track. There would rather be kinda set of templates, but they will be implemented into the game in Kaz’s own,very special way;). So, your heart explode every time you’ll press “save track” button. Don’t push your expectations too high and you won’t be disappointed after release of the game.

    1. Quakebass

      I’m not saying it’s perfect, but he did say that it would be “fundamentally different”… So, by default, I don’t think it can be JUST the same crappy generator GT5 gave.

    2. Pit Crew

      How you can be so sure of anything when a full demonstration of the new TC hasn’t even been shown. Why can’t fans simply have a feel good moment about anything newly discussed concerning GT6, without some Keyboard warrior trolling in spouting doubt, rambling on about GT5s TC missteps before 100% of GT6s details are disclosed?

      One more game show (TGS) and maybe a couple of interviews to go, give it a chance,

    3. MuoNiuLa

      He kind of has a point though. We still have no idea how much control we have over this feature. People would be wise to not get too carried away with their imaginations.

    4. infamousphil

      I don’t think the track creator is all that disappointing. The replays are lacking camera angles, but I have some pretty decent circuits there. Although we may not get what we really need, I’m confident that it will be better. Ronda , for sure, will be a venue for rally adventures. Here’s to hoping that we get more than the one.

      Dude, in the video, suggested a better version may be reserved for the PS4… statements like that make me feel that we’re gonna get shorted. Those kinds of statements don’t do the next release any good ;(

    5. HighPlainsDrftr

      Except for the apparently mandatory off camber hill crest hairpin turns some of the created tracks are kind of fun in my opinion.

    6. TomBrady

      The GT5 course maker wasn’t disappointing at all.

      No matter what it doesn’t have, it still lets you make new tracks you haven’t raced on and that’s awesome. It’s basically like having an unlimited track list. Some of the tracks sucked (especially the ones they made us drive in the seasonals lol), but it’s up to you to pick the good ones

  26. sibbystiggy

    I bet if PD are seeing the comments on here and they are not working on a ‘freely laying out’ track editor & its just another random track editor like in GT5 just taken from a different approach when it comes to adjusting parameters, then they must be panicking & would be angry at KAZ
    this could be a near selling point if it does turn out to be how people here are seeing it

    It doesn’t seem like theres going to be a new modnation game, so why don’t they sell their resources or work with pd?
    When using the GT5 track editor I noticed that it used very basic and limited objects, it looks alot more simple then what is used in Modnation racers, in that you have props, crazy adjustable areas and water etc. in GT its just tarmac/type of road surface, off road enviroment & the pits with road markings & barriers + weather effects.

    If GT6’s “lay tracks freely” editor is as advanced as Modnation racers then it would be 1 amazing innovative new feature to sim racing, it will really be an upgrade for the series

  27. smsdry

    Regardless of the size I’m hoping the customization will be so good that we can create any world circuit not on the game

    1. ScotteDawg

      Think from PD’s viewpoint – If we could create real world circuits, there would be NO USE for the DLC’s! Why would PD miss out on making money by giving us something THAT good?

    2. TomBrady

      Of course there would.

      A course creator version of something will never be as good as the DLC because you won’t be able to get the scenery right.

      Don’t forget, we still have to build these tracks in set environments. Maybe we’ll be able to lay down some trees or grandstands but that’s still a long way from actually reproducing a real life track

  28. Johnnypenso

    Although this is welcome news I think if you are expecting an extremely accurately modelled 2500-10,000 sq. km area you are going to be disappointed. Even at 1 meg/ km squared, that’s as much as 10 gigs. Can you model an entire km down to the last bush and tree, with full terrain mapping in a meg??…I’m guessing not. My guess is they modelled the main roads, and much of the scenery is generated in a mode similar to FSX and/or random. Still welcome news to be able to work in an area that large.

    1. SnakeOfBacon


      You’ve given me a brilliant idea, someone could remake that massive outer loop from Tokyo Highway Challenge (Tokyo Xtreme Racer)

  29. MLRSparco

    What I wanna know is will it be a bare land like how it is in gt5? or will you be able to place trees,buildings,etc?because a huge track with nothing but desert to look at is pointless no matter how great the track is.

  30. leeson

    Best news I’ve heard. To me I like just cruising around in cars more than racing so I’m sure the track creator will be my favorite part.
    I hope you can add traffic.

    1. kekke2000

      People people….. Don’t make this bigger than it is. It’s just a track editor, you can do basic tracks with no special anything. Just basic tracks. Thats it.

    2. another_jakhole

      “Yamauchi wanted to implement a “free roam” gameplay mode in GT5, where players could drive around, respecting speed limits and obeying traffic laws, and even exit the car to walk around and explore the environment on foot.”

    3. acedition333

      Maybe on GT7 for PS4. I don’t think there was enough time for GT6 for “free roam”. But this track creator sounds awesome.

    4. another_jakhole

      I agree, acedition333. It’s possible. It say’s that he wanted to for GT5, so it might actually be in GT6. They might not have either had enough time to do it for GT5 or they were only thinking about adding it in GT5. We’ll have to see what happens.

  31. ShaneUK

    The reaction on here is already showing how amazing this could be. They put so much effort in detailing every inch of GT5, yet with an expansive area, a well designed architect mode and the creative mindset of millions of gamers, many could spend more time on their own created and community created circuits than those that are included in the game!

  32. Islaygaz

    So will we be able to create A to B type tracks as well a circuits?
    Maybe with different surfaces, gravel to Tarmac say. That would be pretty awesome!

  33. VBR

    Will there be a tweakable Bump Map value? A slider where 10 = a very bumpy road surface like on The Nordschleife, & 0 = a dead flat surface like on Monaco in GT5. If not, it will just be miles & miles of blandness. I paid top dollar for my G25, I wanna feel something through it!

  34. faburisu

    I really hope we will be able to play with elevation , to make mountain road , home touge etc… and share it online

  35. WilliamsRCN92

    Screw SSRX, we can have a track with AT LEAST two 45km long straightaways.
    Imagine the NASCAR race on THAT oval.

    1. STiG39

      @WilliamsRCN92 I hope you won´t fall of your chair, but if you do the math and look at the 50km by 50km square closely you might find a way to tweak a track in there, with one 70km and two 50km straights in there…or an intersection making it two 70km straights and two 50km straights, or fourtynine 49km straights and two 50km straights with 1km turns….

      now I confused myself… need to play autumn mini.

  36. DrAug

    so , we should be able to go on real (missin) track locations and recreate this track right?
    like in france : ledenon , paul ricard , dijon prenois etc…

    1. FireEmblem10

      That would be epic. (Mt. Akina is the same as Haruna from the TXRD2 series; might be able to use that as a base.)

    1. tpark103

      I was thinking along that line as far as creating amazing elevation changes and switch backs. You never know what you could do with such a road. (touge)

  37. gNNY

    hehe, in the YouTube thumbnail it looks like I fell asleep during the segment. I’ll never dare to blink again when on camera. Ever. :D


    I can’t wait for gt6.if u have been in my lobby and on my tracks on will know hades 104 and nightmare.
    Beware nightmare armageddon mwhahaha

    1. RandomCarGuy17

      Well, good news for you then. Every dlc track from GT5 (including Route X) is going to be in GT6 at launch.

    2. Quakebass

      This means you can MAKE a test track, whatever size and shape you want it to be…

      …I’m surprised you don’t care, considering this achievement…

  39. OdeFinn

    Why I recall statement of “You can record your tracks by GPS and lay out on to game”.. Does someone else recall this on earlier news?

    1. Whistle Snap

      Yes, Sony at the Silverstone event printed some GT6 flyer or box art where they confirmed Brands Hatch and the ability to: “Create tracks from your real-life drives and favourite routes with the new GPS data feature.”

    2. Mr. Apex

      Source or it didn’t happen. Link, please.

      This sounds interesting. Create my backyard mountain pass from Google Maps height data or from the data collected with the GPS device in the car? Win.

    3. another_jakhole

      it was speculated on in depth in a thread. I tried to find it.

      “Yes, Sony at the Silverstone event printed some GT6 flyer or box art where they confirmed Brands Hatch and the ability to: “Create tracks from your real-life drives and favourite routes with the new GPS data feature.”

      This is true. It’s just that we aren’t sure what it’ll be exactly.

  40. matticus88

    I would LOVE there to be a option to create Paris-dakar style races if the area is as large as they say it might be.

  41. DawgCCCP

    When I heard it I couldnt belive it lol

    But I do remeber that Kaz once mentioned that he would like to have something like “free roam” option in GT.

    At the end we all have to wait till December to see it working.

  42. Youngun

    Omg. Cruising lobbies and Endurance race, even seasonals will be immense. With nore freedom. We could replicate tracks that arent in the game!!!

  43. mobiletone

    i still call BS on the size, i imagine 10x10km max on PS3 is more a realistic target and it’s still enough to fit in several Nurburgrings. going to recreate the classic and new 300 Snetterton Circuit though if the editor is usable.


    Please PD – make a fantasy or real drag racing field/s using the same real rules as in real drag racing plus adding Drag Racing Cars.
    and 3 more things :
    1- making the cars able to flash yellow or red turning signal lights.
    2- making the drivers able to open windows for hand motions depending on the player needs.
    3- giving back the Skyline R30 Silhouette Formula.

  45. Falango

    We need to have servers dedicated to some of these huge layouts. It would be nice to have a central area in game where we can see the most popular collections of user created tracks, where we can upload them, review them, rate them, give comments, and see the popularity based on number of KMs driven, number of total/unique users, track stats (length, elevation, # of corners, gneeral difficulty, etc), and more. Would be a great addition to the online experience.

  46. CJSpencer77

    It sounds great, the kind of thing that will give GT5 some extra replayability but what happened to the GPS feature that ws on the back of the promo cover ?

    1. MadmuppGT

      A GPS app on your phone would be handy for laying down a simple track lay out and then tweek the fine tuning later on…

  47. MadmuppGT

    I cant even fathom how large these tracks will be… I know for a fact I’m going to recreate the route from my mums place to my dads, it can form a great 12 mile circuit if they dont allow point to point.

    1. MadmuppGT

      This is also around twice the size of the next gen game ‘The Crew’ and everyone was going nuts over the size of its map… and GT6 releases twice the size as a little extra bit you can take or leave.

      anyone who doubted PD were out of the game will no doubt be eating those words

    2. ImmalovemaGTR

      Oh… this reminds me of Minecraft :lol:
      It is said the world in MC is bigger than Neptun’s surface :lol:

    3. MadmuppGT

      @ImmalovemaGTR In the Crew theyve modelled I believe 5 major cities. They say New York is the size of Liberty city in GTA4. but while they used the USA as a template its mainly 5 big (or so) big city maps connected by a few minor roads…

      I’m not taking anything away from The Crew and I’m in no way bashing it… its an amazing feat to have a map and road network that big, but I did read that the whole map in The Crew comes to 5000 sq/KM, hence my comment about it being twice the size

  48. TomBrady

    I hope this large area could be used to create open roads. Imagine also if we could set start, finish, and checkpoints to make open road racing.

    Also, hopefully someone recreates Targa florio

  49. PaullyS

    Ok this is my interpretation. There will be a massive area with preexisting roads all over, probably a real life location. And we’ll be able to choose any route using those roads, rather than create tracks completely freely.

    1. ScotteDawg

      In SOME of the locations, that makes sense, like in Ronda for example but, in places like Toscana (if it’s even in GT6), there will be free reign to make the course whatever shape and elevation you want!

    2. another_jakhole

      PaullyS, where have you been? Andalucia (Ronda is the town) is what is being referred to. Serious question, have you not heard about anything having to do with the “Course Maker” in GT6 until NOW?

    3. another_jakhole

      ScotteDawg –
      Where are you people getting that idea from? I seem to be one of a few people who don’t feel like the new Course Maker is going to give us that freedom. Everywhere I look it’s people saying that they’re going to create whatever it is that comes to mind, but how do they know this?

    4. PaullyS

      layers would be able to “lay out their [custom] tracks freely” in an area “100 kilometers by 100 kilometers” in size.

      This is where I get this idea from. So yeah, I reckon they’ll just give us Ronda with a load of the surrounding countryside and we’ll be able to map routes using those roads. Which is pretty cool, I reckon. Anyhoo, we’ll see. Peace.

      And another_Jakhole, I’ve been mostly in West Yorkshire. I’m unsure by your comment whether you agree or disagree with me, but I don’t like your tone either way.

    5. another_jakhole

      “Serious question, have you not heard about anything having to do with the “Course Maker” in GT6 until NOW?”

      My intention wasn’t to be condescending in the first place and I actually wasn’t sure if you knew that Ronda in Andalucia in Spain was going to be a “Course Maker” location, which is why I asked if you knew anything about the “Course Maker” in GT6 before NOW. I’m still not sure if you did or if you looked it up just now, since your last comment sounds like you were aware of it, and also, because you said, “PROBABLY a real life location,” in your first comment. And I haven’t seen you post in the thread that’s specific to the Andalucia “Course Maker” location ever since it was revealed to be in GT6 back in May 15.

      I agree with what came after that about not being able to create tracks freely. Nearly everyone here knows about the town, Ronda, and are for some reason thinking that we will surely get to freely create any sort of track from scratch. That’s why I asked ScotteDawg how he came to his conclusion to gain some clarity on why these ideas are being spread (and it has nothing to do with your interpretation/idea.)

      “Serious question” means I’m surprised that you haven’t heard of this location being in the new “Course Maker”. “Where have you been” means have you been in a cave the past three and a half months when Ronda/Andalucia was announced as a location. How’s my tone now? I don’t care. I was replying/posting to ScotteDawg directly as you can tell, because I used his name like I used yours when I was replying/posting to you directly for two separate reasons while my intentions were as innocuous as I figured they were. Sooooo uhhhh….awkwarrrrd.

    6. PaullyS

      Yeah my point was the same as yours I think – I’m not getting the impression we’ll be able to have complete freedom in terms of making any shape of track we want, with elevation changes as we want etc etc, but I think there will be complete freedom within the road layouts we are given in one (or maybe more) landscapes (i.e. Andalucia), which will give almost infinite track possibilities. And yeah I get that I said “probably a real world location” so my bad on that one.

      Lets just get along, yeah? Peace and love and all that. The hippies got something right!

    7. ScotteDawg

      Come to think of it aj, I’d like to build a track like a rollercoaster – lots of ups and downs and twists and turns….

      Just had an idea while typing this… Tell me what you think of this one! Instead of having nothing around a course maker track (in terms of signage), have those “foam” squares like in the GTAcademy on Silverstone BUT instead of having the GT logo, our avatar and screen name is on it! Or we choose our track sponsors, i.e. GTPlanet, and it can’t be removed by the person/people who download it and it, basically, advertises free through our tracks… Just a thought!

    8. another_jakhole

      Ah, right on the money, I think that’s what it’s going to be like as well,

      And for sure, dude-man-bro. :D Those hippies did great things, but they overdid it. Can’t say that I don’t relate to them in that sense, so live and let live. And in the TONE of Ringo Starrrrrr, “Peace and love, peace and love.” Except I don’t have anything to do, I’m not too busy, and insomnia sucks!

    9. another_jakhole

      ScotteDawg, that’s an interesting idea. You could just do it the old fashioned way and have banners and such though lol.

    10. another_jakhole

      But yea, honestly, advertising through your tracks like that would make sense. It wouldn’t hurt and it’s original. Let’s hope that sharing our tracks to anyone is possible though. That’s the first start and it’s possible that there will be a rating system or another way to get recognition. Once we’re able to share our tracks (and videos once GT on the PS4 comes), I think the principle of your idea will mean a lot. There are certainly better GT5 track creators than others that put in a lot of work to create good tracks with what little they’re given. Interesting idea though, INDEED.

  50. Felix

    If there is going to be a GPS app that allows us to record routes we drive in real life and upload them to GT6, we could have some totally epic hoon routes to drive.

    In real life my friends and I have a route we drive in and around Oxfordshire that is a total of around 110 miles, being able to recreate this digitally and then drive the closest thing to my Impreza P1 will for sure save me hundreds of £’s in fuel bills!!

    Just the thought of doing some of the real world touges in Initial D and even the Touge they use in the Hot Versions DVD’s is really tantalizing stuff!

    1. mef

      It would be useful to have but bear in mind GPS can only provide a fractino of the data needed to recreated any road.

      Think over things like road width, camber, surface makeup, kerbs or no kerbs, and alter all of this across the with of the track.

      I think an importer for high detail terrain data (which there may be free source for to obtain from) from a USB stick would be the best way to go. Then allow people to edit that data

  51. Lazy Liquid

    As bigger the track, harder will be to load for multiplayer online enviroment.

    The only thing i need to know is how “free custom” it will be, including things as corners, terrain elevation and visual elements.

    Depending how good that will be, all future track content issues will be solved by the comunity itself.

    1. TomBrady

      Well nordschliefe if huge but it doesn’t take long to load.

      As of late, PD has been pretty good about the loading times. Ever since the Spec 2 update I think, the loading times have been very fast

  52. Eunos_Cosmo

    I still have my doubts. The Nurburgring is somewhere around 5x5km. If it was *really* 50kmx50km or 100kmx100km, you would be able to fit *at least one hundred* Nurburgrings into the space. I still think 10x10km is still the most likely answer.

    1. another_jakhole

      Hmm, yea, that really is confusing.

      10 Nordschleife’s would still be 250 square km. Maybe there’s something to it. Damn it, you just messed this up. We could have been content being ignorant until it was actually clarified, but now we’re sorta back to square one.

    2. Vendrah

      The Nurburgring, all track, got 25 km. 5×5 square allows to put only 20 km for a squared circuit. Nurburgring got be 7×7 at least, a square circuit on 7×7 gets 28 km. Lets suppose you want to fit 9 Nurburgrings instead of 10. You would get 3 Nurburgrings on the sides and one on the middle. 3 Nurburgrings on the side requires, at least, 21 km. So, to fit 9 Nurburgrings, it would require 21×21 km square. To fit ten, something greater than 21×21.

      Its good to remember that the size of the Nurburgring circuit is 25 km, not its area. Its area is at least 49 km^2. So we are not back to square one. However, 21×21 is a lot smaller than the amazing 100×100 or even the 50×50. In 50×50 we could fit 25 Nurburgrings at least, so, something is wrong…

      Another good thing to clarify. A circuit that got 4 times the area of Nurburgring will only be two times bigger than Nurburgring. 9 times the area, three times longer than Nurburgring. Area of 25 Nurburgrings, 5 times longer.

  53. AbLoEnXd

    If it’s possible to lay this amount of track on ps3, imagine if on ps4 Polyphony developed a TDU style open world but modeled japan!!! for example if people still want race tracks you could drive to fuji or suzuka for a track experience or drive up to the mountains for a touge experience. That would be amazing IMO

    1. another_jakhole

      Yes, please. I’m too confused by how many people are jumping to the conclusion that we’ll have total creative freedom to make anything we can think of. It doesn’t make sense that they’d be able to make this leap from GT5 to GT6 even if GT6 were to have been on the PS4.

    2. TomBrady

      I think that’s what they said. I think they plan on showing some course maker and customization at TGS.

      I hope so because I’m extremely interested to see how much freedom we have in the course maker.

      If it’s good enough it could really take GT6 to the next level.

    3. another_jakhole

      What makes me think that we’ll be able to freely create our own tracks is that Kaz mentioned at the Silverstone event that we’ll be able to make our own tracks however we want them to be (or some form of that, but that’s what it sounded like.) What I can’t understand is how most people are jumping to the conclusion that the courses can be as long as we want them to be. I figure that we’ll learn more about this at TGS, but I’m skeptical about how much detail they’ll be going into.

      They only mentioned that the area of Spain that’s going to be used in the “Course Maker” will be humongous. Not much more than that even though they could have mentioned one or two features about it. I’m worried that if they don’t cover what this “fundamentally different” to GT5’s Course Maker to a greater extent, people will most definitely use it as “bait” to say that Kaz over-hyped and under-delivered.

  54. rallymorten

    So the numbers were mostly true! Just one more piece of information needed: can we 100% freely build the track we want? If so, Project Missing Classic GT Tracks, here I come! :D

    1. another_jakhole

      Exactly the question that wasn’t clarified when Ronda was first presented at the 15 year anniversary event. They said we had the freedom to create any path we wanted, but what about the more basic layouts we have in GT5? Will we have locations like those and will those layouts from GT5 return?

  55. Tenacious D

    I was one of the few holding out hope for this, recalling that TDU had modeled a large chunk of Hawaii, and I teased about it in my “what do we know about GT6” post. So one more bit of excitement about GT6 to savor until TGS. ;D

  56. TokoTurismo

    My mind. Is completely. Blown. Making tracking in racing games is my number one favorite thing, and this news excites me to no end!! GT6 just got better and better. :)

    Honestly, December 6 can’t come soon enough. xD

    1. another_jakhole

      Again, am I missing something? Has it been confirmed that there will be completely open locations where we can lay out anything that comes to mind, thus, the beginning of creative freedom in a GT track creator? How are people inferring that this is the case? WHAT in the hell am I missing?

    2. another_jakhole

      That’s very true, but it’s like it hit them all at once and were all thinking the same thing. I don’t think I’ve seen speculation and hype to this extent about anything GT-related. Good point though lol. It should have been obvious, but it just came out of nowhere.

  57. ScotteDawg

    I still wanna know if point to point tracks will be possible! Imagine, even inside a 50 x 50 area, the length of a point to point track that could fit!
    I made quite a lot of tracks in GT5 and a lot of my “friends” raced on or downloaded and shared them, so GT6’s course maker is goin to get a bit of a work-out!
    But, even if point to point is NOT possible, I can’t wait (though, I gotta) for GT6!

    1. another_jakhole

      I’m not understanding it. There must be a limitation. Creating a track that’s over over 10 miles in length (something like a Nurburgring) shouldn’t be possible. Am I missing something that everybody else understands?

    2. ScotteDawg

      aj, you aren’t missing a thing! Most people are only speculating on what might be!! Me included!

      It is most likely that there WILL be a limit on the length of a circuit that can be made but we will be able to place that track anywhere within that 50km X 50km area! (or 100km X 100km)

      If there IS a limit on the length of a circuit, I’d like it at least 3x longer on a point to point track IF GT6 HAS THEM!

    3. another_jakhole

      All right. Well stop it then. You’re all scaring and exciting me all at once. It’s like watching a horror movie on a rollercoaster. I don’t know, just stop it. STOP IT!!! lol

  58. gt4viper

    O! M! F! G! THIS IS THE BEST NEWS EVVAARR!!!!!! Tdu2 space with GT6 physics!!! I’ll never play another game again…
    Ok maybe some BF4, but even that’s going to have a hard time competing!

    1. Mr C5 Z06 Vette

      @Pit Crew lol haha thats pretty much how i am with gt5. I rarely take it out of my ps3 except when i play dirt3, F1 2011, ratchet and clank 1,2,3,TOD, all for one and ACIT. Oh and some times i play mx vs atv and LBP with cousins

    2. jgancherjr

      @ Mr C5.. That’s why I bought most of my other games in digital!! That way GT5 (and soon GT6) does not have to leave the disc slot!! :tup:

  59. MockngBrd

    I wonder if there’s going to be a limit to how long you can lay the track, if not, entire cities could be recreated.

  60. Mr C5 Z06 Vette

    Reading this I wanna get GT6 asap just to build a giant square the entire size of the available area and race x2010s and x2011s on. I know it sounds ridiculous but that just increaes my passion and desire to build the worlds longest race track and I can’t freakin wait!

    1. jgancherjr

      What game had the “test track” .. It had a huge straight, then all the different possible corner sequences throughout the rest of the track? It was “generally” shaped like Pocono Raceway..

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