Gran Turismo 7 - Trailers, Videos and Screenshots

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It was certainly an experience driving thew newly added Chiron around the Nords but its been a while since I last did a Nords run with a Bugatti so this feels fitting.

Just did a run with the new Vette and honestly I liked it despite some rough parts around the Nords during the run.

I must say I was surprised that they added the GTAm spec for the Giulia because I first expected them to add the Quadrifoglio model but hey I welcome this one as well.
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Had a bunch of fun attempting to tackle the Human Comedy Deep Forest Race in an Abarth Fiat 500. FF cars really chew through tires!!!
Tandems w Cross. I appreciate everybody stopping by the channel!! Feel free to add on PSN if u want to slide 😀

CTR3 ... Who knew it could slide so well. It also drives very well for an over powered car.

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