Gran Turismo 7 Undocumented Changes Thread (Update 1.26)

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Interlagos got some updates. In the last sector before the last turn, we used to go more than half of the car over the grass on the right side of the track and brake there, but now if you touch the grass it have grass physics and cause the car to spin if we brake just like we used to do. Also the kerb on the uphill after the last turn causes the car to become a lot more unstable if we go all over it
Sorry but lap times are still there, when you have playback controls visible on screen the lap times and the HUD do not show, like in your two photos, the top shows HUD and bottom has the playback controls (HUD not visible)
Exit out of playback control and HUD/ lap times will be visible
You sure of that?

New AI drivers have been added - Emily Jones, Ethan Lim (any others)
Interesting, gonna hold off before adding this just to make sure I include every single one added in case I missed a few.
Going off how this was only seen with Qualifying in GT Sport, I would assume its new. At the same time though, its only new to lobbies as I assume Both Nations Cup and Manufacterer races had that.
Hmm... lobbies seem more broken now. I keep getting a strange lag for about 1 sec the game freezes and when it unfreezes I've lost thay 1 sec in laptime. Happens in race and quali. It's not players joining the lobby either. It did it while I was by myself. 0.5s up on a lap. Froze twice for about 1 sec and at the next split, without any mistakes, I was 1.5s down on the lap. What a fail.

Also if a lobby is set to BOP on and car setting disabled, you can still change car settings. On the upside of this new bug, it means you can now adjust BB while driving. 🤦‍♂️
Tokyo 600 now follows standard rules for the Clean Race Bonus. I didn't receive any penalties this afternoon but I did tap the wall a few times and took some damage. I never hit the walls on the west side of the track (turns 1 and 2, I think).
I won $550,000, which is still a decent amount IMHO.
The sector times display on the HUD has been fixed. After the previous updates, it would only update sporadically (i.e. not after every sector, even after a few laps sometimes)
Anybody else notice a change in the weather radar? It seems to be showing the full range of colors again like it did after that one update. Light blue essentially means no rain. Gonna do another race at LeMans to confirm
Yes, I noticed that last night. It actually looks more like a real weather radar now! What it doesn't do is to align itself to your vehicle's heading like an airplane does, that way, you know if you are heading into it or away from the weather.

It's curious that the A.I don't seem to have this feature. Perhaps that is why the fast guys insist on using Race Hard even while swimming and surfing and slipping and sliding etc.
Cheers, Pete
It seems to me that collisions with the AI car physics has changed. Whereas before, they were like bricks and you could hardly move them, this morning on Road Atlanta I barely tapped one (it seemed) and it spun out and off the track. I haven't tested it enough to know for sure.
Can confirm this is on several tracks. Feels a lot more realistic.