Gran Turismo Sport Closed Beta Coming March 17: First the US, Then EU Region

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo Sport' started by GTPNewsWire, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. GTPNewsWire

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  2. Leggacy

    United Kingdom Uk

    It's a little late, but it's still good!
  3. So american gamers finally get some love. Hope we get the beta sooner here in U.K. rather than later.
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  4. -Fred-

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    Canada Somewhere.

  5. doblocruiser

    France Nantes

    I don't understand their logic. First the beta was cancelled because it would cause too much delay for GT Sport's development and now a year later they launch a beta ? I am lost.

    GT Sport seems very far from finished.
  6. super_gt

    Bulgaria Bulgaria

    Early 2016 public beta arrives in early 2017.
  7. JoeH187

    United States Seattle WA

    Fingers crossed I get an invite! Exciting times.
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  8. imported_rik19

    England southport

    amazing. maybe it`s coming out soon, as in SOON..:)
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  9. Fat Tyre

    Australia Melbourne

    So from Beta to going gold and releasing the game how long does it usually take? Three to five months?
  10. trustjab

    United States Salt Lake City,

    Signed up. Hope to get that e-mail. My hands are ready!
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  11. Akouhi

    France Bretagne

    True yes ... So did we conclude that the release date for 2017 will be delayed to 2018 .. ?
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  12. sems4arsenal

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    Egypt Cairo, Egypt

    I'm the opposite, if the beta goes well then a 2017 release is all but certain, fully expecting a fall release now.
  13. super_gt

    Bulgaria Bulgaria

    No,they are on schedule but a year later.:D
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  14. Looks like the second beta will be for EU later:confused:
    "Während sich der Umfang der BETA vergrößert, werden diejenigen, die sich angemeldet oder direkt eine E-Mail erhalten haben, dafür ausgewählt, an der zweiten Phase der geschlossenen BETA teilzunehmen. Es wird nur eine begrenzte Anzahl an Plätzen geben – solltet ihr es also nicht in Phase 2 schaffen, dann bleibt dran, um im Vorfeld der Veröffentlichung mehr über weitere künftige BETA-Aktivitäten zu erfahren!"
  15. Castrol96

    United Kingdom Southampton, UK

    Is it for everyone or is it a selection of people.

    And yeah, I hope its not only for the US because that is...
  16. bdj57

    Indonesia Jakarta

    As far as I know being a beta tester means that you can give some feedback to developer. Is it true? If can then you guys here who selected as beta testers should give PD some advice :lol: Make sure they not making us worried again in the future :D
  17. Nico_Ble99

    Germany Recklinghausen

    Hm. Signed up for the European link Dionisiy posted earlier as well.
  18. OHM_fusion

    Croatia Croatia

    Good news but come on with that trailer, what's the point if not a second of new footage is shown..
  19. adstomko

    England England

    Despite the delays, I am really looking forward to this. For some, the Tag Heuer announcement may be small, but in reality, it shows how serious Kaz and PD are taking this game. And with Tag Heuer timing, I'm guessing the frame rate must be silky smooth.

    I think this has the potential to rival iRacing, given the anount of support the franchise has. And I think Assetto Corsa and Project CARS have really pushed this game to improve significantly.

    A very good time to be a motorsport fan
  20. Spagetti69


    Not interested in any Beta but I will be interested impressions regarding damage model and sounds etc.

    Wonder what track(s) will be included ?
  21. Castrol96

    United Kingdom Southampton, UK

    Same old ones from the trailers

    Does anyone know if you need PS Plus for it??
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  22. RaY29rus

    Russian Federation Arkhangelsk

    Come on, guys. It's not US only, it's US first.
    Just wait a bit more and you'll get your beta.
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  23. PiotrGT


    On offical Polish PlayStation's FB page they shared the info, and told people that they can sign up. So are they wrong or what?
  24. Streeto

    Japan UK

    The title literally says for *US Players* and it's a "closed" beta.

    So only a few people in the US will be able to play this.

    Cool story Kaz.
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  25. Castrol96

    United Kingdom Southampton, UK

    Why is it limited spaces; I don't care about playing online with anyone but just test the damn game already!!

    1 car/ 1 track = :)
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  26. AudiMan2011

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    Japan Idol Hell

    Should have been an open beta. They should also have at least added another new track or 2 rather than give Brands Hatch, Big Willow and Tokyo Expressway again.
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  27. Me too ! :)
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  28. RaY29rus

    Russian Federation Arkhangelsk

    By the way, this "Daily Workout" thing is pretty cool. I hope there will be more daily challenges.
  29. Castrol96

    United Kingdom Southampton, UK

    ...I made a fake US account tho... :D
  30. sems4arsenal

    Contributing Writer
    Egypt Cairo, Egypt

    That's how betas work, you start with a closed one and re-adjust your servers accordingly.
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