Gran Turismo World Series 2024 Begins 17 April

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EMEA, GT2, slot 1. I was in the BRZ, the lobby was 14 NSXs/'97 Supras plus me and someone in the newer Ford GT.

Qualified P11, then immediately dropped to P12 - anyone who's driven a BRZ at the start of the race will know how that goes. The inevitable big crash happened on the first banking on lap 3, and I was in a lead pack of 8 that broke away after that. From that point, there was a few laps of jostling for position, before on lap 10 I went to the outside at the second banking and dropped to the back of the group. Then on lap 13 a second big crash happened, with one person dropping out and two others getting big penalties, promoting me to P5, about nine tenths off the win at the end. Fuel was tight, I got the pit-now warning for 0.something laps left as I crossed the line.

100 points in the bag, glad I don't have to do that roulette again. Online races that are just constant bump-drafting are not fun to me.
Ran another slot and grabbed the NSX death wedge. Qualified p8 of 11, but only 0.072 off pole. Big pack joined up at the start, then the problems develop. At least this time it wasn't dirty driving, people just couldn't hold a line and some were semi swerve blocking, but nothing truly malicious. Ended with a few wrecks and penalties dropping it to a lead pack of 6.

Lap 10 or 11 I drop below the yellow by accident somehow mid turn, like the car just caught, and get my 0.5 penalty so I lose the lead pack grumbling. But sure enough two people wiggle too much and wreck, I drag home for another p4. This time just my 1 big error and several laps trying to pick a lane behind people swerving all over. I'll take it. Rather this than the filth from the first try.
Qualified 9th, finished 6th.

Was running top 3 until the last lap where one of them decided to push my left rear and force me sideways and into the chasing pack.

Not going to do it again, don't really have the time today.

I do enjoy some oval racing but this isn't really it, although it's still better than Ignition!

Enjoy yourselves out there.
My GT2 experience (low B/S driver), qualified 10th (last) in the DBR9 about 1/2 a second of the leaders. Mainly Supra's and NSX's with 2 Ford GT Spec cars. By end of lap 1 was behind the leader in a Supra and I bump-drafted him to the finish line. A couple of NSX's also were astern of me and also joined in the taps although there was never any attempt to overtake as we rode close to the yellow line all the way. No stops by anyone - fuel for GT2 is plenty. Although I did not win, I did get the fastest lap by about .08 second's so that was a win for me.
Didn't have much interest in this combo at all, but I did a slot on my A.O. region last night as I need money and [hopefully] DR on that relatively new account, and had only done one Nations event to this point.

It was about as boring as I expected it to be. I didn't do any practice so I just jumped in the Supra. Ended up qualifying on pole. And, from the start of the race until 14.5 laps later it was just go straight, turn left, go straight, turn left. Some were willing to work as a team but some not so much and were trying to pass. They would eventually fall back and/or spin via contact.

There was one guy working with me and we drove away. He was bump drafting up until the last turn of the last lap and he went to the outside in an attempt to pass... as to be expected at that point. Holding the inside line I was poised to win it by half a car but he turned into me pushing me over the yellow lines. I finished ahead but immediately got a one second penalty demoting me to P2. Another joke of a pen from PD where I got pushed wide and I get the pen. I am about 90% sure he did it on purpose but whatever.

Hoping those points are enough to bump me up a few places in the standings and should be worth a few million bucks.
Slipstream is off in quali so find an empty piece of track so you don't get bothered
Are you sure about that? The race details in the game -- at least in GT2 -- say that the slipstream strength during qualifying is 'Custom'.
Are you sure about that? The race details in the game -- at least in GT2 -- say that the slipstream strength during qualifying is 'Custom'.
Yes - I was tucked right into the bumper of another car in qualifying down the back stretch and was still only doing the same speed as when solo.
I just watched the Kie's stream. All DB9's....all fuel saving and no stopped. He took first with a 25:28 race time. Any ideas on race times for people who didn't fuel save and pitted?

Found another stream where folks pitted (it was a lower lobby, Kie's was top split or close to it by the looks of it) and the race time was 25:32. A different stream, fuel saving the race was 25:29
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so I got on my wheel for pre-quali warmups to loosen up my back/leg, couldn't do it due to pain levels, had to take off the headset and get out of chair

considered waiting it out and seeing if i felt better later but decided to give it a shot on controller, qualified P1, bump drafted to P1 and never lost the lead. why did i P1 both oval races with a burning hatred for oval races?

was basically bump drafting from the jump and at some point p3/4+ wrecked while fighting. me (Supra) and p2 (NSX) gapped the field by almost 10 seconds with the power of friendship.

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The Corvette is useless. Even though I qualified 8th in my C/S room, and got 2 spots early because of rough driving ahead of me, I lost touch with the lead pack on the 6th lap when I decided to let the 3 cars behind me go by in turn 1 rather than costing all 4 of us the race. After that, I was left all alone in 9th, losing time to that 8-car pack and a steady 4 seconds ahead of 10th for much of the race.

I would have had 7th had I not been victimized by the second of 2 yellow flags on lap 13 - I was about to pass the first victim when the second yellow came out, allowing the pack that had been holding station 4 seconds behind me going into that second yellow to all get by. Fortunately, I still had enough momentum to pass the second victim, one of the trailing pack made a pass under that second yellow (the only yellow for them), somebody was a victim of rough driving ahead of me at the end of lap 14, and somebody inexplicably went high in turn 3 on the last lap.

My inner Dale Earnhardt Sr. kicked in on the last run to the finish line, and I tried to side-draft the car in 8th place (in NASCAR, that is packing air into the rear wheel well of the car ahead, which slows down the car). We had the slightest of touches, and he held on by 0.010 seconds.

I'll take the net plus-10 points and run. It should keep me silver in my local/national/regional areas, and might get me up to silver in my state.
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I stumbled across the fuel saving no stopper strategy. 4pm GT1 race, I was one of 6 Aston Martins lined up at the back of the grid.

We all seemed happy to settle down in line at the back and bide our team, I was 5th out of us 6 Astons. Three spinners and one penalty dropped four cars off the pack in the early laps. I was doing a little bit of fuel saving, just lifting in the draft, before I twigged I should be taking it a bit more seriously, this could well be a competition to which of us Astons had the quickest stop to get back out in the lead.

After a few laps I started experimenting with turning the mix down, after almost losing the draft I settled down varying between and 2 and 3. One Aston pitted along with the rest, 5 of us kept going. Now the pack started slowing, I got the mix down to 4 in the draft, plus some lifting. Lap times down to mid 52s, watching the fuel laps left head towards the required target I started to realise a non-stopper was possible now.
It looked like it was going to be an Aston shoot out in the last few laps, down to had the most fuel to burn, and used it wisely. Two laps to go I figured it was time to turn the wick up, got alongside the leader, and spent a lap side by side for first. Then the rest seemed to turn their wick back up and the inside line pulled ahead, I ened up slotting back into 4th in line.

Final turn, 2nd tags 3rd into a spin, I clip the spinning car and lose a little momentum, but that's all. Was briefly 3rd, but the lost momentum dropped me to 4th. 5s Penalty for 2nd for spinning a car out, so I was upto 3rd in the final standings for my best points haul of the season.

Winning race time was 25:33.875, a pair of NSX's were only 2.285 & 2.418 back at the end. Which surprised me, as during the race I hadn't realised we were slow enough for anyone to almost catch up.

Daytona Tri-Oval__2.jpeg
GT2 - B/S Lobby

Pretty uninteresting, overall. I decided to use the Supra GT500.

Q5, finish P5.

For the most part, it was a clean race. I don't think anyone intentionally tried to take some people out, but quite a few people had a hard time holding a steady line through the turns and the bump draft. I lost the lead group of 5 cars around lap 12 and wasn't able to catch back up even after a group behind started bump drafting me faster. One car from the group ahead served a penalty on the final lap and that allowed me to reclaim my spot. Couldn't hardly see the yellow line throughout the race.

I won't run again, I'm a mid B rating and the amount of points needed to get into more Gold categories is insurmountable. The lobbies I end up in just aren't worth enough points.

Good luck to anyone still to race! :cheers:
I actually thought it was a fun race as i grew up with not only F1, Le Mans and DTM, but also NASCAR which was kinda uncommon for me as a European kid in the 2000's. I always have found the bump drafting strategies in stock car racing fascinating so i liked this race.

I mean i finished 10th ( GT1) but still. I was unaware of the DBR9 fuel save strat. Chose the NSX, with 2 other also driving the Honda and 3 others driving Supra's. The rest of the lobby were ALL DBR9's. Qualified 2nd, stayed there for over 17 laps, but all the DBR9's didn't pit so i was left 9 positions down. I don't really mind, i had only done 2 rounds this Nations League so this was guaranteed points that i needed anyways.

Time for some sentimental words.

I want to thank everyone for all the tips and strategies this Nations and Manufacturers Cup. Even though i was aware of GTP's existence back in the GT5 days (mind you i was around 10 back then lol) i only joined earlier this year as i bought GT7 in late March. But this community is absolutely fantastic. Every single one of you guys (or gals) are fantastic and i truly feel at home here. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you fellow GTP members:cheers: <3.

Onto the next season!
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GT2, B/S lobby. Nsx.
Q12, I don't know how I could I have done any better.

After I become colleteral damage of an accident I end up 14 out reach of the pack...

Then I catch up a "gtp_" user name, prob. a guy from here. I bump draft until the end to finish 9th.

At some point, after we passed a Corvette, the Corvette manage to erratically steal my spot behind my gtp friend. That gtp_ friend then purposely change lane to give me the draft, Awesome Thanks ! 79 pts in book. Done
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After a quick glance on here I went Aston as it had some positive reviews and it's British of course. However it wasn't the best choice in GT2 perhaps. There was one Supra and a McLaren F1, otherwise it was all NSX's.

Qualified P16 as the top end just wasn't as good as the others.
Jumped 2 Honda's off the klaxon and gradually hauled myself towards the gaggle ahead. A couple of cars spun out. On lap 4 the immidate cars were struggling with an idiot who was pitting anyone who dared to try and go past. In the chaos I had to make my move and predictably I was hit. Thankfully I didn't go round and held the slide. This caused me to go under the track. As I came on I took aim at the car there. If I misjudged which car it was then apologies as I completely bounced them into the wall and they quit.
This got me 4 seconds. Somehow I still wasn't last and over the next few laps I passed a couple of spinners and worked with a German who I bump drafted. We closed on an Italian who had spun and went either side of them. This gave the German a 1.5 second penalty as they went under the line. The Italian got back passed me but wobbled on the bottom of the incline and span. However I caught back up to their ghost the next lap so they had a great time. I used this to safely utilise the slip stream to try and close on the F1 ahead. The German was able to monster something as they caught back up in no time. However they aggressively pushed past me half over the yellow line. So much for working together. I wasn't stupid and continued to bump them which meant we did catch the F1. We had a two lap battle and going into the last corner we were 3 abreast. The Honda had the better speed and they forced their way inbetween me and the F1. I held my line and they pitted themselves as they were too aggressive. Round they went and I claimed P10. Not enough to beat my lowest counted score but I wasn't going to go again.
Started next to last, moved up to 3rd by the end.

It was a mixed bag ....1/2 the field were A.M. (myself included) running the no stopper. The rest of the field were split between NSXs and Supras.....and 1 Lambo and 1 Peugeot. 2 of the Supras that ran away at the start caught up to us after the pit stop and were fighting for the win at the end. With one of the Supras taking it. I still had 0.7 of a lap of fuel left at the end so I guess I fuel saved a little too much. Oh well....another season done

EDIT: Went back for some more in the final slot since I didn't get enough points in that first race to best my lowest points finish. Q'd lousy again in 11th. This time the Aston's worked together a tad bit better. It was a bit less nerve racking and a ground of us pulled away after the leaders ducked into the pits. Made a last lap move to pip the guy in 2nd place just before the line. The guy who made it out in front of the lead train was basically just pushed along right to finish in 1st without much of a challenge, but I blame us behind for not creating a 2nd train to push past.....but I was pleased to finish 2nd in the end.

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Fun, stressful, strategic race if you get a group of like-minded people in Astons who understand you can’t win the race on lap 10. 10 Astons I think, 8 of which made it to the end without stopping, no crashes. I ended up 6th, didn’t switch to map 1 quite early enough to be in the hunt for the win. The NSXs and Supra were 6 or 7 seconds behind the Aston group at the end so it wasn’t even close as long as the Astons play nice.
GT2 - Americas - I ended up doing two runs: 18:00 EST and 19:00 EST slots. Drove the Supra in both.

First slot: Qualified Q2. Lost a bunch of positions early on by accidentally falling out of the slipstream, but by the end of 4th lap I had worked my way back up to front 4 cars -- a mix of Supras and NSXs. Stayed with them until the car ahead of me fell out of the slipstream in lap 12 (I think) and accidentally pitted me while trying to rejoin the train behind me. Finished P12.

Second slot: Qualified Q4. Stayed with the front pack the entire race this time. Up front, it was all Supras, except for one NSX, which fell out of the slipstream mid-way through the race. It was a mostly uneventful race. Finished in P3, netting me +7 points for the series. I'll take it.

That's more than enough oval racing for one day. I'm glad to have been able to improve my overall score.
GT2, B/S lobby. Nsx.
Q12, I don't know how I could I have done any better.

After I become colleteral damage of an accident I end up 14 out reach of the pack...

Then I catch up a "gtp_" user name, prob. a guy from here. I bump draft until the end to finish 9th.

At some point, after we passed a Corvette, the Corvette manage to erratically steal my spot behind my gtp friend. That gtp_ friend then purposely change lane to give me the draft, Awesome Thanks ! 79 pts in book. Done
@fardoche that was me on my alt account. Thanks for the bump draft! With your help I was able to climb back up the ranks after getting put maneuvered when I was in P3.
The corvette would have slowed us down so I had to catch you trying to go around him to get you back in the draft.
As we came to the finish line, the car in P7 started swerving to break the draft. I guess he swerved too far and crossed the double yellow getting a 1 second penalty. Lucky for us, that penalty got me to P7 and @fardoche to P8.
P7 was what I needed for the score to count!

It was great racing with you!
Slot 1: After quite a long time in lower splits, I finally found myself in a room with @Geauxgreddy again! Qualified P7 of 14 and got shuffled back to P12 at the end of Lap 2 when I ended up by myself between 2 lines of cars after someone took to the apron in Turn 3/4 to get around me. I was eventually able to work my way back up to my starting position by Lap 7, then P6 by Lap 10 before the pack settled down and we entered the "sit and wait" phase. I spent most of the race in this spot, cruising in FM3, occasionally turning up the wick if I started to fall a bit too far behind those in front. That became 5th on Lap 26 when I got a shove from behind out of T2 and knocked 5th place out of line, then 4th a lap later when someone in front tried to go for the lead and had no help. I was planning to go full rich and attack starting on Lap 29, but @Geauxgreddy, who'd led most of the race at that point, turned up the wick a bit earlier than I was expecting, so rather than attacking, I was simply trying to keep up. Still in 4th place coming to the white flag, the "Big One" happened just behind me starting in 5th place when 6th tried a very opportunistic move in Turn 4 and spun 5th place. 2 cars made it through the melee, and were just hanging on to my slipstream, but were too far back to worry about on the final lap. I tried a move around the outside of 3rd in Turns 3/4 on the final lap, but couldn't do anything more than pull alongside and make it a 2x2 photo finish, so I would stay in 4th place for 280 points.

The last 1.5 laps of my race: