Group C Challenge - 300KM of Monza - Finished

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Another great Group C race, cheers once again @Drex124 for organising :cheers:.

Had a really fun race, even if my race craft was sloppy at times, with a couple of silly mistakes costing us. Monza has always been a great track to blast around, especially in a Group C car like the 787B. However for whatever reason, in any class or game I've raced at Monza, I've always struggled to find a constant rhythm, doesn't stop it being enjoyable though.

After an ok qualifying started P9, a strong start saw us hang on to the tail of the leading group, and had a great little exchange with fellow Mazda driver TPC_NosOsH (sorry, not sure what your GTP name is) in the early stages, before settling in behind @Panoz's Sauber for part of the first stint. Then had nice little battle with @Kermit_2142's Jaaag, which resulted in me getting past after a small mistake coming out of Ascari (something I did myself on a few occasions as @Kermit_2142 found out on the last lap!). Though I was initially concerned I'd crowded him off after he went off at Parabolica, replay showed no contact, but I apologise if I caught you out there 👍. Once I got my act together after my first of two stops, I finally got into some sort of rhythm, though in clean air and without the benefit of a tow, my pace was slower than those ahead, so to I'll happily take a somewhat lucky P8 finish.

The 2 stop was tight in the 787B, I could just about eek out 17 laps of fuel, though the draft helped consumption in the early stages. Last 17 laps were nervy, as no draft meant fuel was tight, with me running out just as I exited Parabolica before the line on Lap 51. Not before I once again did my best Seb Vettel impression by cracking under pressure on old tyres sliding wide out of Ascari, nearly taking out @Kermit_2142 in doing so (sorry!) as he breezed past :lol:. Sadly replay only saved 1hours worth of the race due to lack of space, so only have 3/4 to view.

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@Michelin Man I had a great battle with you once again 👍, we must’ve spent the whole race within a few seconds of each other and overlapping on pit stops. I kept out braking myself, an extra meter later on the brakes turns out to be a big difference at 200+mph :lol::lol:. It was great fun during the last 5 laps hunting you down after my splash and dash pit stop. Hopefully next time we can have some longer battles. :cheers: