GT League is too easy in some classes and events

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I cant actually comment on the GT4 game structure as I havent deep dived into it but it seems like GT4 is one of the best of the series.

However I'd say that the GT5/6 game structure isnt that good either.... GT5 seemed better because there was a A and B-spec division but the GT6 star system seemed universally disliked.

And on that the GT Sport's structure is very very weak.

So in that regard PD have had a pretty damn weak showing on this front over the last decade over two generations.
I hate the A and B-spec division tbh, just unecessary fake doubling of events. It should be like GT4 (and GT6) that A-spec and B-spec are optional. And GT5/GT6 is truly worse, as someone who has deep dived into both, like they have significantly less events than GT4, that it made for too much grinding.

And for GTS, it's obvious, they only shoehorn the offline mode in the middle of its run, a blatant hasty attempt. No championships at all, no prize cars, etc.
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Without a doubt an inferior car to the Viper, but I still gained 6s per lap to make up a half-minute deficit. Not only that; I even gained 1-2 tenths on the straight every lap! I didn't watch this replay, but I've seen Gr.3 AI running at 2/3 throttle and I assume something similar was happening here. "Push the accelerator a bit harder" is actually valid advice here... :lol:

Or maybe it's just the Eurobeat adding 200hp to my car

Seriously though, they've shown they can make competent AI as seen in F1 races, surely it shouldn't be too hard to apply that sort of code to the rest of GT League? Or at least make them push the pedal all the way?
This is what always bugged me, running same class of car as the AI and they just... don't accelerate as hard as they can? 0_o it's a race not a parade guys