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Discussion in 'Gran Turismo Sport' started by vcx, May 3, 2017.

  1. cutmeamango

    cutmeamango (Banned)

    Right now it's comparable to "light damage" on GT6.
    Understandable since they probably know the majority of rooms ran with no damage at all, and those who did ran on light usually.

    If you played GT6 online, you know "heavy damage" can be race "ruining" in 20-30 km/h difference impacts with other cars.
    I do hope they manage to ease players into an even "heavier", and more precise damage tier.

    That along fully functioning flags and longer races (20 laps or so) should be the ultimate experience to aim.
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  2. Whistle Snap

    Whistle Snap

    I wonder if it'll have cars pissing oil all over the track with the maximum damage setting? In GT6's data there were a bunch of flags including the striped yellow and red one labelled "FLAG_OIL", but only the chequered was active in the game.

    GT Sport will surely have them all with this FIA crap? What flags are currently present in the beta?

    GT6 flags:

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  3. HellzFire


    The first glimpse of damage on GT Sport looks EXACTLY like it was on GT6, which is very underwhelming to say the least to me.

    Hopefully they can add more depth to it.
  4. vcx


    Any news or experience about this in gt sport original game?
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