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  1. sk8er913

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    //original version

    I remember when we saw the first trailer for GT6 and it was like "Oh my god, I can't wait for more!" and the GTP forum for GT6 started going crazy. And that is when I really started to use GTP often. So... we have an unconfirmed release date of, "Before 2017" to quote Kaz. How long before GT7s first trailer? Will the hype train be crowded like it was for GT6? */

    //Yes the hype train is already crowded.

    //begin OP

    Game release date:
    Gran Turismo Sport Open Beta: Q1 2016
    Gran Turismo Sport: 2016

    Events with information likely related to GTS and events that have had content:

    Pebble Beach Concourse: August 17th (A car)
    Frankfurt auto show: ----September 15th (VGTs)

    Tokyo motor show: ------October (VGT debuted, car available to drive in GT6 demo)
    Paris Games Week: ------October 27th (Gran Turismo Sport announced!)

    Sema Los Vegas: --------November (280Z won) [​IMG]
    December 5th, 2015 - Jordan mentions busy calender for 2016

    Tokyo Auto Salon. 1/17/16 -

    MAJOR THREAD UPDATE! Post number 1643 on page 55:

    As of this post I have renamed this thread, "GT Sport - Trailers, Videos and Screenshots" as sort of a mirror of the highly successful GT6 thread made by @BkS I'm broadening this thread out from just the trailer now that we have received and discussed the first trailer.

    Mods, if you think this change is too major from the original topic, feel free to change it back. I am just trying to evolve the thread to the times now that we have seen the trailer.
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  2. lxmmy

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    I can remember being so exaggeratedly excited after seeing that GT5 trailer.

    GT7 will probably release a trailer at E3 2016. Of course it will create hype as its a new GT. ;)
  3. Lain

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    I don't think it's entirely out of the realm of possibility that we'll see one at TGS this year...
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  4. lbpomg95

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    That E3 GT5 trailer I'm certain was 2009. Definitely NOT 2010.
    I had that trailer downloaded for over a year before GT5 came out.
  5. JoaoSilva

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    Of course it will , even maintenances create hype so a trailer will too.
  6. sk8er913

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    Dates please so I can add them to OP. Check with a reliable source.

    If it was indeed 2009 then that makes E3 like the last event for a first appearance.

    I think TGS is a good chance too. (Isnt it in September? I couldn't find a date)
  7. dr_slump

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  8. lbpomg95

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    It was E3 '09, whenever that was. June I assume.
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  9. Nico_Ble99

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    Paris Games Week and PlayStation Experience are also possible events.
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  10. sk8er913

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    I haven't heard of either one of those... Are they big events?
  11. cocoflowa


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  12. sk8er913

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    Do you think we could get an announcement
    And trailer at a SuperGT race? Or is it very unlikely?

    Does everyone agree with my list so far?
  13. Ledbetter

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    When I first saw the thread title, I thought, "Racing with trailers--how Top Gear." Hope we get to see that again somewhere down the road.
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  14. sk8er913

    United States California

    That would be funny, don't know how you thought of that first. Have you been watching top gear recently? :lol: it will probably come to Forza first.
  15. ...Want my prediction? Don't hold your breath until next year. And not even on E3, I'd wager. Knowing Kaz's track record, expect to see the game being mentioned in car-related events.

    Originally I was hoping to hear about GT7/Sport/Whatever-it's-called in 1. Goodwood FOS (didn't happen) 2. Pebble Beach Concours (August) 3. Tokyo Motor Show (end of October) 4. annual SEMA event in Las Vegas (November), all in this year, but since giving it some thought it's most likely next year the trailer will drop.

    Happy to be proven wrong, of course.
  16. RedStradale


    i remember being so hyped for that gt5 trailer. Was p****d that the Bern track and the Red bull airstrip where just photomode locations. Im guessing it will be announced next Summer at its own event like gt6. released for christmas
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  17. sk8er913

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    So far the data sheet thats in the OP says it will more likely be in June 2016. :p With those big June racing and gaming events.
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  18. phonypoly

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    A little bird told me: Expect a Trailer late this year (Oct/Nov). :banghead:
    Release date: ..............:nervous:....................:nervous::nervous:.....................:nervous::nervous::nervous:.................. April's Fools Day! :bowdown: .......2016.

    It also added: It will blow your :censored: mind and your .... wallet! :scared:
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  19. sk8er913

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    That message is not in English. :p
  20. Johnnypenso

    Canada Windsor,Ontario

    Trailers don't usually excite me because they don't tell you anything about the gaming experience
    I believe that is emotespeak.
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  21. Cowboy

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    Will it create hype? I think we all know the answer to that one :sly:
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  22. BoneSawTX

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    If there's anything I've learned about PD since the beginning, it's that they make great propaganda videos
  23. sk8er913

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    I think he might be using the 1984 edition of the Englands region text speak. :p Too bad Africa lost.
  24. phonypoly

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    It's an Emoteonal post. :rolleyes:
    Capisc? :mad: ... .. ..................................... (Emotional).:dunce:

    No hype, because I'm .... hype-oh allergenic. :crazy:

    BTW: Emotes add effect to each line, expressing what's written. (or close enough). :D
  25. KilzoneStrife

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    Paris Games week . . . I hope.
    I really am expecting a reveal in 2015. . .
    Please dont keep me waiting till PS Experience, PD. PLEASE.

    By the way . . . the website ""thats always the first one that pops up with "news" when GT7 is googled. Is the owner a GTPlanet member? The way they suck info out of their thumb . . . is astonishing.
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  26. sk8er913

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    Well you've got about a 50% chance. Flip a coin, see if you're lucky and get back to us. Lol! :lol:
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  27. KilzoneStrife

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    Coin flip says Paris Game Week lol
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  28. phonypoly

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    Cheater! I saw it, that coin has 2 heads, cause the head bit off the tail. :rolleyes:
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  29. sk8er913

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    The first thing in our list of possible release dates is 10 days away! Do you think we will hear anything at all? I highly doubt it. But I hope we hear something, its too quiet.

    Pebble Beach Concourse: August 17th
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  30. Nico_Ble99

    Germany Recklinghausen

    I think we won't get to hear anything abput GT7 there. I'm placing my bets on TGS this September.
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