GT Sport Update Set to Shake up Sport Mode and FIA Events, Plus Penalty System Tweaks

There is no comparison between Sport mode with human competition & arcade mode with AI. It you can't win in arcade mode, you don't need to be in Sport mode.
The physics at the moment is the same between the two, provided you turn on BOP and reset all tuning settings. It would be bizarre to make it different. And lobbies aren't sport mode, so practice lobbies would also have different physics to the actual races. It would make zero sense to have two different sets of physics built into the code.
I'm glad I'm reading about others bored with repetitive unimaginative weekly races, I've been saying it for over 6 months.

Fair enough this week isn't 3 straight repeats like previous and they added Karts, but still Tsuukuba, why? It couldn't have been Brands Hatch or Tokyo or maybe Nurburgring GP (There's PD I Just created a race in 2 seconds why can't you in a week?)

Gr4 at Dragon trail just makes me laugh and bored me rigid just an obvious repeat (not enven reversing it either)

Gr2 at Fuji, done that about 3 or 4 times. What about Nurburgring go again pro Nordshlife so ppl can imitate DTM with liveries (seeing there's no DTM cars and people have to make liveries to make a car look like another - lol)

Very very uncreative (yet again) from PD... especially with the whole world on Lockdown staying on lockdown with coronavirus. They couldn't have predicted it but could they not rustle up a car for us while everybody is at home?

The Manufacturer and Nations races are repetitive too. Plus as well they just end up being one makes SFR or Porsche.

With lack of content atm they really need to get creative because for me the games getting boring.

And the penalties are getting on my tits. Someone ramming into to me knocking me to SR B think inplayed for 2 years just to get knocked down like that.
I really hope they keep going in the same direction they've been going with GT Sport, putting the emphasis on online racing

I agree that the way they are taking Gran Turismo is quite alright, but, I hope they do not only focus on the full blown online idea. They should focus on online features, yes, but also focus on the single player aspect that has made GT what it is today. In GT7, there should be more career events and one make events, such as the lupo cup. Special events, like the GT rally league or the endurance series should come back along with the used car dealer. Stuff like that made GT amazing.

They should work more on the online aspect for sure, such as multi-class racing and penalty system etc. but, as we know with GT5 and 6, the online servers will most likely shut for the next title. An online only oriented game is a limited service it seems. That is why most GT fans prefer GT2-4 being the best in the series.
■ BoP (Balance of Performance)
・Tyre wear adjustments for Gr.4 FF cars (Front-engine/ Front-wheel-drive)
・Handling adjustments for all Gr.2, Gr.3, and Gr.4 cars;

Do you think this is just a setup change or maybe they will add new tire/suspension etc. physics?
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Do you think this is just a setup change or maybe they will add new tire/suspension etc. physics?

My reading of this is that they are 'homogenising' the cars so that there arent any glaring rabbits or dogs in their respective classes.
These changes are good but if the track and car combinations are still bad, I won't bother.
Hopefully they have fixed the traction control and racing tyre longitudinal grip to be more in line with real life. Right now it's mandatory to have TC off because of how much time you lose.

I dunno if Id agree that’s a fact. Least not racecars if using wheel...
If you play using it you see how it works and can use it to your advantage pretty well in race...Maybe not at alien level but...
You'll be waiting a while for them to drag the collision physics into the 21st century.
Only way I could see a fix now is if there's a value in the game that can change the amount of force transfered during a collision. Something tells me it's not this simple at all and we'll have to wait until GT7.
Couldn't PD just turn off slipstream during qualifying? I mean, they can give a victim of a punt a 2 second penalty, but they can't shut off the air for qualifying?
It's one of most feasible ideas I had come up with but that's assuming they can turn it off like that. I know PD tried addressing slipstream q at Sydney but they did something different.
■ BoP (Balance of Performance)
・Tyre wear adjustments for Gr.4 FF cars (Front-engine/ Front-wheel-drive)
・Handling adjustments for all Gr.2, Gr.3, and Gr.4 cars;

Do you think this is just a setup change or maybe they will add new tire/suspension etc. physics?
More likely changes to the base suspension/transmission setups because they specified certain categories. Something like new tire physics would be a global change.
Well, the Supra doesn't need a handling change. It needs a 380BHP change.

The FF cars are a bit too lightweight. As a reference, TCR cars are 1250-1285kg. 1100kg for these cars, should be bumped up. They have the TCR 350BHP , may as well replicate the same weight.

I can see a couple MR cars having adjustments to rear anti-roll bars. The looseness in the rear off-throttle, has plague some of them from the start.

Edit: :lol: Same thoughts in the above post. 👍
This is what I disagree with to a point

Especially what’s going on with the severs , the disconnects is ridiculous. Also, you may have some bad luck in a previous race, like someone taking you out or someone is there ruining people’s races (I had that one).

Now the scoring aspect, yes that sucks.

Imho, what they should do is you can enter a session again only if you have not scored any points yet.

Disconnected? Fine you have another chance.

Not happy with where you in the race or someone took you out? Fine also, you leave the race and can go again. In this instance, you also deliberately take a DR hit which is only fair (unless someone took you out of course, ideally that wouldn't happen too often).
■ BoP (Balance of Performance)
・Tyre wear adjustments for Gr.4 FF cars (Front-engine/ Front-wheel-drive)
・Handling adjustments for all Gr.2, Gr.3, and Gr.4 cars;

Do you think this is just a setup change or maybe they will add new tire/suspension etc. physics?
My understanding of it is that you will be able to make tuning adjustments to those respected areas (camber?) without BoP locking everything except your traction control.
Not really sure this is much improvement. Hear me out- I'm not a "meta" car guy. I race what works for me- lately that's been the RD.01 in GR.3 and the 86 in Gr.4. I don't do FIA. I have two (2!) wins in Sport, one at Monza in the Pantera one-make, and one at Dragon Trail Seaside in the Gr.4 86. I can usually qualify a few seconds off the aliens, and I have reliable race pace. (I can string together multiple clean laps while staying on track and not hitting people.) I've been SR.S pretty much since day one, with the odd drop. I float between DR.C and DR.B, mostly C lately. That would get better if I raced more. So, why don't I race more? I really don't mind losing to guys who are faster than me. That's how it works, right? I'm happy to race for positions in the pack all night long. What I'm not happy doing is picking myself out of the gravel, or off the wall, over and over and over again because the guy who hit me knows he'll keep the position even if he gets a 5 second penalty, because I'll be too far back to catch up.
PD can fiddle with the fuel use, tire wear, and handling all they want- but those really aren't all that broken. The race officiating is. Fix that.
If this update has any significant fixes that work and don't cause other issues I'll be very surprised. It's all too late now anyway.
So what I'm getting out of this after reading the list of changes is that PD are in fact listening to our complaints, even if they won't publicly acknowledge it. This is encouraging. One thing that stood out to me was the note about tire wear and fuel consumption rate adjustments. Could this put an end to no stop races or perhaps they are trying to eliminate the Meta cars in race C and FIA. Whatever the reason, let's hope the changes are for the better. With all the tinkering they have done with GTS, the next game on PS5 should not have any glaring issues upon release. After all, they've had 3 years to get it right. :D
They should add more cups and championships so people can have competitive races even just for fun. Sport mode outside of FIA is basically just daily race and it is boring without point system. I'm surprised a lot of people still play it.

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What happened to this anyway? So much potential wasted.
That looks great, shame it didn't make it into the final game.
after more than 2 years in GTS I started playing ACC on PC (coming soon to PS4, hope for good port)
sadly GTS looks like a joke to me after that experience
in fact from every angle - from physics and servers stability to developers interaction with player base

about servers, because this gives me the biggest headache
I'm mostly lobby racer, I prefer custom leagues with strictly judging etc, and I'm just SICK of this
every race or two someone can't start from grid/pit lane in qual or can't see other players on the track which ends by interpenetration and chaos for co-racers
why things like that not happen in other games? and this isn't new bug, this is critical bug in the engine which is in this game since GT5
and why we can't see ping in the lobby?

driving physics are far from the most immersive, but this is decent simcade and I can understand that - this is game for wider audience, and they want people on controllers to be competitive
but for me surface bumps could be more noticeable (for example longest straight on Panorama, and especially that small right corner in ACC is a crazy experience, in GTS this is just dull as hell)
mechanical grip is not working like it should too

about other physics
what the hell is going on with collision physics? this is just stupid, cars behave like cardboard boxes
in this game racing wheel to wheel on the limit is almost impossible (especially when more than 2 people are involved) because small touches ends with a tragedy which is joke in cars like GT3 or GT4 - in real life there is a lot races in those classes where cars touching each other wheel to wheel and all is fine
and current drafting physics is a nonsense too which affect wheel to wheel racing even more than topic above

I don't even want to talk about stupidness of current cars groups split and balancing (especially about similar base setups in every car with locked tuning which is just AGAIN completely nonsense)

same with devs interaction, check assetto forum to understand what I'm talking about
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These games allow us to have virtual Motorsports experiences in a safe and mostly low buck environment. To enjoy competition with our peers from all around the world and to build camaraderie with folks that we’d never come across in our daily lives.

Never have I heard the word “joke” thrown around so freely. I’ll never truly understand this. There exits this strange mentality that just seems to thrive on negative comparison and one upmanship. PD will make changes, and they may or may not nail it 100%. Even if they don’t, I’ll simply adapt and keep enjoying it.