GT1 & GT2 Autopilot for PAL

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I don't have
Hey there, someone have Autopilot codes for both GT1 & GT2 PAL?

Game: Gran Turismo 1
Region: PAL
ID: SCES-00984

Game: Gran Turismo 2
Region: PAL
ID: SCES-02380/SCES-12380
For use with PEC or something that lets you activate the codes mid-race or in the pre-race menu. Activating them before loading a race will crash the game.
"Auto Pilot
800B6D68 00??
.01 AI

"Autopilot (Alternate) (PAL)
800A9B40 ????
.0200 AI
Why the GT1 code use value "0001" to Auto-Pilot while the GT2 code use value "0200"?

Both codes works, but the GT1 code doesn't make pit stop in endurance races while the GT2 code make pit stop in endurance races.

I have an GT1 Auto-Pilot code for NTSC-U version 1.0 that makes pit stop in endurance races. Can you convert it to PAL version?

Here's the code: 800B6F10 0200
I guess it's because mine activates only a specific AI behavior. To make it pit, I believe you need to put 02.
Lemme see if I can translate that one.
Got it! Here you go. I tested it and it does behave properly. What the other one did is change what type or bahavior to affect to the car, so 1 is drive, 2 is pit, 3 is stop, 4 it wait for tires and stuff like that.

"Auto Pilot
800B6D60 ????
.0200 AI
Sorry for bumping the topic after 1 year guys.

I'm using these codes for autopilot and they work perfectly, but when i save the replay... Well, my car don't move, and some times when i watch the replay with the code activated, the replay times are different from the original race.

Is there a way to solve or fix this problem?

Thanks in advance guys, and again, sorry for bumping a 1 year old topic.

Game: Gran Turismo 1
ID: SCES-00984
Region: PAL

Game: Gran Turismo 2
ID: SCES-02380/SCES-12380
Region: PAL
That's normal and there is no fix. The replay is not a recorded movie of what happened (like what Forza does for example) but the game reloads the race and replays your controller inputs in real time. However, the auto pilot does not make actual inputs, and so the replay car doesn't do anything. You can try this. Launch a race with the auto pilot. And with your controller do some random stuff like accelerate then turn the wrong and way and such. you'll see in the replay that the car will do what you did, and not the auto pilot.
The only way to have accurate replays is to activate the auto pilot in the replay at the exact same frame you did when you actually played the race. Borderline impossible to do.

All of this is valid for at least GT1, 2, 3 and 4. All in-betweens included.
So there's no way to fix it?

Also, i added a code to activate the autopilot immediately at the start of the race.

The code is: D00A9B40 0000
Ok man, thanks for the help.

One more thing, friend. Do you have a code to buy any car?

I tried the Toyota New Car Lot codes, but it didn't work.

Thanks in advance (and sorry for bad english).
Hi guys, I maked an upgrade in the autopilot code for GT Pal

You can press "DPAD UP" to turn on and "DPAD DOWN" for turn off

#auto pilot
D00BC016 0010
800B6D68 0001
D00BC016 0040
800B6D68 0000

PS: If you turn on or off in the pitstop IA gona crazy
hi guys is the auto pilot available for Player 2? is there a code maybe activating it in the same way? always pressing up and down? I would like to do custom races by watching two AI controlled cars in the split screen!