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Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 4' started by Tenacious-K, Feb 3, 2005.

  1. Tenacious-K


    I have seen threads in this forum that discusses the LAN gameplay in GT4, but so far I haven't found any that are specific to issues and details during actual gameplay. I used to get together with my friends every week for GT3 i-link races with 4 to 5 people, and now we have started playing GT4 through LAN.

    So far here are the facts of our last setup :
    - All using GT4 Asian version (Chinese, with English car names)
    - 2 PS2s with network adapters, and 1 PSTwo (built-in network adapter)
    - Linksys WRT54G broadband router as the hub

    We all had about 30% of the game completed in each, but all tracks are open if we were to be looking at the 1 player Arcade mode track selection screen.

    My main complaint :
    HOWEVER, once we were in LAN mode, there is only a limited selection of tracks (about 6 or 7 if I remember correctly). The mixed tracks were not even grouped (as in the 1 player arcade mode screen; into open circuit, city tracks, & so on).
    Anybody know why this is so? The only thing I can think of is that our games were only 30% completed, BUT I doubt it, coz I tried playing 2 player split screen and ALL the tracks are available! Anyone here completed 100% and tried LAN play?

    Another annoying thing is that they limit the car selection to about 30 cars (prioritizing the ones we selected as our favorites). Lastly, once we are in LAN mode (connected), there is no way back into the main menu without rebooting your PS2s! So, if we want to change those 30 cars from our LAN favorites, we all have to reboot, change the favorite selection, save, and then connect again, which takes so much time.

    Other technical issues :
    I have tested the LAN settings over and over and found that these settings below result in the least lag (YES, I said LAG! Coz the game stutters! Then again, it may be my router settings, but it doubt it coz I play other games + other consoles using the same network hardware).

    These are the best settings : (stutter almost unnoticable)
    Host network load : normal (the low one)
    PS2 network adapter setting : 10baseT Full Duplex

    If we use the 100baseT full duplex, we don't connect at all.
    If the host uses the LARGE network load setting, the game stutters so bad that it becomes unplayable.

    If anyone out there has any comments, advice, or input please do help. Thank you.
  2. cbgeonav


    Atleast you can get it to work..... I am still trying to hook up a LAN with my brother-in-law. We have had no success.....
  3. SRT-4


    I got it to work with my friend over Xlink and it worked perfectly fine...the game did not lag
    what so ever...but it did have 1 or 2 stutters during the 30min or so time we did play. Which
    in my opinion is perfectly fine...cause the stutters weren't even noticble.

    The only track we did was the ring, so I didn't really check out the rest. I did however
    noticed that there is no way to get out of lan play once your in it without rebooting the ps2.
    Which is basicly annoying....The cars selection's I notced that you have to the cars in your garage
    to actually use them in Lan play...but someone said that you just have to buy it and then
    you can delete it but it will still be able to be picked. Dunno how true that isn't I have yet
    to try that out.

    THe most disapointing feature is not being able to use garage cars!!!! I HATE THAT!
  4. zapb42


    I remember seeing a menu under Arcade settings, about tracks selection or something of that can select and deselect tracks. Is this how you get other tracks to be available?
  5. maverickvns


    you go to options and you'll see something that says course registration, there you can, well, register and unregister which tracks you want to do.

    each course registration is independent of each ps2, so say you unlocked cote de azur and registered, but player 2 hasn't unlocked it yet. player 2 will still be able to play it when you pick that track to race, but the track won't be listed in the course registration for player 2.
  6. bnommensen


    LAN is too sweet to be true.

    Just had a 3 PS2, 3 DFP, 3 Racing seat session last saturday.

    Bringing LAN to work costed about 20 minutes, but then worked fine.
    Do not forget to set the correct numbers of mashines you are going
    to use in LAN!

    1. Set one mashine to host. (Only ONE!)
    2. Set the IP adresses and Subnet masks
    manually. (We didn´t try DHCP.)
    3. Set the DNS to manually, but do not enter anything.
    4. Set the correct number of mashines in the LAN.
    5. Start with the Host mashine to enter the LAN game,
    let the others follow.

    That should work fine.
  7. kikie

    kikie Premium

    bnommensen , can you check something for me please???

    I read on another thread ( on this forum that it is possible to connect 3 ps's, 3 monitors and play GT4 with side views. There is a LAN setting which allows you to choose between different viewpoints (left, right, forward, etc...).
    I am very interested in this setup but can't check it out myself. Can you look if it is possible in LAN settings to change the view accordingly??

  8. bnommensen


    at least i´ve seen the options.
    (There is a number of monitors you can set and other various options
    for your requested setup. It should work fine.)

    To check it out in real i will have to wait till next weekend, when the others are around
    again. perhaps here is someone who can give you advise earlier.
  9. the Interceptor

    the Interceptor Premium

    I guess you've already read it, you must make a selection of the tracks you want in arcade mode.
    I know, that sucks. There's no way back into the main menu, and no way to get more than 30 cars in LAN races.
    You are running a version of the game that was released first. LAN doesn't run very well on it, in fact we didn't succeed getting it to run smoothly with more than 4 people. I recommend to get the US version, LAN should work much better there. At least it does in the PAL.

    the Interceptor
  10. clanks



    Try this Link it will help with your track selection. :)
  11. kikie

    kikie Premium

    thanks :tup: :bowdown:

    If you are able to check it out next weekend, I'll be very happy!!! :)
  12. jodi


    You can set the number of laps by going into the 2 player split screen menu in Options. Set the number of laps, exit and save. I think we set it on the host now that I think about it. All consoles will see what the host picks. Same with the registered tracks as has been mentioned.

    We have been successful networking one to six machines. First attempts produced a very slow game with long waits between loading screens. We noticed one machine for what ever reason seemed to be slow booting and connecting. Took it out of the network and replace with another and wala, just like the good old iLink days - now we love GT4.

    Haven't tried one play with 6 monitors yet - this weekend! Born2Race
  13. SiDeWaYsREX


    Ok, This Is So Confusing... is it Just me or is anyone else lost??? Can someone write down in full detail how you lan 2 ps2's?? on 2 monitors??

    Down to what physical items you need and where and why.. lol

    I just want it to be simple instructions because it seems that there are a few ppl out there with the same problem... Anyone have it working fine?? LET US KNO PLZ :sly:

    Any help is greatly appriciated...
    - Thanx
  14. Mixolydian

    Mixolydian Premium

    Then how did you know that there were 1 or 2? :confused: :lol: ;)
  15. clanks


    As said above try this link:

    You need x2= TV's,PS2's,ethernetadapters
    x1= cross over cable
  16. JoZo


    I tried it last saturday with a friend of mine. And all worked fine. But there is one thing which I couldn't get working. Is it possible to use the cars which are in your garage in a LANgame ????
  17. the Interceptor

    the Interceptor Premium

    No, that's not possible.
  18. Camouflage_RX


    Don't mean to grave dig, but I have a question:

    I went up to my local store, got a ethernet LAN cord. Well, went to my buds house, rounded his PS2 and copy of GT4 up and we connected the cord from one PS2 to the other. And nothing happened. Am I doing something wrong? Cause the official GT4 site says you need a LAN Ethernet cord ( Got it ) both PS2's ( Slim / SCPH-7000012 ) and a Copy of GT4 for each System ( Obtained ).
  19. Ragnar1211


    If you purchased a cross over cable you would be correct. However most cables are the straight through type. Each LAN cable has 8 wires there are talking wires and listening wires. If your talking wires are connected to his talking wires there will be no communication.

    Best is to get a switch and connect both ps2's to that. But it will work if you purchase the right cables.

    Also you need to manually set your IP address and subnet masks. This is just like a PC so make sure you set them so they can talk. On the other hand if you have a router around that assigns IP addresses you dont need to worry - just make sure your ps2 is set to "Obtain IP address Automatically"

    Hope this helps.
  20. xtreme2134


    what cars or how do you select what cars are available in lan play.
  21. rdoggins


    You can only use your favorite cars(ARCADE Only) or a randomized list of about 30 Cars
  22. clanks


    For every one who needs help with 'Lan play' and settings click on this link:

    I have played 'Lan' a few times now with my friends with different consoles each time and each time I have had to set the settings different and console host.

    Example 1 : Ok I set all the settings for 2 player mode as the link above told me to and all was fine. But the broblem was more than just the settings. My 'PS2' is a 39002 model and I hooked it up with a new 'slimline PS2',I found that setting the slimline as host it would start to speed up or lag when we would start playing, so I set mine as the host and everything was fine, don't ask me why but it worked we did everything we could to get the slimline working as host but with no succsess.

    Example 2 : I hooked up my 39002 PS2 with a 30002 PS2 and again while playing it would speed up or Lag so we tried to set one or the other as host and still the lag thinging would happen. So we cut down the number of cars and tracks and still the same prob, so through all the troubleshooting we decided to set the traffic level to 'light' instead of 'heavy' and all was fine just one little setting that made the differece, but every other time I have played LAN it has always been set at heavy even the link above tells you to do so.

    Example 3 : the first time I played on LAN I selected to many tracks and it would do the laggy thing again so I had to cut it down to just 15 tracks per 'memory card' and the cars I just set to the highest amount , 30 and it all worked fine.

    I have put in this reply to help others with LAN play, it can take a lot of time just to start racing. I hope this helps. :)
  23. michaeldenham


    I have a couple of LAN questions that I've not managed to answer with a search, so I thought I'd ask here instead of starting a new thread...

    I have got LAN set up with 2 PCs and no problems, it's all been running well. In LAN mode, here are my experiences and thoughts so far:

    - It feels like it runs the GT mode physics, not the simplified arcade mode physics
    - The FF doesn't feel as good or as smooth, so perhaps the PS2 has to use less of its resources on FF due to the fact that it's on LAN mode.
    - The cars I've tried so far seem to oversteer more. Perhaps because fuel is included when running in LAN mode, and the fuel affects the weight and weight distribution?

    So, I was wondering what experiences other people have had with this? Myself, my brother, and my dad have all independently mentioned they seemed to be having more trouble with oversteer, and if it IS using the regular GT mode physics, I can only assume the fuel is affecting things.


    Edit: I realized that of course I can test with and without fuel in single player by doing a track day and then testing, and I noticed just the same difference as going from single player to LAN, so that's that solved. The only other difference felt to be the FF.
  24. jammyozzy


    So, if I get an ethernet cross-over cable, I won't need a switch? (I only need to connect 2 PS2's)
  25. the Interceptor

    the Interceptor Premium

    yup! :tup:
  26. jammyozzy


    Cool, now all I gotta do is find 2 network adapters by friday. :nervous:
  27. Autech


    So, I tried to set-up a lan with a buddy and we spent 2 hours trying to no avail. We were using some old-school ethernet cord, and we are wondering if thats the problem. So, if I buy a crossover cable (click the link and say yes if thats the right cable) and follow the instructions of the AU link, then it will be smooth sailing? Also, where do I get the IP adress? and the subnet stuff..
  28. Casio

    Casio Premium

    Yes. I believe that is the correct cable.

    Having never set-up two PS2s back-to-back, I'm not sure on the IP ranges, so maybe the Auto settings will work. If not, you have to make sure both PS2s have Host addresses in the same subnet.

    PS2 A - With an IP of and subnet mask of
    PS2 B - With an IP of and subnet mask of

    Should work fine. I think....
  29. MasterGT


    If you go to the official GT4 game site, you can get a new GT4 manual that has improved LAN set-up information.

    The link in my sig has a pictorial on how to do a 2-console LAN, too.


  30. achiles


    Hey guys this is my first post, I have tried multi monitor support and it works great, I only have 3 monitors setup (could do six but how do you stack 6 32 inch tvs on one another) the view leaves me speechless you have to move your head to actually see the next corner.

    Ill take a pic of my setup when I get back my digicam.