GT4 Nurburgring Lap Times anyone?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 4' started by LFRANCOF483, Jan 8, 2005.

  1. LFRANCOF483


    Has anyone run the Nurburgring with a production car yet? what's your best time?

    I ran a BMW M3 on N3 tires and have a time of 8.23.654, i dont know if it's a good time or not, but considering that the real life M3 ran an 8.22, i'd say it's pretty good....i messed up on one turn, so if it wasn't for that, i probably could have gotten at least almost 8.23 flat or something

    the first time i ran an M5 on N3 tires at the ring (very first time doing the ring) i ran an 8.37, pretty bad considering the M5 is suppose to run under the 8 minute mark...side question, anyone know's what the M5 ran?
  2. Jedi2016


    What are N3 tires? And is this time with aids off? The only way to really match skill for skill is street tires and no aids. DFP preferred.

    And I don't think the new M5 has an official time yet, but I think it's supposed to be somewhere around the 8-minute mark.
  3. LFRANCOF483


    N3 are street tires.....and yes, no aids...i never drive with aids on
  4. LFRANCOF483


    just checked, the new M5 does it in 7:52, to put things in persepctive, the CSL does it in 7:50, Murcielago 7:50, the gemballa 911, gallardo, and SLR all do it in 7.52
  5. Reidier


    According to GT4 Bible, there's lap time of 07:59:9 with max speed of 262.07km/h with a BMW M3 CSL.

    I don't know if they were really going as fast as they could though since the fastest posted time is 6:02.904 with a 1991 Mazada 787B Race car, and there's already posts on here of 5:34 and 5:25 lap times...
  6. LFRANCOF483


    maybe they suck..hahaha
  7. Jedi2016


    Or maybe an M3 isn't as fast as a 787B?
  8. speed_freak


    does anybody know whats the fastest time on the nurb with a production car in real life?
  9. mclaren777


    Yeah, that turbocharged Radical, though I still don't count it as a true street car.
  10. SaintKamus


    not sure about this, but i think this title belongs to the porsche carrera GT wich does it in about 7'30 more or less.
  11. Jedi2016


    I think anything under eight minutes would be more than respectable for an unmodified street car.
  12. Watana



    Yep, an 8'13. What is a good time for such a heavy car. :)
  13. Reidier




    I think you were confused as to what I said.

    The fastest time listed was 6:02:904 using a 1991 Mazda 787B, yet someone posted a thread with a video of them achieving a 5:34 laptime, and in that same thread someone mentioned that a lap time of 5:25 had been achieved.

    The BMW M3 CSL was put in reference to fastest streetcar, and I chose that one since it was also a BMW, but had a faster lap time than what he had posted.

    I was not at all comparing the lap times of the M3 to the 787B. I was just curious that since the Gt4 Bible time are presumably recorded by the people who made the game that they would be very fast and hard to beat, yet barely tow weeks after the game is released those times were easily beaten, and by a wide margin too.
  14. methodofpayment


    my 86 ss version under 7mins :crazy: LOL............ :tup:
  15. speed_freak


    I found some stuff about record holding lap times. The Carrera GT does 7.28 lap on the ring, but its not the record for a production car. The record is 7.19 made by the radical SR3.
  16. hellnback


    I'll post this again...

    LAPTIMES - Nordschleife (20.832km)

    BOLD - Done with Slicks


    BMW M3 GTR Schnitzer (11/2002) 7:12.25
    Radical SR3 Turbo ( 7/2003) 7.19
    (7:26 road tyres link???)
    Porsche Carrera GT ( 9/2004) 7:32.44 (22.835km circuit)
    TechArt-Porsche GT street ( 8/2001) 7:43
    Pagani Zonda S ( 7/2002) 7:44
    Porsche 911 GT2 ( 6/2001) 7:46
    Porsche 911 GT3 RS ( 3/2004) 7:47
    Porsche 911 GT3 Cup ( 2/1999) 7:49
    Lamborghini Murciélago ( 6/2002) 7:50
    BMW M3 CSL ( 8/2003) 7:50
    Mercedes SLR McLaren ( 6/2004) 7:52
    Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 (???) 7:52 (Unofficial)
    Lamborghini Gallardo (12/2003) 7:52
    Porsche 911 GT3 ( 6/2003) 7:54
    Ferrari Challenge Stradale ( 2/2004) 7:56
    Porsche 911 Turbo ( 6/2000) 7:56
    Lotec-Porsche 911 Turbo ( 5/1998) 7:57
    Nissan Skyline GT-R R33 (???) 7:59 (Unofficial)
    Subaru Impreza WRX STi SPEC C (??/2004) 7:59
    Porsche 911 GT3 ( 8/1999) 8:03
    Lamborghini Diablo GT ( 7/2000) 8:04
    Ferrari 575M Maranello (12/2002) 8:05
    Ferrari 550 Maranello ( 6/1998) 8:07
    Honda NSX-R ( 8/2002) 8:09 (7:56 claimed, link???)
    Lamborghini Diablo SV ( 12/1997) 8:09
    Ferrari F360 Modena ( 10/1999) 8:09
    Donkervoort D8 180R ( 3/2001) 8:10
    Chrysler Viper GTS ( 10/1997) 8:10
    Mercedes SL55 AMG ( 5/2002) 8:12
    Dodge Viper SRT-10 (10/2004) 8:13
    Lotus Esprit Sport 350 ( 5/1999) 8:13
    AC-Schnitzer-BMW CLS III ( 11/1997) 8:16
    Porsche 911 Carrera (10/2001) 8:17
    Aston Martin V12 Vanquish ( 1/2003) 8:17
    Porsche 911 Carrera ( 1/1998) 8:17
    Chevrolet Corvette Com. Edition ( 9/2003) 8:18
    Ferrari F355 ( 6/1997) 8:18
    BMW Z8 ( 8/2000) 8:18
    Audi RS6 ( 9/2002) 8:20
    Mercedes C55 AMG ( 7/2004) 8:22
    BMW M3 ( 12/2000) 8:22
    BMW M Coupe ( 10/1998) 8:22
    Aston Martin DB7 GT ( 7/2003) 8:23
    Porsche Carrera 4 ( 2/2001) 8:23
    Subaru Impreza WRX STi ( 5/2004) 8:24
    Mitsubishi Carisma GT EVO VII (11/2002) 8:25
    Callaway C12 Coupe ( 4/1999) 8:25
    Audi RS4 ( 10/2000) 8:25
    Mitsubishi Carisma GT EVO VI ( 11/1999) 8:25
    Nissan 350Z (10/2003) 8:26
    BMW M5 ( 3/1999) 8:28
    Mercedes CLK 55 AMG ( 5/2000) 8:29
    Audi S4 Avant (11/2003) 8:29
    Maserati Coupé Cambiocorsa (10/2002) 8:30
    Lotus Exige ( 8/2004) 8:32
    BMW Z4 3.0 SMG ( 5/2003) 8:32
    BMW M Roadster ( 9/1997) 8:32
    Porsche Boxster S ( 12/1999) 8:32
    Opel Speedster Turbo ( 4/2004) 8:34
    BMW Z3 Coupé 3.0i ( 4/2001) 8:34
    Brabus-Mercedes C V8 Coupé ( 2/2002) 8:35
    Porsche Boxster ( 3/2003) 8:36
    BMW M3 SMG ( 3/1997) 8:35
    BMW Alpina B3 3.3 ( 7/1999) 8:36
    VW Golf R32 ( 2/2003) 8:37
    Mercedes C32 AMG ( 9/2001) 8:37
    Maserati 3200 GT ( 9/2000) 8:37
    Subaru Impreza GT Turbo ( 3/2000) 8:37
    Honda NSX ( 8/1997) 8:38
    Brabus-Mercedes CLK 5.8 ( 12/1998) 8:38
    Mercedes SL500 (12/2001) 8:38
    Morgan Aero 8 ( 4/2003) 8:39
    Honda S2000 ( 1/2000) 8:39
    Chevrolet Corvette ( 7/1997) 8:40
    Aston Martin DB7 Vantage ( 9/1999) 8:41
    Audi S3 ( 6/1999) 8:41
    Audi S4 ( 8/1998) 8:42
    Lotus Exige ( 11/2000) 8:42
    Honda Civic Type-R (11/2001) 8:47
    Renaul Clio Sport V6 ( 7/2001) 8:49
    Jaguar XKR Coupe ( 7/1998) 8:49
    Audi TT 1.8T quattro ( 11/1998) 8:49
    Alpina B10 3.2 ( 4/1998) 8:50
    Alfa Romeo 156 GTA ( 6/2002) 8:51
    Mercedes Benz C43 AMG ( 3/1998) 8:51
    Mercedes CLK 430 ( 9/1998) 8:52
    VW Golf GTI ( 1/2002) 8:54
    Porsche Boxster ( 4/1997) 8:54
    Mini Cooper S Works ( 9/2004) 8:55
    AMG-Mercedes SLK-230 Kompressor ( 5/1997) 9:07
    VW Golf V6 4motion ( 4/2000) 9:09

    REMEMBER: Times are usually stock model from standing start & road tyres used.


    There you go, have fun.

    From this thread...
  17. Flinx


    Sorry to interrupt in here,
    but what makes you think the Porsche Carrera GT ran the old layout with 22.835 km?
    Didn´t they tell you that since 1983 the Nordschleife is 2 km shorter just because they cut of the Südkehre?
  18. Jedi2016


    Unless it ran on part of the GP course? I think those two can still be connected, don't they use the GP course as part of the 24hr race?
  19. valli


    I've only played the GT4 demo and my record with the Falken Skyline is 7"16, but I suspect it can be pushed to under 7".

    I'd appreciate if anyone with the full GT4 would try this car, all aids off and racing tires.
  20. mclaren777


    Yes, you are correct. The GP circuit is part of the 24-hour race.
  21. GTXLR


    The video in the thread you are talking about featured the Sauber.
    Problem with the time is it was set on super soft (unrealistc arcade style) tyres, with traction control and ASM enabled, allowing player to run much faster than real life.

    FLINX Below----VVVV!!!

    can you confirm the above statement, this was my impression.
    I hope to hell that wasnt sim with no aids and real tyres!

    End of edit.

    We need to see a time set with no driver aids, and realistic tyres to make a true comparison with real world times.
  22. Flinx


    The Carrera GT time was run while "Sport Auto", a german car magazin did the so called super test.
    This test is done on the old Nordschleife without any part of the GP track.
    So it´s still 20,835 km.

    And the guy mentioning S 16 done on 5´25.272 is me.
    The replay file for the japanese Version can be found here.
    Maybe someone with the japanese version and a video capture card ......
  23. x08


    I just ran 7'11.806 in the "AMG Mercedes 190 E EvoII Touring Car '92".... engine upgraded to level 4 turbo, nitrous and the rollcage... settings have notbeen changed from what the game sets them at..

  24. hellnback


    Flinx in all respect, yes I know that the circuit is now 2km shorter... I got the time and distance from articles (x3), when I looked up info about the Carrera GT's record attempt... all said that the time was even more remarkable because it was the 'old' 22.8km circuit and not the 20.8km circuit that most record attempts were on...
  25. i-bert


    Thats what i'll be doing.The only way we can compete with out online play is to stick to some rules.

    Those arcade racers can do what they want because those times are silly.
  26. Lipton


    Of Course you will get better times in GT 4 than u would irl.

    As the inventor of the suit is saying: NO Gforces whatsoever, no preassure, no risk, nothing...

    How many of ya has driven the ring irl? ;)

    It's the experience of a lifetime. Especially as ya have the danger of running into a tourist bus's ass after the next turn...

    So, yeah... 5.25+ or whatever is a VERY cool time and even if the old record could be broken by a newer machine I strongly doubt that there would be any driver mad enough to wanna try and pull it off. There's bumps all over and, as said, one mistake at that speed and u wont even have time to think: "****, this is it" before u'r smeared out over the beautiful surroundings.

    But hey, atleast u'll be having fun!!!


    There's a reason it's nicknamed: The Green Hell...
  27. Dev_Zero


    I'll say this AGAIN. The Carrera GT isn't the fastest production car round the NS. The Donkervoort 270 RS is. It did the lap in 7,18.01.
  28. Famine

    Famine Administrator

    United Kingdom
    I'll give it a bash if I get the time.
  29. LFRANCOF483



    yea, that's were i got the idea to start this thread, but i was looking more for GT4 times, or GT4P times on the nurburgring since not many people have GT4
  30. LFRANCOF483


    damn, you got that time with teh M3? or the M5? if M3, that's a really good time...i drove the M3 like they would have in real life, worried that they would go into the grass and probably kill themselves, that's probabaly why i got a time close to the real lap time of 8.22 (for quick referenece, i got 8.23)

    but im sure now that i am more accustomed to the ring, i can get the M5 into the sub 8 minute club :tup: :)