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    Well... you'd expect me to be doing this sort of thing by now, surely?

    Please bear in mind that this is a work in progress at this point in time. I've completed* the list of all the available cars on the very first "day" of play to this point, which is just 231 of the 1031 cars available in the game. Since I've not actually played any of the game yet, this list is comprised of dealership figures only - that's DEALERSHIP FIGURES ONLY - and you should be aware that power ratings will probably change when the cars get to your garage, along with missing data for drivetrain and weight (thanks once again for that, PD) where applicable. This file will take some time to finish, but I'm getting good at this now :D

    There have been occasional issues downloading .zip files from GTPlanet in the past. If you are having trouble unzipping the file, download 7zip. You will need a Excel viewer, or, better still, Excel or OpenOffice to view the result.

    Enjoy and feel free to use in any manner you see fit (except for pretending you generated it).

    Available data fields:
    Price (except used cars)
    Drivetrain (Where xx, drive type only; Where xxx, stock forward ratios and drive type; Where xxxx, stock forward ratios, drive type and best tuning type)
    Type (Road/Race/Concept/Tuner)
    Required Level
    Stock power
    Stock weight
    Stock PWR & WPR
    Game version (this field should be redundant now. Should be)

    Edit: The second tab includes all this information again, but only for the cars that are available at the start of the game. I may shrink this section so it represents just the sub-£20k starter cars.
    Edit: The second tab now reflects only the cars you can buy to start - sub-20k, level 0 cars.

    Update history
    26/11/10 - Initial cohort of cars added, 231 in total. Dealership figures used.
    27/11/10 - Year field added, some data amended by garage stats, 60 more cars added.
    27/11/10 - Alternative link - please only use if the .zip file proves tricky - Removed 29/08/11
    30/11/10 - 353 cars in total, including Stealth and XJ13 Chromeline; DLC column added
    02/12/10 - 498 cars in total, including all Chromeline; PDF added
    03/12/10 - 606 cars in total; PDF updated
    08/12/10 - 695 cars in total; Torque column added; Neither PDF nor offsite file updated
    10/12/10 - 784 cars in total; PDF updated; Offsite file updated
    18/12/10 - 958 cars in total; New data added to drivetrain field; Power value updates
    23/12/10 - 956 cars in total; More new data added to drivetrain field; 164 cars with verified garage data; Offsite file updated
    24/12/10 - As above, but 201 cars verified.
    10/01/11 - 969 cars in total; 333 cars verified; Offsite file updated
    14/01/11 - 980 cars in total; 441 cars verified; Offsite file updated
    20/01/11 - 983 cars in total; 494 cars verified; Offsite file updated
    05/03/11 - Data reboot; All cars' values now confirmed at 0.0 miles to eliminate mileage variables; Prize/Ticket cars demarcated; 1031 cars in total; 527 cars verified
    29/08/11 - Finished!
    10/10/11 - Only kidding. Spec 2.0 added, 1044 cars in total. Finished until next week!
    18/10/11 - Correction, DLC added, 1059 cars in total. Finished again!
    31/01/12 - DLC added, 1072 cars in total. Finished again again.

    With additional thanks to

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  2. Zeeco_9

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    The computer says 'no' :grumpy:
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  3. Famine

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    To what?
  4. ZOOSO


    your zip file wont open Famine
  5. Famine

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  6. DJW_GT


    Great Work Famine, looks great :tup:! How long did it take you (so far)?

    Do you have the appropriate software to unzip the file? (WinZip, WinRAR etc...).
  7. icleolion

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    Unzipping the file isn't the problem. What program do we need to open the file, as it doesn't have an extension?
  8. Famine

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    This - though not having an extension would suggest it hasn't unzipped properly, since it's tagged as an .xls file on unzipping.

    DJW - So far? Today. Now I've got a system running, it should only take as long as it takes to acquire cars. I may ask for returnable car donations later down the line.
  9. icleolion

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    Well I've downloaded and redownloaded the zip. I've tried unzipping it with winrar & 7zip. File still has no extension.
  10. For used cars are you planning to use the condition straight out of the used car lot to determine power, or condition after oil change/engine refresh/both? I've spent most of my available time since Tuesday acquiring a collection of standard cars, mostly pre-'85 and mostly Japanese cars, and would be happy to provide full details of them where appropriate. I would offer to lend you cars but there are still too many reports of car gifts failing and being lost, possibly related to their ongoing network usage issues; I'd prefer to wait for those to settle down before gifting out my preciousssesss.
  11. Famine

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    I'm afraid I can't help - I've never experienced any problem with .zip files at GTPlanet, despite attempts to replicate on multiple devices and varying OSs in multiple locations and, as you can see, others can access the file without issue. It sounds like your software is renaming the file, for some reason. Tack ".xls" on the end (it is, as I said, an Excel file) and see if it works.

    At present, the power/weight/drive data is all as it appears in the dealership. When I'm done it'll be as it all appears the instant you buy it - baseline stats, if you will.

    I'm running a used car rotation database alongside this (I've figured out how it does it), so I'll be going a while :lol:
  12. Jalapeno0


    Thanks Famine, i had no issues unzipping the xls file.

    For the guy that was having troubles, have you tried giving it an extension of .xls?
  13. Persojet


    Maybe you could port it to OpenOffice? I don't have M$ office and I don't want it either.
  14. Famine

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    It was created in OpenOffice. So... yeah. OpenOffice Calc has no problems reading xls files...

    I shall put an unpacked copy up on my own website and link to it in the first post. But not right now.
  15. Persojet


    Odd I have OpenOffice installed and it doesn't recognize that that file , have to look in to it..
  16. Ah, you're well ahead of me then, I'm still trying to figure that out.
  17. Mike Rotch

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    Unzipped and OpenOfficed no problem. Great work Famine - golddust this be! ;)
  18. opelgt1969

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    I want 1/2 hour of my life back try to download your file!
  19. Famine

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    You'd only waste it watching "football".
  20. RotBot


  21. opelgt1969

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    No No No My TV doesn't pick up Football Baseball Basketball only Racing and NO Golf either.
  22. icleolion

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    Put xls on the end of the file, and it's not a recognised format. Buggered zip file I'm guessing. Going to try downloading it from another PC.

    EDIT: Well that did the trick
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  23. Famine

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    Which has several inaccuracies and lots of missing data - I've filled in more data today on my own than that site actually has. I've added 30 completed cars since I posted my list originally (though I'm not updating the file until I can put one on my site alongside it). They've barely even filled in all the names...

    But whatever floats your boat.

    It's not likely to be a buggered zip file because other people can use it (and so can I). I'm imagining it to be a browser issue - which might be fixed by placing an additional file, linked from my own site. I'll do this tomorrow.
  24. icleolion

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    Yeah I mean't the copy of the zip file on my pc was buggered, due to something that happened to it during download. PC it was buggered on has IE8. PC it worked on has Firefox 3.6. Make of that what you will :)

    Now when you say you've figured it out, do you mean you've figured out how to get the used car section to offer up a new random batch. Or do you mean you've figured out a pattern to the "randomness"?
  25. Pedal-Force


    Could the prize car list be amended to this somehow by any chance? So we could look through the list for a car we want, then find where it can be won as a prize or when/how it will show up in the used car list.

    Thanks for the work. I'd be willing to help with any info.
  26. dylansan

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    Even though the year is part of each car's name, can you make a seperate category for it too, for easier sorting?

    Otherwise, another helpful list from you Famine. :tup:
  27. franz

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    Thanks for the list Famine :tup:
    You may wanna check the specs on the Ferraris for the next update ;)
  28. 213crz


    you sir, are truly AWESOME.
  29. Nice List Bro !! the file is ok, just download and use winrar or winzip

    thats because you dont have Microsoft Excel

    that list is not complete bro
  30. Famine

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    The unpacked file should provide an easier workaround than making people go to a different computer, so I'll make a point of updating that every time too.

    I'm actually only halfway to knowing what's going on, but I've got a pretty good idea of how it generates the lists.

    I had that idea myself. I'm not sure how to go about making it user-friendly, but I can certainly include that information.

    Edit: Added in a basic form, on the third sheet.

    I'd like to include that too, yes. I shall have a look to putting it into a future update.

    Edit: Added to this update.

    I do what I can afford at the time. But I'll find a way to afford an F40 :D

    If anyone wants to help, please donate your car to my Famine3h account. I will return the car (stock stats, as bought without any modifications or refresh/overhaul) when I'm done with it (which isn't very long, usually) but be aware that some people have reported gifts going missing - I've had a 100% success rate so far, but it's not without risk.
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