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Discussion in 'GT5 Drag Racing' started by Larry Underwood, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. Larry Underwood


    Hey every body, I was wondering if any of you have any thought on drag tuning as it become very popular over online gaming. I have 2 potential car in my garage: a Corvette ZR1 (C6) RM '09 (racing mod) and a Nissan GT-R SPECV'09 (fully upgraded).

    Any of you have some suggestion for drag tuning for those two car?

    Thank you very much!
  2. danjee

    United States California

    I'm no expert in tuning, but close gear ratios can help, that's for sure :)
  3. TT3AZ


    Well, it is unnecersarly to star a new thread about drag tuning, according to me we still havent found out if real tuning works well or not in gt5. For drag racing, you have to optimise gears, suspension, drivetrain. As you can see inthe tuning section we are still discussing how to set those things, and how real life tuning affect those things in gt5.

    There are allreaddy a thread about gt5 transmission, so i sudgest you are reading there. The Spec v and the corvette are different car, so different tuning setups are needed, fr vs 4wd.

    The sudgestions you will benefit from is of course a complete list of gear ratios, suspension etc. But you will never find those settings here, because people that have good drag setups wont give it out (Since drag racing in gt5 is a relative unexplored area).

    My best advice is to download the gt4 tuning guide made su Scaff here on gtplanet, and then read about general drag tuning on the internet.

    If you want advide, you can also ask questions in the allreaddy started threads, about gearin, LSD, and suspension.

    Second, it depends if you are running full tunnel at ssr7, or just 1/4 mileish.

    The calculations and physics behind drag racing is the same physics used in circuit racing, but in drag racing you are tweaking your setup in a different way, where acceleration and traction is most important.
  4. veyron1001


    simple go into a drag server and bum off their setups. Plenty of those parasitic servers available.
  5. No_OBsT33R


    That's just funny to me and my sick sense of humor. I'm not important though, just a No_OB
  6. 10,500RPM


    They're usually just veyrons with a stage 3 turbo ;)
  7. Larry Underwood


    Ok never mind...

    I was only wondering, that's all...
  8. articzap


    Real life tuning works great, at least I found.
  9. dr_slump

    Switzerland Switzerland
    PSN:the_dr_slump / GTP_dr_slump

    Ok, here's my opinion about drag racing with rwd's

    Set LSD: 60, 60, 60
    Raise the rear height and lower the front.
    The rear should be very soft.
    Rear wheel camber: 0 (try an extrem high number on the front)
    Toe: 0/0
    weight distribution +50
    downforce: front as low as possible, rear on max
    Calculate the best transmission, as described in the gt5 transmission thread

    Correct me, if i'm wrong.
  10. mafia_boy


    You're right and wrong. That answer is very hit and miss because some of those things work and some of them don't, already tried all of them and if I said them all, well I'd lose my competitive advantage over you guys. :p

    4WD is different to FR aswell so a different setup is required as TT3AZ said. It's not too much different to an FR though, I will say that.
  11. articzap


    Competitive advantage? I've never seen you drag online.
  12. TT3AZ


    Maybe OT, but if you are into drag racing, and a new comer...Read this

    Let me tell you one thing about online drag, since we dont have a official function for a "tree" or time, the methods used in drag rooms are questionable. This time thing really doesnt work since the racing time isnt synced and accurate at all times = some people jump, some people leave late, but in reality neither of them jump or leave late, it just that the time is some times behind or forward 0,4-1 second. I have tested and proven that, it depends on your connection and then ones you racing with. You can also see some people calling the launch like "35", but the time is like 55, 00, 12, etc. On his racing time, its 35 when he launch, but on others, the time is like different.

    The most "fair" thing according to me, if you want the cars to somehow launch at the same time is the self invented "tree". Sure, you can say that some people "sees" the car goes invisible before others due to lag etc, but still the tree works much better. In 9 out of 10 times, when people have "jumped" me, i have won when using a tree. I also play on US servers with US people, so they cant complain that i see the "tree" before them, because im the one that lives far away.

    An old trick that is well used in those drag rooms are to call a odd number like 24, 39 etc, and some people get fooled an launch like 25, or 40 because they are used to go on regular numbers. Another trick is also to launch 0,4 seconds before the time changes, because its the ammount of time it takes from when you release the brake to the car starts moving. That means many people going like 34.5 seconds, when the launch is at 35.

    What do we have more, well, some people just honk the horn three times, or call the launch "3,2,1" but the funny thing is that the person calling or honking, will allways have a advantage in reaction time, since hes the one that doing those things. It takes longer time to react if you hear something from another person, than doing it yourself, because on the third honk, he allreaddy have released his brake and away he goes. Okay, other popular things is to lie about the HP, weight, transmission, tires etc. I raced a guy claming he had "close" to 300hp in his Nissan gtr35, but when he checked he "had" like 480...some people try to challange you with a over powered car, giving you 2 seconds head start, that also bs if you are running full tunnel. What do we have more, people clamin their mustangs etc has 350hp, still beeing able to hit top speeds of 225 mph..not possible with that weight, aerodynamics, and power. People claiming to have more HP than possible in game, just as an explenation that they are "so" fast. Okay this is a good one, one person claimed that aerodynamics didnt matter in top speed, he claimed that "less weight = faster car", well thats true, but HP and aerodynamics, tq/hp curve does also play a role. He gave me an example, that "if you are running with a weight on your back you will be slower", of course if you have less streinght in your leggs. Then se said that i could use a paper "hat" to decrease my aero drag, but the funny part is, you never hit those speeds running, that you will be affected that much by aero force....really educated huh.

    Just a tip, dont buy all this bs drag racers pulling this days, if you want to race, call a tree, and you will be amazed that many people just talking alot of crap. In street drag, reaction time and how good you shift is also important...

    Ive been accused of jumping and leaving late to many times, but people gotta remember, the time that shows on your screen isnt 100% the same that shows on other peoples screens. Hence the replay data that you have saved wont tell you the whole truth.

    Just some random information though, it all about caring and sharing right?
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  13. articzap


    Agree'd on all aspects. We should run some cars!
  14. the "tree" is probably the most fare, a lot of times its accurate and both users see it at the same time

    some cars are so even that it just depends on who gets out first

    online drag has been there since the game started and people find different ways to make it fair and even more ways to make their cars faster. if one group finds a way to make it faster, they will have the competitive advantage till the rest figures it out

    i can have a set of competitively fast cars one day, not play for 2-3 days and i come back online and everyone is faster than me

    recently i have seen people get really serious about it with team rivalries and even people making sure they are not being watched/spied on

    i do it for fun, i love cars and racing. this is a nice way to do it without getting a ticket, risking your life or just plain old saving money on gas! lol

    see you guys online!
  15. TT3AZ


    That is very true, people are getting to serious about all this tuning, including me some how. The reason i want to have a accurate way of launch, is to measure my own cars performance towards the others, assuming we both have good reaction. A thing i cant stand though, people trying to badtalk others without valid information. It isnt that important who wins or lose, but it is equal conditions that is important.

    As i wrote in other threads, tuning is not a "one time offer", you have to tune your car all the time, because there are people optimize their cars all the time.
  16. yeah only thing i wish they had were tune presets. that way i dont mess up one tune trying to make another

    in the end, i have like 2-4 of the same car just so i can mess with one and keep the tune on the other one just in case
  17. TT3AZ


    Thats true, i always write down my tunes in a paper sheet.
  18. articzap


    Excel spreadsheets for me.
  19. Larry Underwood


    Me to! I have a folder called GT5 Tuning, there is all the good tuning that I found on forum! I even have the GT5 icon for the folder... I know... I'm a geek!! hahaha
  20. i only have a couple cars that i dont tune often, all the others i am constantly changing tunes so i gave up on the excel sheet, i used to do that
  21. Bobby-Vegas

    United States Las Vegas, USA

    Are you doing the tunnel drag or 1/4 mile? Makes a difference. I only drag on the Indy Road Course, which has a legit enough 1/4 mile (closest in the game)..
  22. ///Mikucki


    no downforce front or rear
  23. TT3AZ


    Yeah the indy road course is fine, its also a bright track so you see the car goes invisible (tree) very well.
  24. mafia_boy


    You obviously don't look hard enough. TT3AZ has been in a room with me @ SSR7 and I'm there EVERY NIGHT. If I don't have my own room I'm with either the Aussies (so there's minimal lag) or the Saudi's, Japanese or American's.
  25. Saudis and PR guys have some quick cars, i always see them around ssr7

    aj071082 is my name on psn, i am on always every night on weekdays
  26. TT3AZ


    Yeah man i have seen you some times im these drag rooms, yes there are many people from saudi states and puerto rico doing drag racing. And of course me, with the nationality unmentioned :sly:. Oh man all those argues in the drag rooms.....haha
  27. lol i dont argue, just there for fun

    if i get beat, i get beat! makes it fun so i have to retune the car

    see you around
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  28. TT3AZ


    haha i know, but i meant me, im always in argues for some reason.


    I used to race SSR7 and it was fun for a while but once I started running 1/4 it was so much more challenging and had better compeditors. I agree that you wont find 1/4 drag tunes anywhere, but if you do and there 2 days old there worthless and only thing I can tell U is make friends with fast people. I never tell anybody transmission setings but if you want to put the hours into it and will respect the sanctity of the art I will teach
    U how to farm so U can grow your own food....if U have it given to U, U wont learn anything....HOLLA!!!
  30. yeah the best way to tune is to get a group of people and test each setting you change.

    its hard doing it alone or tuning against cars that really arent that fast. you think you did something good till your race someone quick and realize your slower
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