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Discussion in 'Hybriding' started by deba94, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. deba94

    Canada Ontario

    Ever wonder if GT5 cars could be hybrided? If so, me too. :) I've had some theories about the game data, but I won't be able to apply them without your help!

    First a disclaimer:
    I hope this answers any questions about possible cheating online.

    Now for some background info about me:
    I'm a computer programmer, you may know me from the Arduino B-Spec automator. I have two PS3s, one I use for homebrew (jailbroken), the other for online gaming.

    Now that that's out of the way, let us begin!

    On the GT5 disc, is a GT.vol file. Just like the GT games before 5, it's one big archive containing game data including music, cars, etc. This is a huge file, weighing in at 12098856960 bytes, about 11.3GB.

    I'm fairly new to the Gran-Turismo-data-modification-scene, and have little to no knowledge on the compression format used on the GT.vol files, but all I can say is that the tools used for previous games fail to unpack this file.
    So I looked for another route...

    The best route I found was DLC. All PS3 DLC comes in packages called PKGs (heh). I've taken a look at one piece of DLC, the Edge Special Camaro. The PKG can be found here. I have unpacked this PKG using freely available tools, and have yet to conclude anything significant... More PKGs are required.

    Which is where you guys come in ;).

    It would be helpful if people could grab this links of other DLC (chrome line, stealth) the same way I have grabbed the Camaro link.

    To do this: (jailbreak not required)
    1. Download this
    2. Extract to a location
    3. Start the program
    4. Follow the instuctions (on the PS3, go to connection settings and set it up normally. When you reach "Use Proxy" select yes and enter the ip address and port shown in the program.)
    5. Connect to PSN and go to your Downloaded Content in the Playstation Store.
    6. Find your chrome line and/or stealth DLC and select "download" (you may cancel once the download has begun.)
    7. Look at the program, and copy the link that begins with ""
    8. Paste it into this thread!

    Any help would be appreciated :)
    If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask.
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  2. The reason why you will never extract that gt.vol file is because you need a
    special key. All files are encrypt even .png files for the cars that are put on
    the PS3's HDD for the cars thumbnails.

    But i think you know this and just want people to give you dlc files :tdown:
    as the game itself extracts files from the gt.vol file, but again its all encrypt.
    The dlc files are just key's they don't have the car data in them that was
    already put in the game through a update :dopey:
  3. deba94

    Canada Ontario

    This is what I understand, which is why I'm looking at DLC.

    This is true, but I'm not sure why you're thumbing down. DLC is locked to each user's account (as I've stated in my first post). If I were to get a hold of links to DLC, it would not install on my system. Please reread the first post.

    This is only semi-true.
    The contents of a DLC PKG are:
    |-- ICON0.PNG             //The GT5 icon
    |-- PARAM.HIP             //Plain text information on the car
    |-- PARAM.SFO            //PS3 file used for showing information on the XMB
    |-- PS3LOGO.DAT        //Generic
    `-- USRDIR
        `-- vou
            `-- vouXX.edat   //The car itself
    Although the car itself is not in the PKG, if you take a look at the PS3's hdd after the DLC is installed, you can find data OUTSIDE the GT.vol. Game updates are PKGs as well. PKGs CAN NOT deploy commands, such as, extract the GT.vol, move files into the GT.vol, repack the GT.vol, resign the GT.vol. PKG installation is strictly limited to moving, deleting, and adding files to the PS3's HDD. Out side of the GT.vol, you will find, not a model or a texture, but a DIR containing many more DIRs and files. This is what I'm guessing to be the car's tuning data, which is why I specifically stated in the title "Steps to Hybrids" and not "Steps to Texture Hacking" or "Model Editing".

    I will see if I can get a DIR tree of the PS3s HDD when I return home.

    As for a100miles2go, I appreciate the concern, but be sure to read the first post entirely before you make accusations.
  4. Maybe you will have better luck modding the eboot for the game which can
    be decrypt.

    If you look closely you will find car names like Nike, if the Nike car is
    removed why still leave traces of it.

    You will also find two key's in the eboot not sure what they are for.

    No one has made a extractor for GTPSP and i don't see one been made
    for GT5 anytime unless those key's in the eboot are used to decrypt data.

    You say you need the other DLC to see what is different in them. well
    nothing really just car names and a different key to say you have right's
    to unlock stuff on the disc or that was put in the game through a update.

    if someone ports cwcheat to PS3 modding would be easily done. I've been
    looking at a memory dump of GTPSP and found references to debug menu
    which lets you unlock all cars in all colors and tones of other stuff and i bet
    GT5 has a hidden menu as well.

    Have you seen this site
    maybe you will have some luck on getting someone to make a extractor
    on that site.

    Here are some other DLC files to fill your curiosity
    includes NASCAR Car, McLaren F1 Stealth Model, Mecedes SLS AMG Stealth Model.
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  5. White & Nerdy

    United States Wasilla, AK

    Where is the line here regarding the Stealth DLC links he's been given? What can and can't he do with that without getting banned?
  6. deba94

    Canada Ontario

    I haven't thought of this actually, It would make sense to find information on accessing the GT.vol in the eboot.bin. I'll look into this, I could very well lead to useful information on the GT.vol file.

    There is currently a device out that can patch the PS3's ram on the fly, but it's only for FW3.41 and lower.

    Thank you, I'll be sure to take a look at these :tup:.

    Somewhat helpful post, a100miles2go. I'm curious to know how you've found this information; is there a thread on some forum already discussing GT5 data modding? Or did you do the research yourself?

    Thanks again. :)
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  7. deba94

    Canada Ontario

    When DLC is purchased, the RIF for that corresponding PKG is installed to the ps3's HDD. Without the RIF (one that has your OWN PSNID), the PKG can only be examined.

    ALL PKGs are downloaded from the same place. They contain no personal information.
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  8. Xenn

    United Kingdom The U of K

    Why this will never work:

    1) It takes a good while to unpack a .vol file, and considering this is a PS3 game, that will take even longer due to how it will be coded.

    2) Modified data has a chance of completely destroying a game, as chances are, it has a certain limit to what you can modify.

    3) Game has a built in check-sum, meaning modifying will just completely make the game unplayable.

    I'm sorry, just stop. GT5 hybrids will never work. Just leave it for GT4 and lower.
  9. deba94

    Canada Ontario

    This is not a road block, but an inconvenience. The theory I continuously bring up is modifying DLC, anyway.
    Destroying in what way? Jailbroken consoles cannot go online (as I mentioned in the first post) so you couldn't possibly be talking about that. If you mean corrupting game data, there is just as much a risk as in GT4 or any other GT game (or any game AT ALL for that matter). There's a reason why people backup files before modifying.
    I'm sorry, do you work for Polyphony Digital? Maybe you can explain why I have been modifying (and then installing) the Camaro's PKG in the past, and the game HASN'T been crashing, but been giving error codes instead (note: game is still playable)? The game has fail safes, but I'm sure you know this since a checksum is of course a fail safe and you work for Polyphony Digital.

    My apologies to YOU good sir, but "just stop" being negative. GT5 hybrids have never been looked into. It would really have been more confidence boosting if people would actually contribute to the thread instead of shoot down the idea.
  10. Xenn

    United Kingdom The U of K

    Seeing as you know what you're talking about, i'm just going to say, continue on.

    Keep us informed if you find anything.
  11. hawkeye122

    United States California

    Im not big on... programing... anything... at all. I can't program my Ti-84 to do factors...

    But if theres something i can do, let me know.
  12. deba94

    Canada Ontario

    Thanks to a100miles2go, I may be onto something.

    After decrypting the eboot.bin, the keys he mentioned are in fact there. The one that stands out the most is the RSA Private Key. I am currently writing a decryptor with a friend of mine to be used on the GT.vol.

    Things the community could help with:
     - Links to documentation on the .vol file type
     - Source code to the various .vol unpackers already out (gtfs, gt3vol.exe, etc.)
     - If gt3.vol was encrypted or not
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^these would help immensely for when the GT.vol is decrypted^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    I wouldn't get my hopes up too quick yet, but if anyone can fill those requests above, we could very well be onto something.

    Thank you.
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  13. Xenn

    United Kingdom The U of K

    If I remember correctly, the GT3.vol file was encrypted. But I could be wrong.

    And because most sites that have GTFS have dead links, I went ahead and uploaded it myself: (It has MFAudio and PSS player incase the files inside gt5.vol ever worked with them)
  14. He can't do anything with it as it's protected by drm which hasn't been cracked.

    All info is found by reading a lot and poking around files. Don't think anyone is trying to mod GT5 as the guys who make extractors for a hobby can't make one as the .vol file is protected.

    Here are some files i found. - GT4 DVD5 Kit - GT3 extractor,rebuilder ,relinker - GT3 RipKit Tutorial
  15. deba94

    Canada Ontario

    Thank you for the tools guys, I had most of them, but this'll be a good centralized place to find them all.

    Does anyone know if there is source code available for any of those tool though? It'd be nice to see how others have unpacked the gt.vol in the past.

    Also, did GT2 and/or GT1 have encrypted vol's, or any vol's at all? We'd like to be able to confirm that the gt.vol has actually been decrypted (checking headers, etc.) once we finish our tool. Also, if GT3's unpackers decrypt the vol as well, we wont be able to use it on the gt5 vol.

    I will be borrowing a copy of Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec from a friend tonight and will rip the gt3.vol for further testing. Does anyone know of a tool that decrypts the gt3.vol but doesn't unpack it? I'm not sure if one is even required as we don't know if the gt3.vol is encrypted in the first place.

    I hope these questions made sense, and I hope someone will be able to answer them. :)
  16. No source code is available for those tools or else it would be zipped up with them.

    There is one other tool for $2.00 USD(payments paypal) [PS2] <Gran Turismo Concept 2002 Tokyo-Geneva> <Gran Turismo 3> *.VOL [RoES Header] BigFile = *.VOL
    Not sure if your heard of Gnie's Xpert tool, well he made a new app that now you have to pay for it and to get updates and for the plugin's. his site is that's where those tool's i posted before came from.
  17. White & Nerdy

    United States Wasilla, AK

    I've come up with a far more awesome idea relating to this thread. My original thought was that he'd actually figured out how to get the special cars and a complete database of 'Ring times for every car could now be assembled (hope that wasn't infraction-worthy, though I doubt it since I talked many times about using a gameshark to get all the DLC on an NA game... silly me, I didn't realize GS doesn't work with the PS3).

    Although that hope proved false, I highly encourage you to get that decryptor finished. If it's not too much to ask, when you get it, try to find the event code (or whatever) and post up lists of AI opponent cars for all the events. Including the modifications used and how much power they put out. That would be something epic if it's at all possible.

  18. deba94

    Canada Ontario

    Update: Good news and bad news...

    After examining the GT3 tools, and the GT3.vol itself, I can say that it was/is NOT encrypted. This gives us something to work off of once we do get the GT5 GT.VOL decrypted. On that note...

    The RSA key we found inside the decrypted eboot.bin is infact for ssl certificates for when the game communicates with the GT5 server.... not for decrypting the GT5 VOL.

    My friend and I will continue to look into the eboot.bin to see if it contains anything else that may be useful.
  19. From what i read on the data is also compressed.

    I wonder how that Mathieulh guy found the cheat code for GT5P debug menu, all
    the folders are the same as GT5's in two letter folders.

    If you can work out how the game is decrypting those .png files when they get
    uploaded to profile you might have luck finding the key to decrypt data.

    Find this in the eboot. Copyright (c) 1992-2003 by P.J. Plauger, licensed by Dinkumware, Ltd. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

    And these as well DEBUGMENU.envptr and DEBUGKEY.DAT and entry's like beginDecrypt endDecrypt
  20. hawkeye122

    United States California

    So, im wondering, has anyone made any progress on this in a while?
  21. Inferno251

    Australia Sydney

    Has anyone found a PS3 Proxy that can be compatible with Mac?
  22. hawkeye122

    United States California

    Just had a thought.. would it be easier to make your own tickets? When you gift a car, it gets sent as a ticket. That ticket holds the data for how much power the car has, what condition the oil is, etc. Maybe it would be easier to modify that instead of the whole game?
  23. Progress Made: Found a utility that can unpack GT5 and GT5P files, it is called Dragon UnPacker...

    Best things, IT IS OPEN-SOURCE!
    It takes a LOT of time to unpack GT.VOL, this program also has a lot of plugins so you could extend its functionality! :)
  24. More help: This contradicts with my previous post but is equally as helpful...

    We are making a mistake trying to unpack GT5.VOL, how about installing the full data to the ps3 HDD and then accessing that data, It'll be unpacked :)
  25. atomrah

    United States EARTH

    Has any progress been made with this?
  26. NotReallyKnown


  27. With a EG6


    Seems like a lot of work. Hybriding GT5 sounds like to much effort. A jailbroken PS3 sucks anyway. :rolleyes:
  28. Armyof1

    United States ca

    This may not help or mean jack but prev grand turismo was unlocked all tracks and a billion dollars with a disk called "code breaker" I have used it years ago and it worked and have been trying to find a newer version or even another old one but you put the disk in with a mem card and it unlocked the game ....It was a disk for unlocking games thats all i can add maybe you can research that or find leads ......And nothing is inpossible , disreguard the jerks and you get my thanks for your time and effert
  29. GT HP Nut

    Hong Kong Hong Kong

    Well, I can say nothing but to wish you good luck with the unpacking, as I'm actually rather keen of knowing what cars that were originally included in the plan were excluded by PD in the development of GT5.

    Unfortunately, I have already downloaded most of the DLC (apart from those ChromeLine and the Edge Camaro, which I have no source) :(

    Also, I have little knowledge (almost none :lol:) about computers, so I'm afraid I can't offer you any help :(
  30. ShiftnTrigga

    United States NJ

    Don't quote me on it but maybe the older games were SHAH encrypted. Even if you can decrypt vol or eboot, the rsa algorithm is long and the fact that my dlc has a different RSA key than yours, this makes it a little more subtle. I thought the device to jailbreak can jb all versions ( its like a RISC chip or similar dongle?) if the checksum could be spoofed ( it would fail @ modified data), I can see added content getting through failsafes.. The engine can handle it I'm sure, especially if we're only modifying cars, not adding them.
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