GT5 Prologue in TGS 2008 @ Playstation Home Beta (Update)

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  1. Marky264

    United Kingdom Surrey, United

    Recently I received an Invite to Participate in the Home Beta. The Invite was sent to my Japanese PSN Account. Meaning that I could access the Home Beta on Both my UK PSN Account and my JPN PSN Account. On the UK/US Version of Home however it does not include the TGS 2008 Booth. So it's a whole new Level in Home. If you already in the Home Beta I suggest you go on your JPN PSN Account and take a look. Back to the point! Remember those screens of the Driving Force Pro being in Home? They have them at the TGS Booth along with a array of GT5 Prologue Spec III Stuff! If your are aware of Home's Features then you know the icon where you can select a Game of Pool or Bowling for Example you know with the Dual Sock3 Icon Pops up and you click X to Play... Well the Icon pops up as you hover over the Driving Force Pro Setups. You can Select to Play GT5 Prologue on the Driving Force Pro Via this way. But heres the thing. I cannot understand fully what the requirements are for doing this feature. (Weither it is accessable yet) (Or Weither the function works yet) A Message pops up on the screen as you select it in Japanese. All I can Make out from the message is (Playstation Store) & (Blu Ray Disc) And a Warning Sign (!) Hence my thoughts were that the feature isnt accessable in the Beta BUT This I beleive is the way you are able to launch Private Races in Home. This is my thoughts anyway. (Further More backing up the suspisions first about Private Races on GTPlanet) I think that message either means You will either need the Playstation Store Version of GT5 Prologue Or the Blu Ray Version of the game. Further details I really cannot make out. Screens are below please take a look and tell me what you think. Please Mods Do Not Close This as it's relevant Information about GT5 Prologue Regarding Home and it's Features to do with it. Take a lookie for yourself if your in the Beta! :tup:


    That's the message that comes up when you jump onto the GT5 Prologue Driving Force GT Setup ^^^
  2. patriotzero

    Turkey At HOME!

    Is that in Japan HOME??
  3. Marky264

    United Kingdom Surrey, United

    Yes Patriot as I said....
  4. balang_479


    what the hell is home????????
  5. Marky264

    United Kingdom Surrey, United



    That is awesome news, for the first time I get a vision of how GT5 and Home will integrate together! Graphically it's very impressive, a lot more atmospheric than other screenshots I've seen of Home. Private rooms here we come!


    I noticed that there are only 4 race frames.

    Does this mean that their idea of "private races" in Home will only have a maximum of 4 players? And how long before Home is ready?!

    Surely it can't be far off!

  7. Marky264

    United Kingdom Surrey, United

    Hehe yeah, Well it's in the Invite Open Beta now so more invites are getting sent out every week apparently... Thats how i got mine :p, Yup we'll have to wait about full details but you cant really have a whole Home Room with 16 Simulators in them welll we could.... That be so awesome! :p Home's Full Release is beginning of Next Year.... Well that was the plan lol!
  8. marky5244


    Just speculating... With the extra screens in those pictures, I suspect that your avatar could stand and watch an online race as a spectator - and without even owning a copy of Gran Turismo as it will be just streaming video to your PS3.
  9. Watevaman


    That seems like it would be really network intensive, though. What if there were 50 people standing behind and watching it?
  10. marky5244


    True, but then that would be the same for all similar video content in Home. It could be very clever and only transmit enough data to your PS3 that was needed - i.e. if an avatar was standing a little way away from the 'screens' then less data streamed to their PS3 would be required.

    Thinking aloud, for this to work the PS3s in a race would also have to 'talk' to some central server which would supply the race information to those watching in Home.
  11. Soundtrack


    This looks great!:tup:

    I suspect streaming video could be a bit load intensive for broadcasting every online “private” race. Streaming the game race data to spectators sounds more achievable in my opinion. So you will probably need a running copy of the game for live shows.

    Anyway very happy to hear that those GT racing pods are somehow interactive at this time. This almost certainly means more to come... in the future.:)
  12. patriotzero

    Turkey At HOME!

    ı cant understand japanese alphabet.How can i create my game..Yes i know same icons like others Homes but i have to remember what it is. create game and invite.
  13. Marky264

    United Kingdom Surrey, United

    Press Select to bring up the English Alphatbet. Look Patriot listen and read what I have said. I didnt saying you could launch a game. I said that there is interactivity with the Setup Station But it's not available and comes up with the message in the picture./ You cannot launch a game yet stop being so impatient about this please.
  14. patriotzero

    Turkey At HOME!

    Don't worry Marky I am a patient man:) till the end..Private races on the way.My prediction is that feature is coming early december. I want to Japan home yesterday.It looks coll but shoppıng centre empty..There is a video.I didn't watch it.I will reseaarch J home tonight.
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  15. .pixr

    Netherlands Rotterdam

    i like the whole concept of home, i'm not in the beta so i wouldn't now exact if it's any good. But could you image our own private gtplanet room with a bunch of those pods in them :D

    If you read the following section from a HOME announcement forum post. You can see that their will be Club/Clubhouses support :)

    Clubs and Clubhouses

    Introducing our basic club support system within Home. Some facts on Clubs:
    - A user can own 1 club
    - But be a member of a total of 5 clubs, which includes any self owned club. So, own 1 club and be a member of 4 others or simply be a member of 5 clubs owned by other people
    - Each club has 1 leader (the owner) and up to 4 sub-leaders
    - A club can have up to 32 members
    - Each club name is unique
    - Search through clubs
    - Send requests to join a Club and leaders can send invitations
    - Clubs created in Closed Beta will be deleted when Open Beta starts

    Source :

    sorry a little bit off-topic...
  16. Thanks for this info, will check it out.
  17. seizure_

    PSN:seizure_ / GTP_seizure


    basically this screen says that the game failed to load.
    i think this warning also states that you will need a downloaded version OR Blu-Ray version of GT5P to boot up the game (most probably a Japanese version of GT5P?)
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  18. Marky264

    United Kingdom Surrey, United

    Ah how do you know by interest?

    Well those arnt a problem :) I have both the Japanese Copy BD of Prologue & The Japanese Store Download of Prologue so we'll need to try figure what it exactly means.... Anyone can read japanese? :nervous: :sly:
  19. seizure_

    PSN:seizure_ / GTP_seizure

    i can read abit of kanji and katagana but not hiragana though. pardon my limited understanding towards japanese language but thats what I can figure out.
  20. Where exactly is this TGS 2008 Booth? I've been running around the Japanese beta the last half hour but I can't seem to find it.

    Edit: Nevermind, it's only available through Locations > World Map
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  21. seizure_

    PSN:seizure_ / GTP_seizure

    hm, how do I go about finding this World Map options?
  22. Using your Japanese PSN account go into Home, press start, select the 2nd option and then the 1st (look for the little globe icon)
  23. moxtau


    That's not possible, as simple as that. Playing online with other guys that have the game/sim where you just send and receive data about car positions and such is one thing, take in-game footage convert it to video and stream it to other users in real time is a whole different story.
  24. marky5244


    A PD/Sony server could be an additional node to the players' PS3s and deal with the video streaming to PS Home.

    I wouldn't expect all races to be part of PS Home, that would be too much - there could be thousands. But as one way of accessing online GT racing, it seems reasonable to me - and a good promotion tool to target those who don't have GT.
  25. Jordan

    United States United States

    Thanks very much for sharing this discovery, Marky, I just posted it on the home page. For those of you who are just now hearing about these 'racing pods' and PlayStation Home, you might be interested in some video of these things in action that I posted last month.
  26. bobzombie


    ive just launched GT5p from the TGS08 booth

    first i tried my US copy of GT5p and i got the same message you got
    then i put in my JPN copy of GT5p and it started up normaly

    but for some reason it kicks you outta HOME when GT5p launches
    and then youre left with basicaly GT5p (nothing new)
  27. bobzombie


    oh wait , you actualy dont get signed outta PS HOME
    you gotta press the PS button and its gona me one off the options(return too ps home)

    but sadly i cant find private rooms or anything of that nature
  28. Obli

    PSN:Gadbury / GTP_Gadbury

    Thanks for experimenting guys. Seems the Home end of things is doing part of its job, now PD need to update Prologue. I hope we'll get the update when Home becomes public (whether with the open Beta or the first, finished release).
  29. Omologato

    Germany Dresden

    Here's hoping it comes with the release of the open Beta.
  30. Marky264

    United Kingdom Surrey, United

    Thanks ;) Checked out the video too ;)
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