GT5 Traders Reputation Thread - See Post#1 For Updated Terms Of Use

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Welcome to the GT Planet Traders Reputation Thread. If you have doubts on who your trading with this thread is an excellent resource to determine if the member in question is reliable.

First off, we strongly recommend utilizing the "USB Trick" especially when trading with new members. Info can be found here. Follow this procedure as insurance just in case you do get scammed you only lose a trade day rather than the actual item.

Please refer to this thread if you suspect you have been scammed. Do not accuse people of scamming in this thread.

Using "search" to view feedback: To look up a member simple click on the maroon toolbar in the upper right corner of the screen where it says "Search this Thread" and type the members name into the search bar and press "Enter". The forum will return all the post that contain feedback on that member. From there you can read through the feedback and determine for yourself if that member will complete their half of the deal. If you are using the :gtplanet: app the search box can be accessed by tapping the thread title from your device. See below.



Guidelines for leaving Positive Feedback
There is no official format for leaving feedback. However all feedback left in the thread must be POSITIVE. The way you post your feedback is unique to the individual. Just have a look through the thread for different examples. There is everything from colored numbers, to small gif images. Please ensure you type the members GTPlanet screen name exactly how it appears to ensure accurate search results.

Here are some common examples of criteria that is useful information when leaving feedback:

-Was it a trade or donation?
-Type of items? (car, ticket, paint, gear, etc...)
-How many?
-Ability to resolve problems

Guidelines for leaving Negative Feedback
Negative feedback must be sent via private message, not posted in the thread. Members should endeavour to resolve any disputes via PM with their trade partner. (Moderators will not assist in resolving any disputes)

Last but not least please do not post anything other than feedback in this thread. This thread is a tool and not the place to rack up your post count. If you see another member abusing this thread please use the "Report" function that is at the bottom of every post. This is a self-sufficient thread that is set-up to run itself hopefully to GT6 and beyond...
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So, have we lost all feedback from before?

and jereweeti +1

Good trade, great communication. Has no problem waiting for his car :)

Touring Mars

ツーリング マルス
Glasgow, Scotland
So, have we lost all feedback from before?

Nope. The first post will be updated shortly. The thread has changed hands as the creator of the previous thread declared that he would be unable to maintain it.
Ahhh cool thanks, just so you know that previous thread wasn't fully updated. I had a good five positives and many others I traded with had positive to but we never recieved it...

Wil this be seen to? Its just helpful for my showroom if people can see I have had successful trades ;)
XxViPeRxX24 +1
great trader!

yep i hope all the posts from the previous thread gets used for this because i had around +5 and did not even show up on the list, if this is the case I will try and remember the traders i have traded with and update later on, as i assume that none of them got added to the original list either, anyways, thanks GM for taking over.
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Ive made 7 trades now. And even though I ask people to post in the traders thread, 5 of them haven't. Thats why my sig says 7/7
I would like to thank GM also. Its quite a chore to sign up to! Hope it goes well for you dude ;)


-1 mike46and2.

never sent the mercedes evo2 touring car for my 330 p4. won't respond to PM's about whats happening. informed a moderator


MR2 = Addiction
Just want to let you know that you have a typo in the first post. You say "There is no problem with giving negative feedback, but please DO accuse people of scamming in this thread."

Also, Tommi +1
and nebojsa_o +1


United Kingdom
Oze= positive

Loving the stealth!
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