GT6: 15th Anniversary Collectors Edition.

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    Shows how attentive I am :dunce:
    In short, the EU region is pretty much Europe and Australia

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    I won't pretend to know why it is divided like that, my wild guess would be that it's because they're all PAL countries.
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    That would be right. AU and EU are PAL regions
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    When I per-ordered from EBGames they had both a regular edition and anniversary edition in their system, both for $60CAD. Despite the fact it says you will be automatically upgraded to the anniversary edition for free when you pre-order, I decided to put a pre-order on both editions. This new $120 price tag I'm seeing adds to my confusion... Is there three different versions?
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    Lol... it doesn't work like that, you won't be getting 2 GT's for the price of one. Let me know if you need any further clarifications.

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    Let me re-explain. At EB Games they have a regular edition, and an anniversary edition in their system. Both the RE and AE cost $60 ($60 each not $60 for both of course). I now see in this thread that Australia has an AE that cost's $115. This leads me to believe there are three different versions people can buy:

    Regular Edition - $60
    Anniversary Edition (Standard PS3 box with AE graphics) - $60
    Anniversary Edition (Steelbook) - $115

    This is based off the fact that I highly doubt EB would give away the Steelbook AE's for $60 just for pre-ordering. Can anyone confirm?
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    When I went to pre-order my copy, the clerk at EB said I could get the regular GT6 or Anniversary edition with 1milCr., steel book and "25" cars. I wasnt made aware of 3 versions. This was in September, mind you.
    I went back to trade my GTA V just yesterday and I asked the balance. She said, "$73"(after my $10 holding deposit).
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    There is no steelbook edition for the North America.
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    ^^ Exactly... @APIOQM, should someone at EB have told you they will carry a Steelbook Edition, it would the first time this has been known.. kinda of sad because there was a great GT5 Collector's Edition with die-cast model, key-chain and physical Apex booklet for nearly the same price as the your reported $115... I'm not saying you're wrong, it would just be NEWS...