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GT3 vs What???

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  1. MrWaflz55


    Alright, so this week was quite fun for me because of the legendary rivalry between these two cars. The Ferrari is my favourite road car in real life. The handling on it is absolutely sublime. It might not be lightning quick or even efficient at times, but the Ferrari is just so much fun to drive around that I think that it makes up for it's shortcomings. The car's exterior and interior design are quite amazing too. The sound it makes is in the top tier of PD's library too.

    The McLaren is on the understeery side in terms of handling. This reflects the real car's handling with the complicated traction control system onboard. The car only really makes up time on the Italia because of it's increased power due to the turbochargers included on the car. The styling isn't to much to get excited over. The MP4 follows the same basic layout of the Ferrari, but it doesn't look nearly as elegant or angular. The design just sort of exists. The exhaust note is reused from the Aussie V8 Supercars for some reason.

    Overall, my vote goes to the Ferrari.

    Let's count it up.
    Ferrari: 2
    McLaren: 2

    Update 10:06 PM:

    Baron just voted for the 458 a bit after I posted this week's results, so I decided to count his vote because he must have needed to collect all of his information before I posted the week's results, so I included his vote so he doesn't feel that write-up wasn't worth the time.

    The winner with 3 votes to the McLaren's 2 is the 2009 Ferrari 458 Italia

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  2. Baron Blitz Red

    Baron Blitz Red

    MP4 - 458


    When I first saw the match up, I thought it was pretty fair. But then I went looking at the vital stats from the super cars respective dealerships... and the numbers don't exactly agree, do they??? After the oil changes, they say this...

    McLaren MP4-12C... 589 pp, 630 hp, 488 ft-lbs torque, 1,350 kgs, Twin Turbo

    Ferrari 458 Italia... 566 pp, 591 hp, 418 ft-lbs torque, 1,485 kgs, Naturally Aspirated

    Now even though the 458 is mentioned in the Car Info section of the MP4, the McLaren has 39 more horsepower, 70 more ft-lbs torque, is 135 kilograms less and is TWIN Turbo'd.

    Now, let that sink in a little bit...

    For this duel, I ran both cars on the stock SH tires but with a twist... I convinced a friend of mine to let me babysit his G25 wheel setup while he went away. After some intense training on said wheel, I gave both cars a go. In MT... a first for me in all of my GT6 career. I'm a DS3 guy who uses Automatic Transmission by trade. But with the paddle shifters making things easier, I achieved these results...

    McLaren: 1:05.736

    Ferrari: 1:06.895

    Now even though the MP4 outguns the 458 by quite a bit, it ONLY beat it by just over a second. A twin turbo powered supercar, which has 39 more horsepower, 70 more ft-lbs torque, and weighs 135 kilograms less ONLY beats its "rival" by 1, One, Uno, Und second. That's it. One second.

    Admittedly, I have more experience driving the Ferrari, but with the Super Laps at Brands Hatch, for the second time around... it's not that much more. Even when tuned, the McLaren feels heavier, and it understeers dramatically more than the 458. I found with both the wheel and my normal controller driving experience, I had to brake earlier with the MP4 as well.

    Given all of that, I would gladly spend the extra 58k to get the Ferrari... ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. The 458, 365 days of the year. Sounds like a win to me...

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  3. MrWaflz55


    I suppose I can slip that in and update the final post of the week. I guess you started collecting information before the week ended, so I feel bad for not including your vote. Don't want to exclude you after writing all that.
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  4. MrWaflz55


    Alright, after that week and before the next, it's time for that Duel of the Week X Midfield write-up I promised.

    GT6 Duel of the Week 2 Bonus Stage: Stock Supercars X Midfield

    Mid-Field Raceway.jpg

    Alright, so on the starting grid in order we have...
    @Draggon in the SRT Viper GTS!
    Me in the Ferrari 458 Italia!
    @Baron Blitz Red in the Lamborghini Miura!
    and @Vic Reign93 in the Jaguar XJ220 Road Car!

    So, the stakes here is that the winner of this race picks the next week's duel. Not too heavy, this was just for fun mostly.

    3...2...1... Go!

    Down into the first corner and around to the second straight, Vic takes a decisive lead with the Jaguar from the back of the pack while Draggon falls to second place. Baron is getting up my inside at the same time here, keeping up with the stock Miura surprisingly.

    Mid-Field Raceway_2.jpg

    Over the bridge and into the long sweeping corner towards the back straight, I sneak in front of the oversteering Draggon and take second place for myself!

    Mid-Field Raceway_6.jpg

    Baron still hangs on to fourth, trailing slightly behind. Vic is using the oversteer of the Jaguar to somehow snake his way around the long bends quicker. I'm keeping the Ferrari a gear higher than usual to stop it from kicking it's tail out.

    Mid-Field Raceway_3.jpg

    Down into the quick S-bend just before pizza-parlour tunnel, Baron seems to be lagging behind ever so slightly more with his archaic machine. The Miura puts up an impressive display despite being so old. Draggon is still trailing me aggressively while Vic slips ahead ever more slightly.

    Mid-Field Raceway_4.jpg

    Oh no! Baron's Miura just wasn't powerful enough to match up with today's exotics on the home straightaway into lap two. He falls behind by more than a second. A few corners later and Baron disconnects due to bad internet before the race is even halfway over... Rip

    Mid-Field Raceway_9.jpg

    With Baron now unfortunately gone early, I continue my assault on Vic. Draggon is still hanging in third near the end of the second lap. The XJ220 shows no signs of pressure or struggle at this moment.

    Mid-Field Raceway_7.jpg

    Unfortunately, Draggon goofed and went wide on the final corner going on to the final straight, allowing me to power ahead and secure the battle for second place. I caught Vic's slipstream down the main straight into lap three. Draggon was still close by, but farther back than he was before.

    Mid-Field Raceway_8.jpg

    The rest of the race was less climactic, with Draggon staying at much the same distance behind me for the rest of the race. I perused Vic for the rest of the two remaining laps, but his unwavering concentration and faster car overall proved my undoing. I was close to catching his slipstream near the end of lap four, but I unfortunately failed to overtake him in time.

    Mid-Field Raceway_5.jpg

    Vic finished the race victorious. The Jaguar XJ220 was the fastest of the four cars that night, with the Ferrari 458 and Dodge Viper GTS being pretty close in terms of performance. The Miura could keep up in the corners, but unfortunately it was lacking in the long straights, mainly down the start/finish stretch.

    Here are the final results!

    1st Place: Jaguar XJ220 / @Vic Reign93
    2nd Place: Ferrari 458 Italia / MrWaflz55
    3rd Place: SRT Viper GTS / @Draggon
    DNF :( : Lamborghini Miura / @Baron Blitz Red

    We did a second take after Baron rejoined, it ended much the same, but this time with Draggon goofing on the last lap in the same place, but actually spinning out that time.

    Mid-Field Raceway_10.jpg

    You can check out all of the grids from the rest of the races we did that night here.

    So yup, just like I promised @Vic Reign93, over to you for the next week's duel.​
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  5. Ryk



    I thought I had more days to post.

    Well here you go. No pictures then!

    Ferrari Quattro cinque a otto Italia vs. McLaren Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee

    Which is best (The McLaren...) Yeah, I think on paper the McLaren has the edge in terms of raw stats, more power and less weight is usually a ding dong of a winner. But maybe the Ferrari has some Maranello Magic to beat the upstart kid from Exotic Woking in leafy Surrey.

    People were wondering what the next McLaren would be after the sublime Gordon Murray McLaren Effwan. (You have to mention this car - by law.)

    Trivia Bit - both the F1 and the MP4-12C were designed by designers born on the continent of Africa.

    Now I had a slight issue with the Effwan, being a centre drive car... but the Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee is left hand drive only... English car... in a Frenchy friendly format? - Downright sinister and being left handed is just not cricket at all.

    *** Round 1 *** Price ***

    Kwatrow chinqway ah ottoe - 283,000 kazula
    Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee - 225,000 kazula

    °°° Kwatrow chinqway ah ottoe - (9) °°° Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee - (10) °°°

    *** Round 2 *** Chip o'Paint ***

    Kwatrow chinqway ah ottoe - 26
    Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee - 17

    Alot of colours - Both have a Nice dark Green - Maybe not so many stunning colours. Fifteen shades of grey?

    °°° Kwatrow chinqway ah ottoe - 10(19) °°° Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee - 9(19) °°°

    *** Round 3 *** Powah ***

    Kwatrow chinqway ah ottoe - 562bhp (563)
    Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee - 591bhp (600)

    Oddly both under play how many horses they have behind the driver... but when it all shakes out the Italian Stallion is 37 Windsor Greys down on the Woking workhorse. And you only need six of them to pull the Queen of England about in some fancy gold wagon. Imagine the Majesty you'll have when you unleash six hundred of them?

    The Queen looking all imperial and regal, with just one horse power, Yesterday

    °°° Kwatrow chinqway ah ottoe - 9(28) °°° Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee - 10(29) °°°

    *** Round 4 *** Twisty Torque ***

    Kwatrow chinqway ah ottoe - 55.1kgfm
    Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee - 61.2kgfm

    Pretty close really - but the advantage lies with the McLaren.

    °°° Kwatrow chinqway ah ottoe - 9(37) °°° Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee - 10(39) °°°

    *** Round 5 *** Tipping those scales ***

    Kwatrow chinqway ah ottoe - Showroom Secret - In game a rather optimistic 1485kg
    Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee - 1350kg

    I am not sure the Ferrari is actually as light as it claims, the McLaren is was going to be made from gluten free Angel Hair and free range Fairy Wings - but Ron Dennis rejected those composites for being too mundane as well as too heavy.

    °°° Kwatrow chinqway ah ottoe - 8(45) °°° Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee - 10(49) °°°

    *** Round 6 *** Length ***

    Kwatrow chinqway ah ottoe - 4527mm
    Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee - 4509mm

    Longer is better - That is just science.

    °°° Kwatrow chinqway ah ottoe - 10(55) °°° Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee - 9(58) °°°

    *** Round 7 *** Pleasing Thickness ***

    Kwatrow chinqway ah ottoe - 1937mm
    Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee - 1908mm

    Wider cars tend to be a handful to park, but we are after going fast and a bit of added width makes corners a bit easier.

    °°° Kwatrow chinqway ah ottoe - 10(65) °°° Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee - 9(67) °°°

    *** Round 8 *** Height ***

    Kwatrow chinqway ah ottoe - 1213mm
    Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee - 1199mm

    The Ferrari isn't tall like Lurch, but it is still loses the limbo dancing round.

    °°° Kwatrow chinqway ah ottoe - 9(74) °°° Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee - 10(77) °°°

    *** Round 9 *** Aspiration ***

    Kwatrow chinqway ah ottoe - Naturally Aspirated
    Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee - Twin Turbo

    Why have one just turbo, when you can have two!

    °°° Kwatrow chinqway ah ottoe - 9(83) °°° Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee - 10(87) °°°

    *** Round 10 *** Performance Points ***

    Kwatrow chinqway ah ottoe - 559PP
    Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee - 581PP

    The Ferrari is 22 full PP light compared to the McLaren. So the MP4-12C is better?

    °°° Kwatrow chinqway ah ottoe - 9(92) °°° Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee - 10(97) °°°

    *** Round 11 *** Engine Displacement ***

    Kwatrow chinqway ah ottoe - 4.5l
    Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee - 3.8l

    7.91 pints or 6.69 pints? As a Pub game there is only ever one winner here.

    °°° Kwatrow chinqway ah ottoe - 10(102) °°° Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee - 9(106) °°°

    *** Round 12 *** Cylinders ***

    Kwatrow chinqway ah ottoe - 8 cylinders in a V
    Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee - 6 cylinders also in a V formation.

    8 just like 6 - but two better.

    (Ryk is a total idiot, not knowing that an Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee has a V8 engine. No more beer for him!)

    °°° Kwatrow chinqway ah ottoe - 10(112) °°° Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee - 9(115) °°°

    *** Round 13 *** Luscious looks ***

    Both are good, but I prefer the MP4-12C. It has a better overall solid ness to it.

    The Quattro Cinque a Otto is not the best looking Ferrari, I don't like the rinky dink fairy lights and the black rubber moustache is very Joke shop... not quite the full Clown car of a Pagani or a Spyker, but still leaning towards a rubber bulb horn sound effect. Donato Coco did a nice job otherwise.

    °°° Kwatrow chinqway ah ottoe - 9(121) °°° Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee - 10(125) °°°

    *** Round 14 *** Track Attack - Will O'Springs - Fuel ***
    Fuel needed for at pit stop
    Kwatrow chinqway ah ottoe - 33litres
    Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee - 30litres
    Win for the still pretty thirsty McLaren

    °°° Kwatrow chinqway ah ottoe - 9(130) °°° Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee - 10(135) °°°

    *** Round 15 *** Track Attack - Will O'Springs - Tyre Degredation ***

    Kwatrow chinqway ah ottoe - 4F7 and 0R3
    Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee - 4F7 and 1R6

    The Ferrari was brutal on its tyres, Brutal. on a four lap stint the Italian would chew up the left rear if you did anything like attack the track. The McLaren wasn't exactly on a diet either but at the end of a stint it wasn't down to the canvas carcass. Win for the McLaren

    °°° Kwatrow chinqway ah ottoe - 9(139) °°° Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee - 10(145) °°°

    *** Round 16 *** Track Attack - Will O'Springs - Best Lap ***

    Kwatrow chinqway ah ottoe - 1m19.8
    Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee - 1m17.2
    Win for the much faster McLaren.

    °°° Kwatrow chinqway ah ottoe - 8(147) °°° Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee - 10(155) °°°

    *** Round 17 *** Track Attack - Will O'Springs - Race Pace ***

    Kwatrow chinqway ah ottoe - 12m04.8
    Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee - 11m13.9
    Crushing win for the McLaren. It ate the 458 for breakfast.

    °°° Kwatrow chinqway ah ottoe - 7(154) °°° Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee - 10(165) °°°

    Ryk chooses the Woking Wonder the always Orange,
    McLaren Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee
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  6. Baron Blitz Red

    Baron Blitz Red

    Thanks for that @MrWaflz55 ... I was trying to get caught up earlier, but time escapes better than Houdini on any given day!

    I wish my internet connection had held up for the racing, but it did nothing but let me down... and not just for that race event, but even for Time Trials (TT's) that I was trying to play with! GRRRRR!!! Just like what I had seen in the TT's, the race had stuttering when approaching the sector points. All that does is cost me time, as it hangs for me but apparently not for you people. Oh well... it happens. Thanks for having me along, even if it was just as cannon fodder. ;)

  7. Draggon


    Great race report and pictures @MrWaflz55. Thanks for immortalizing both my errors :lol: The second one ( which you pictured ) is the one that hurt. I had a good run on Vic and was right on his bumper. Not that I would have pulled off the pass, but I'd like to think at least I had a chance.

    I wish you could have stuck around BBR. But more to the point, I suspect some of the problem is more PD related than your internet. I have great internet but experienced the stuttering you speak of at the Milan Canyon TT we did. Nothing I tried would remedy that. About an hour or so into the Saturday races some folks were invisible to me. Exiting and re-entering fixed that, but then they couldn't see me. I was unable to fix that and had to quit.

    @MrWaflz55 had a suggestion to do this again sometime. I completely agree!
  8. Nismonath5

    Nismonath5 Premium

    New Zealand
    Excuse me, Ryk, but the Emmpeefourdashtwelvecee actually conceals beneath its skin a McLaren M838T 3.8L Twin Turbo V8......
  9. Draggon


    I spied the new duel in the thread title. Both were found to be sleepers over at COTW, will be fun to pit them against each other!
  10. MrWaflz55


    Yes, you did! This duel is coming atcha right now! Here's @Vic Reign93's suggestion for this week. Two hatchbacks from Japan, who will be crowned victor this week?

    Duel of the Week #89: Japanese Hatchbacks!

    it's the...


    Daihatsu Storia X4 '00

    against the


    Toyota Starlet Glanza V '97!!!

    This week's time trial will be held at Tsukuba Circuit, it's small and Japanese just like these cars! Also, another Bonus Stage is incoming! Just let me think of the next one's theme.
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  11. MrWaflz55


    Don't worry, you get this too.

    Mid-Field Raceway_10 copy.jpg

    Kek Kek Kek​
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  12. Draggon


    Holy c rap that's funny. I almost spit lunch all over my keyboard!
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  13. MrWaflz55


    GT6 Duel of the Week Bonus Stage 2: GT1X at Apricot Hill Raceway



    So, here's my idea for the next bonus stage. I got this idea from Project CARS and the 20-minute Apricot Hill endurance challenge in the super class. I decided to match the BMW McLaren F1 GTR at the front of the pack with my Zonda R, and a pretty close race ensued. I thought this style of racing is what we should do for our next challenge.


    Here is my car for the challenge. A white Zonda R '09 with the number 7. I got a lap time of around 1:18.977 with this Zonda, so I want you to find a car with an incredibly similar laptime to mine.

    The catch here is that the car must be a racecar, as no road cars are allowed in GT1. The car is not allowed to be tuned. You can downtune cars to achieve a similar laptime to the Zonda if you wish.

    So, if you want to register your car, you need to:

    - Achieve a lap time within 1:18 or 1:19. No slower or faster.
    - Take a picture like the one above and post it on the thread.
    - Make sure the car is a GT car. No honkey LMPs allowed.

    You can post your images, laptimes and car selection here.


    Again, the stakes are pretty trivial. If you come first, you pick the next week's duel. It's a decent prize, but unfortunately you can't send each other cars or paint chips in GT6. Maybe the winner will get to choose the theme of the next bonus stage too? Talk to me if you're interested in that.

    So yeah, head over to the bonus stage thread with your entries and we'll discuss a time to do this later.
    See you on the track! :cheers:
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  14. Nismonath5

    Nismonath5 Premium

    New Zealand
    Question... does the Ferrari FXX count as GT1? I mean it's not exactly a race car, but then it's not road legal either...
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  15. Draggon


    Since you mentioned McLaren, I think I'll pick one I'm familiar with, the F1 GTR base model. Mini-Ayrton says "WTF, you painted it Pink?" He recorded a 1:18.072. Acceptable.

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  16. MrWaflz55


    I'll count that if it's within the correct time.
  17. ThrasherDBS


    United States
    With this week's duel revolving around hatchbacks, part of me worried that it would be fairly slow and boring. To cap it off, Tsukuba isn't quite my favorite track either. With that said however, this duel made me realize how fun one of the competitors actually were as a car.

    Tsukuba Trial:
    Storia - 1:14.224
    Starlet - 1:12.339

    Knowing that one of these were 4WD and the other FF, I had a certain expectation in mind. "Both are gonna be bland, but moreso the FF Starlet." The Storia fit my expectation (bland, a little sluggish both on straights and corners), but the Starlet is another story. You see, the Toyota Starlet is a white unicorn. What do I mean?

    It's an FF car I actually enjoy driving.

    Not only was the Starlet a blast to drive, but it was also a fair bit quicker to boot. I honestly never gave that car more than a passing glance whilst cycling through the Toyota dealership, but having driven it now, good heavens. It's a spunky little car! I can't believe I missed out on it for so long!

    Obviously the Toyota wins this one, and joins the ranks with the Honda Integra and Volkswagen Scirocco in the halls of FF cars I really enjoy.
  18. Ryk


    Storia Cross Four vs. Starlet Glanza V

    storstar face.jpg

    *** Round 1 *** Price ***

    Starlet Glanza V -- 14,300 kazula
    Storia Cross Four - 13,900 kazula

    400 Kazulas may not sound like much, but if you bought just 5,000 of each car.. the person with just five thousand Daihatsus would also be able to afford an entry level Bugatti Veyron... and therefore own 5,001 Turbo charged four wheel drive vehicles... - So if you really want a Bugatti Veyron you have to buy a Daihatsu!

    °Oo.oO° Toyota (9) °Oo.oO° Daihatsu (10) °Oo.oO°​

    *** Round 2 *** Paint Chips ***

    Starlet Glanza V -- 4 chips
    Storia Cross Four - 1 chip

    Daihatsu are being pretty tight fisted with just a white car. Toyota spoil us with four-ish chips-ish.

    °Oo.oO° Toyota 10(19) °Oo.oO° Daihatsu 9(19) °Oo.oO°​

    *** Round 3 *** Looks ***

    head to head storiastarlet.jpg

    Both are cute hot hatch things. The shorter/slimmer/taller Cross Four has 4 doors, the longer/wider but vertically challenged (*) Starlet has just two. The Starlet has a couple of fog lamps and a scoop on the bonnet a neat rear spoiler. The Door windows also has a drop down effect toward the front wheel - If you drink a bottle of Galliano and squint your eyes it looks just like a Lamborghini Diablo... Squint squint... Look! Both of them have four wheels and a rear spoiler! Case Closed!
    diablo sidewindow.jpg

    The Cross Four. Maybe if you only have a partial Lobotomy (Just like Ryk) you could see a bit of an XKE-type Jag in the front of the Storia that oval radiator mouth bisected by a simple piece of chrome, a pair of egg shaped head lamps a soft sensuous curvy body... Maybe those curved side windows at the rear...

    stojagwindow.jpg storiajag face.jpg
    So a Diablo or a Jaguar E Type? which is better? Unlike Enzo Ferrari I prefer the Lambo to the Jugular. Win for the Diablo, erm I mean Toyota.

    (*) (The Starlet is 2 inches shorter in height, than the Cross Four)

    °Oo.oO° Toyota 10(29) °Oo.oO° Daihatsu 9(28)​

    *** Round 4 *** Just Weight a Minute! ***

    Starlet Glanza V -- 920kg
    Storia Cross Four - 840kg

    80kilos is alot.. 176 pounds which is a big Welterweight fighter a few days before the fight. But when both cars are so light that 80 kilos makes the Toyota almost 10% heavier than the Daihatsu.

    °Oo.oO° Toyota 9(38) °Oo.oO° Daihatsu 10(38)

    *** Round 5 *** Lashings of Cholesterol Rich Powah ***

    Starlet Glanza V -- 133bhp
    Storia Cross Four - 118bhp


    15 more horses on the Toyota makes it over 10% more powerful which can't be under stated when both cars are teeny tiny things fifteen horses may as well be 50. The Daihatsu does well to get so many horses out of its repurposed lawnmower engine, but just not enough to win.

    °Oo.oO° Toyota 10(48) °Oo.oO° Daihatsu 9(47) °Oo.oO°​

    *** Round 6 *** Amateur Cup - Brands Hatch Indy Circuit ***

    Starlet Glanza V --- 1m01.7 2m06.3
    Storia Cross Four - 1m03.7 2m09.2

    This will be a theme here, the Toyota Diablo scorching the little Daihatsu XKE. In leafy Kent, the Starlet dazzled. I used stock tyres here. And to be honest it felt a bit too grippy.

    °Oo.oO° Toyota 10(58) °Oo.oO° Daihatsu 8(55) °Oo.oO°​

    *** Round 7 *** Amateur Cup - Grand Valley East ***

    Starlet Glanza V -- 1m29.7 3m03.5
    Storia Cross Four - 1m30.7 3m05.2

    Love this track, easy to forget it and even better when you are on Comfort Hard tyres to get the full experience of the cars... which made the Daihatsu a real bundle of fun to chuck about. The Starlet was less joyful with its fun killing understeer, but if you have a bit of skill you can kick the rear out if you invoke Thor and Freya.

    °Oo.oO° Toyota 10(68) °Oo.oO° Daihatsu 8(63) °Oo.oO°​

    *** Round 8 *** Amateur Cup - Willow Springs ***

    Starlet Glanza V -- 1m47.0 3m37.1
    Storia Cross Four - 1m48.3 3m38.7

    The long fast corners were hard for the pushy Starlet, but that powah let it stretch out a fast lap and the race pace win.

    °Oo.oO° Toyota 10(78) °Oo.oO° Daihatsu 8(71) °Oo.oO°​

    *** Round 9 *** Fun to Drive ***

    Starlet Glanza V -- Powerful Front wheel drive with a portion of Understeer to make sure you don't get too silly.
    Storia Cross Four - Lighter car with a soft Rubensesque quality to the styling gives the car a healthy vibrant quality. Indeed this quality passes from the styling into that vivacious engine that pours out a remarkable punch from such a small portion. Turn in feels keyed to the road, feedback is pretty good for an all wheel drive Mutt, but go in hard into a corner, lift off the throttle and the car will lurch sideways in a most pleasing fashion, Mere moments before I dial up a dose of Opposite lock and put some power into the wheels, gather it up in a cloud of tyre smoke. If you enjoy being a weekend houligan then you can act up the goat in this pocket rocket.

    °Oo.oO° Toyota 9(87) °Oo.oO° Daihatsu 10(81) °Oo.oO°​

    *** Round 10 *** Weight Balance ***

    Starlet Glanza V -- 63:37
    Storia Cross Four - 58:42

    Horrible numbers. Look at all that weight over the front axel, horrible! Minus 63 for the Toyota and minus 58 for the Daihatsu.

    °Oo.oO° Toyota -63(24) °Oo.oO° Daihatsu -58(23) °Oo.oO°

    So does the cheaper more fun car beat the more powerful faster car that isn't that great to drive? After a close 10 round battle

    Ryk chooses the Toyota Starlet Glanza V toydiab.jpg
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  19. MrWaflz55


    Oh, hey. That GT Sport closed beta news just dropped. I've signed up for that, so I look forward to writing about that here later if I get the chance. Also, I'd like to discuss the GT1X race I've been trying to get together. Do you guys want 5 laps, or an entire 1 hour enduro with weather and stuff. Please tell me down below.
  20. Draggon


    My only thoughts on an enduro would be that if we only have 3 or 4 persons like last time, after 15 minutes the field is going to be really spread out.

    If you're looking for an event that would last more than 7 minutes at Midifield, how about something we did in a TC series I ran last year. The whole event should last about 45 minutes I reckon.

    race 1-10 laps, grid by qualifying fastest first, tire/fuel wear on, pitstop required
    race 2-5 laps, grid per finishing order race 1, tire/fuel wear on
    race 3-5 laps, inverse grid, tire/fuel wear on

    results could be points based, or whomever crosses the line first in race 3. The TC series also carried weight penalties for 1st through 3rd place after each race. Maybe this is all too complicated.

    Edit: COTW has run 10 to 20 lap races at Midfield, both with and without mandatory pitstops. 20 straight laps at Midfield is a long race.
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  21. MrWaflz55


    Good ideas, we need to find more people though. Maybe I should have made a new thread in the Racing Series section instead.
  22. Vic Reign93

    Vic Reign93 Premium

    United Kingdom
    After mulling over my choices and looking at the PP levels of the Zonda and F1, I settled on the Camaro LM Race Car, something that would've likely ran in GT1.

    One problem, it was a whole second faster at 1:17 despite being way down on PP.

    So I considered the XJ220 LM, same story there, So I said to hell with it and bought a Lamborghini Nomad Diablo GT-1 and took 22% out of its power so its currently sat at 562PP and 461hp. :eek:

    It posted a lap of 1:18.219 and when it wasn't limited at 593pp it ran a 1:16.8.

    And here's your mandatory church shot..

  23. MidFieldMaven


    United States
    Toyota Starlet Glanza V '97
    132 hp / 6,400 rpm
    116 ft-lb / 4,800 rpm
    920 kg (2,028 lbs)
    368 pp

    Daihatsu Storia X4 '00
    118 hp / 7,000 rpm
    94 ft-lb / 5,000 rpm
    840 kg (1,852 lbs)
    364 pp

    With almost double the engine displacement, the Toyota only manages to make 14 more horses and 22 more ft-lbs of torque than the Daihatsu. It's also 80 kg heavier, or 176 lbs. So far, I'm liking the Daihatsu more on paper. How do they fare at Mid-Field Raceway?

    111 mph - Toyota
    104 mph - Daihatsu

    Surprisingly, both cars managed a minimum speed of 69 mph through Turn 1. Sadly, the Daihatsu never had a chance from the beginning.

    I still think the Daihatsu is an incredible feat of technology. Tiny engine, big (for its size) power, very light weight with 4WD. Yep, I'd rather drive the X4 than the average Glanza, even if that car is over 2.5 seconds faster around Mid-Field.
  24. Rotorist


    Here is my findings on this duel.

    Laptimes on wet Tsukuba on CS tires (much better than the CH that are close to the real life of those cars, a bit worse than SH which was the limit of the club seyyings allowed) using the 6-axis controller.

    STARLET Glanza V '97 - 1:12.508

    SIRION X4 (J) '00 - 1:13.766

    As we tested on a fully wet track, behaviour was infected by this and showed more clearly the limits and balance of each car.

    I can assume that due to lack of displacement, Sirion has a bigger or higher pressured turbo that works better from the middle of the rpm range and up to about 7000 rpm, opposing to the smaller-lower pressured turbo that Glanza has that works better through the middle rpm range and gives up above 6000 rpm.

    Sirion uses much closer gear ratios compared to the Glanza ones to overcome its lack in pure power but even then it loses in acceleration and speed. But on wet tarmac it is easier to find grip everywhere and not understeer above the normal. A pretty solid handling for a supermini. Glanza on the other side normally spins when using 1st or 2nd gear but feathering the throttle allows to not lose a lot of time on the exits and understeering isn't too much either.

    From the desing aspect. Glanza is a bit better on the eye but not good looking and Sirion somewhat uglier.

    As for their value, their prices are almost matched with Glanza being a few 100s more expensive.

    All in all, after a small review without telemetry inspection and much analysis, I can declare this duel's result as a draw, because I liked Sirion more in general (safer and better balanced on the limit due to its 4WD, engine efficiency and power delivery) but Glanza had strong points also (a bit better design, can be bought in Europe also) and cannot deny the fact that it is faster on track.
  25. Nismonath5

    Nismonath5 Premium

    New Zealand
    I don't have a lengthy review or report, but previous experiences in both cars has led me to naturally opt for the X4. A lot more fun than the Starlet in my opinion!
  26. Draggon


    I much prefer the Starlet. I have an affinity for small FF cars, at least in GT6. The Starlet is faster around Tsukuba, but faster doesn't always mean better. Within the parameters of our TT, I found the X4 to fall short. I think the Starlet handles better and turns better, and looks better.

    Tsukuba TT
    Storia X4 1:13.561
    Starlet Glanza 1:12.182


    However, when you take off restrictions, the X4 really shines and can definitely be an overlooked weapon. Fully tuned its got 326hp at 732kg and 532pp. I decided to do a little comparison of my own. I put basic parts updgrades on both cars including racing hard suspension and SM tires, and only adjusted the gear slider. I limited the X4 to 476pp which is the Starlet's maximum. I tested a few laps at Midfield and got similar results to Tsukuba. That being said, the X4 is capable of winning the International B GT All-Stars championship which the Starlet cannot.

    Storia 1:20.685
    Starlet Glanza 1:19.892

    Verdict for me is definitely the Glanza
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  27. Baron Blitz Red

    Baron Blitz Red

    Having troubles with my controller(s), so no pics this week...

    Unlike @Draggon , I usually detest FF cars... big or small, I usually hate them all!!! :lol: But every once in awhile, the COTW crew throws a surprise into the mix. Over in the "other" thread, we've tested both cars and here's my thoughts back then...

    Apparently, I missed doing a formal review for the Cross 4, but I liked it too. Anyhoo... where this week was concerned, the TT at that Japanese track I really don't enjoy at all, the Toyota was my preferred weapon in the "I just washed this car!!!... THANKS ALOT @MrWaflz55 !!!" event. The "Not a Porn Starlet" handled quite a bit better in my opinion even with the disability of being FF of all things.

    Toyota for the win!!!

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  28. Nismonath5

    Nismonath5 Premium

    New Zealand
    Okay, so while everyone picks all the fancy European choices for the bonus race, I set about looking for a Jappa to enter in, and if possible, a Nissan... :D And after trying a few cars, I settled on the Nissan GT-R R35 TC, of which I managed to set a 1:18.5xx with default setup.

    I was initially doing 1:16s in it, but then I realised I was running my super-duper track setup, so I reset everything to default, and put the hard tyres back on... Much better!

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  29. MrWaflz55


    Okay, a little late today, but it's time to give my opinion and count up the votes.

    Let's start with the CrossFour, it's a nice little car for the price with what you can do with it. The base model we're testing here isn't much to get excited over but the tuned versions with 4WD can rival some Super Sports Cars around technical tracks. Sometimes to the extent that lobby owners might accuse you of modding you Daihatsu.

    The Starlet is a spunky little car with some great handling. That's kind of expected given the more aggressive look it has compared to the Daihatsu. The hood scoop does look kind of cute. The car is also faster stock around most circuits than the Daihatsu, so it's a better car stock. Might not be as good tuned though.

    Overall, my vote goes to the CrossFour, put in the money and it can become a micro beast.

    Toyota: 5
    Daihatsu: 2

    This week's winner is the...


    1997 Toyota Starlet Glanza V!!!
    (Congrats to @Draggon for winning this week's time trial!)

    Please get posting your submissions for our upcoming GT1 race! That's going to be a tonne of fun if we get a larger than four car grid to join in a week or two! After the serious race, the lobby usually just devolves into a happy hour sort of thing where we just race whatever you bring, so I hope to see you there.

    Next duel's coming in a minute!
  30. MrWaflz55


    GT6 Duel of the Week #90: Sports Supremacy!

    This week we have two cars with some serious firepower knocking around the city streets at night! It's the...


    Dodge Challenger SRT8!!!

    Against its Asian rival. The...


    Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 Track!!!

    The time trial this week will be held at Clubman Stage Route 5, so get ready for some close quarters night street racing! Also, GT1 sign ups too just for redundancy. See you guys soon!