GT6 Duel of the Week 2 - The Last Lap

GT3 vs What???

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Week 71: Classic Gran Turismo Battle!
Aston Martin DB7 '00 vs Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport (C4) '96
Winner: Aston Martin DB7 '00

Week 72: Kawaii K-Car Invasion!
Suzuki Cappuccino (EA11R) '91 vs Mazda Autozam AZ-1 '92
Winner: Mazda Autozam AZ-1 '92

Week 73: Super Aichi Bros.
Toyota Celica GT-Four (ST205) '98 and GT-Four Rally Car (ST205) '95 vs Toyota Supra RZ and SZ-R '97
Winner: Toyota Celica (ST205) '98 and Rally Car '95

Week 74: Of Prancing Horses and Silver Arrows!
Ferrari 458 Italia '09 vs Mercedes SLS AMG '10
Winner: Ferrari 458 Italia '09

Bronze: UK (Vauxhall Corsa)
Silver: Japan (Honda Insight '99)
Gold: France (Citroen C3)

Week 75: Vision GT Europe
Mercedes-Benz Vision Gran Turismo '13 vs Alpine Vision Gran Turismo (street model) '15
Winner: Alpine Vision Gran Turismo (street model) '15

Week 76: Any Truck, Any SUV

Winner: There never really was one.

Week 77: The Renault-Nissan Alliance Has Ended!
Nissan Fairlady Z 300ZX TwinTurbo 2seater (Z32) '98 vs Renault Megane R.S. Trophy '11
Winner: Nissan 300ZX TwinTurbo '98

Week 78: Formula Juan!
Lotus 97T '85 vs Formula Gran Turismo
Winner: Lotus 97T '85

Week 79: Honda Race vs Tuner Battle
Amuse S2000 GT1 Turbo vs Honda NSX-R LM Race Car
Winner: Amuse S2000 GT1 Turbo

Week 80: Deutsche 3-Way!
Audi RS6 '02 vs Mercedes-Benz SL 600 '04 vs BMW M5 '05
Winner: BMW M5 '05

Week 81: Turn of the Century Tuners!
Ruf RGT '00 vs RE Amemiya RX-7 FD3S '00
Winner: RE Amemiya RX-7 FD3S '00

Weeks 82 and 83: GT3 vs GT500!

Winner: GT500

Week 84: This Seems Fair???
Lamborghini Aventador '11 vs Bugatti Veyron '09
Winner: Bugatti Veyron '09

Week 85: FR Sports Duel!
Aston Martin V12 Vantage '11 vs Toyota FT-1 Concept '14
Winner: Toyota FT-1 Concept

Week 86: Ambitious, but maybe not Bollocks!
Deltawing Le Mans '12 vs Nissan GT-R LM Nismo '15
Winner: Nissan GT-R LM Nismo '15

Week 87: Momma Mia!
Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 '08 vs Ferrari 430 Scuderia '07
Winner: Ferrari 430 Scuderia '08

Week 88: Deja Vu!
Ferrari 458 Italia '09 vs McLaren MP4-12C '10
Winner: Ferrari 458 Italia '09

Week 89: Japanese Hatchbacks!
Daihatsu Storia X4 vs Toyota Starlet Glanza V
Winner: Toyota Starlet Glanza V '97

Week 90: Sports Supremacy!
Dodge Challenger SRT-8 vs Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 Track
Winner: Dodge Challenge SRT-8

Week 91: LMP is Number Juan!
Nissan GT-R LM Nismo vs Toyota TS030 vs Audi R18 TDi
Winner: Toyota TS030​

Week 92: FT-1 Redux! (boo, you stink)
Toyota FT-1 Concept vs Honda NSX Concept vs Lexus LFA
Winner: Toyota FT-1 Concept

Week 93: Requiem of an FT-1!
Toyota FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo vs Lexus LF-LC Vision Gran Turismo
Winner: Lexus LF-LC Vision Gran Turismo

Week 94: Tail-Happy Trifecta!
Ferrari F40 vs RUF Yellowbird CTR1 vs Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary
Winner: Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary

Week 95: Return to Le Mans!
Mazda 787B vs Nissan R92CP
Winner: Nissan R92CP

Week 96: Conceptual RX-8's!
Mazda RX-8 Concept Type 1 vs Mazda RX-8 Concept Type 2
Winner: Mazda RX-8 Concept Type 1

Week 97: Get a LIFE!
Honda LIFE Step Van vs Subaru 360
Winner: Honda LIFE Step Van

Week 98: Tiny Sports Car Competition!
Honda S2000 (Gen2) vs Lotus Elise (Gen2)
Winner: Lotus Elise

Week 99: GT3 Open Season!
Winner: Chevrolet Corvette Z06 LM Race Car

Week 100: ///M-Pressive!

BMW M4 Coupe vs BMW M3 Coupe Chrome Line
Winner: BMW M4 Coupe

Week 101: Two-Wheel Drive Tuners!

Trial Celica SS-II vs Amuse S2000 R1 Titan
Winner: Amuse S2000 R1 Titan

Week 102: Fake GT3!
Ferrari 458 GTE Tune vs Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 Tune
Winner: Ferrari 458 GTE Tune

Week 103: Wagon Wars!
Nissan Stagea vs Subaru Legacy
Winner: Nissan Stagea 25t RS Four S

Week 104: Hybrid Hijinks!
Toyota Prius (G) vs Honda INSIGHT
Winner: Toyota Prius

Week 105: Passion of the FT-1!
Toyota FT-1 Concept vs Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition
Winner: Toyota FT-1​

Week 106: Origins!
Subaru Impreza WRX Sti '94 vs Mitsubishi Evo GSR '92
Winner: Subaru Impreza WRX STi '94

Week 107: Concept Rally SUVs!
Subaru Viziv Vision GT vs Mitsubishi XR-PHEV Vision GT
Winner: Mitsubishi XR-PHEV Vision GT

Week 108: Lancia Delta S4 vs Audi Sport Quattro!

Audi Sport Quattro Rally Car '86 vs Lancia Delta S4 Rally Car '85
Winner: Audi Sport Quattro Rally Car '86

Week 109: Viper vs Vette!
SRT Viper GTS vs Chevrolet Corvette (C6) ZR1
Winner: Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

Drift Car Week!

Week 111: Amuse Carbon R34 vs Nissan Option Z!
Amuse Carbon R34 vs Nissan Option Stream Z
Winner: Amuse Carbon R34

Week 112: Volkswagen TC Showdown!
VW Golf Touring Car vs VW Scirocco GT24
Winner: Volkswagen Scirocco GT24

Week 113: Luxury vs Muscle
Aston Martin DB9 vs Chevrolet Camaro SS
Winner: Chevrolet Camaro SS

Week 114: Super Touring!
Subaru Impreza Super Touring Car vs Mitsubishi FTO Super Touring Car
Winner: Mitsubishi FTO Super Touring Car

Week 115: Japanese Classics
Nissan 240ZG vs Toyota 2000GT
Winner: Nissan 240ZG

Week 116: Future of Le Mans
Chaparral 2X VGT vs SRT Tomahawk GTS-R VGT
Winner: ???

Week 117: GT Sport Themed

Bonus Stages:

Stage 1: Stock Supercar Race X Midfield
Winner: @Vic Reign93

Stage 2: GT1X at Apricot Hill
Winner: @Draggon

Stage 3: Euro Touring Cars at Trial Mountain
Winner: @Vic Reign93
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All we need now is a pic on the club page!

I'll get on that, gotta get it looking real good first. I need a memorable picture with two cars in it.

All of these suggestions are looking good, I'll be using them for the first couple of weeks until I start PMing people to choose the duel.


I have returned to gaming, it's good to be back
How about Ferrari 458 Italia vs Merc SLS AMG? I know the 458 has been featured already, but I think a more appropriate rival for it is the SLS. Almost the same horsepower, both RWD, front-engined vs mid-engined, SLS has more torque but 458 is much lighter. I remember testing them at Grand Valley East and their times were just around 0.3 second off from each other.
Another duel could also be Murcielago LP640 vs F599 GTB. Or Gallardo 560 vs R8 V10 to check whose brand test drivers and mechanics provided the best setup on 2 cars with exactly the same hardware. Or Peugeot 106 Rallye vs the latest Mazda Demio (year model 2010 me thinks) that many car reviewers reported it is similar to 106 Rallye in handling character.
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I saw your times on the finale @ThrasherDBS , quite impressive. We've had some great competition, separated by mere tenths at times.....however....this time I have no idea how in the world you can get under 5 minutes and the 'Ring with a DS3. :crazy: I'm struggling to hit the 6 minute mark. You could stop for coffee, ogle the pit girls, sign a few autographs, and I'd still be behind you!

Well this is weird! I posted this over on the duel "grand finale" page and it showed up here. O the wonder of the internet.
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GT6 Duel of the Week #71: The Return/Classic GT4 Battle at Midfield!

Welcome back to Duel of the Week, let's get the first week of the new thread going with a battle straight from the discs of GT4, we have a battle of two soon to be classic RWD cars. Today we have the...


1996 Chevrolet Corvette (C4) Grand Sport!!!

versus the...


2000 Aston Martin DB7!!!
(Thanks to @Cowboy for the suggestion)

Both RWD, both Front Engine, but these cars handle very differently... Will you be able to pilot the heavy weight and high powered V12 of the Aston effectively, or will you take the nimbleness and lighter V8 of the Corvette? Get driving and find out.

The time trial will be at Midfield Raceway this week, so be sure to check that out when it's posted in the new club. Have fun and go burn some rubber! :cheers:

EDIT: Time trial should be posted Monday afternoon (approx. 3:00 EST), sorry for any inconveniences.​
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Well then, time to pop the cherry on this here thread. First review of Duel of the Week 2.0!

I've had lots of memories of GT1 from when I was 5 or 6. I was introduced to Gran Turismo by my cousins and they had me race against them in arcade mode at Clubman Route 5. The Chevrolet Grand Sport was the car I picked. Was it the power? Was it the fact that it was a Corvette?

Was it the fact it had a racing stripe and therefore, it's a super fast car? Well, duh. Of course.

But lo and behold, I lost, and lost hard. Not because I was trying to win, I was mostly messing around, going the wrong way, exploring the track, smashing into my cousin when he came around. You know. How a five year old plays games.

The Chevrolets in arcade mode were usually my picks when driving, especially the '67 Corvette. I tried the DB7s a handful of times, but those were heavy and cumbersome, and I don't really use them in GT1, even to this day. Need a powerful car right out of the box? Viper. Need a nice British sports car for one of the "US vs UK" and "Japan vs UK" battles? TVR. I literally had no reason to get an Aston Martin, but the Corvette would have been just as good of a choice as one of the Vipers.

So here we are in 2016 with both the Aston Martin and the Corvette. Which one is the better car?

Midfield Trial:
Corvette - 1:22.158
DB7 - 1:23.375

Rotenboden Trial:
Corvette - 1:50.461
DB7 - 1:54.464

SSR5 Trial:
Corvette - 1:37.415
DB7 - 1:39.174

Kind of a shutout when you get down to it, and the best way to describe it is that the DB7 is just a heavier, more sluggish Corvette. They both had elements of understeer because of their weights, but the DB7 was encumbered by it a lot more. Sure, if you slammed the gas at the right point in a turn, then they'd fishtail, but under heavy braking, they don't want to turn.

So, with the awesome stripes and the stars and stripes waving proudly behind it, the Corvette is the winner.


@MrWaflz55 20 minutes for the time trial seems a bit excessive, could we perhaps go to just 10 minute trials next week like we have been?
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Before I start posting my view on this duel I have some advice to MrWaflz55 in order to try and make this thread even better, as it continues a great idea to begin with.

1) We could put other tires as standard for this and the upcoming TTs as for instance those 2 cars we compare this week don't need SH but CM are the best tires to them to allow their chassis tendency to show up. They cannot spin on SH tires even in 2nd gear into the turns and thus, don't allow us to balance them using the accelerator as we should in real life imho. So, a lvl or 2 lower grip tires than the stock ones could help us understand the handling of the cars tested much better.

2) As our buddy ThrasherDBS suggested for this specific occassion 20 mins per seesion was a bit on the long side as each lap is on the 1:30-1:35 range. So, my suggestion is depending to the track and cars compared to put the limit in order to have 5-7 laps per session.

Let's go with this comparison now:

Laptimes in Midfield:

DB7 Vantage Coupe '00: 1:22.499

Corvette GRAND SPORT (C4) '96: 1:21.025

Both cars are a bit on the GT side of sportscars.

Somewhat soft but not bad for track suspension for DB7, big weight (over 1700 kgs) affected handling for worse and caused understeer when pushed, but great sound from its V12, linear power and torque for all of the range of rpms, pricey as usual for an Aston.

Corvette Grand Sport being a special edition for track has a harder suspension setting without any great handling as its too old-tech, a not so good sounding engine without so good performance on the upper rpm range as usual for US engines of its time, a great price, and its faster clearly due to its much lower weight that on track is a very critical parameter for good laptimes.

Corvette is the clear winner on track but DB7 is a much better vehicle to live with for sure. A close battle between very different built cars.

My vote goes to Aston Martin DB7 Vantage Coupe '00 for being a more complete car as Corvette GS is a much cheaper, track focused car.


astonvette banner.jpg

.......Aston Martin DB7 V12 Vantage ..... vs ..... Chevrolet Corvette (C4) Grand Sport
Bloxham, Oxfordshire, England ..... Home ..... Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA

5.9litre 48-valve V12 ..... Engine ..... 5.7litre LT4 V8......
7000 rpm ..... Redline ..... 6300rpm
TREMEC T-56 6 speed ..... Gearbox ..... ZF 6 speed............
4692mm ..... Length ..... 4480mm
2591mm ..... Wheelbase ..... 2440mm
1830mm ..... Width ..... 1800mm
1243mm ..... Height ..... 1190mm
head to head vettedb7.jpg

*** Round 1 *** Price ***

Aston Martin 194,260 kazula
Corvette - 45,900 kazula

The Aston dominates the poor Corvette generating a dealership price over four times that of the Kentuckian... And that's before the Import tax... Oh, that's really bad isn't it...

Aston Martin DB7 7 ::: Corvette Grand Sport - 10

*** Round 2 *** Paint chips (Or as they say in America Paint Fries) (Or is it as they say in Engerlandshire Paint Crisps?) ***

Aston Martin Seven
Corvette - One

The Vette has an iconic colour scheme but the Aston has two shades refined from nuggets of purest Green. The other colours are sombre refined shades. with a couple of bright "Wedding day" colours (Solent Silver/Malham White) for the ladies.

Aston Martin DB7 10(17) ::: Corvette Grand Sport - 7(17)​

*** Round 3 *** Go Go Powah Rangers!***

Aston Martin - 419bhp
Corvette - 330bhp

The Grand SPort has the best engine Chevy had on its specification sheet in the LT4 but the Aston had just upgraded from a supercharged straight six to a large 48 valve V12 which pours out the power.

Aston Martin DB7 10(27) ::: Corvette Grand Sport - 8(25)​

*** Round 4 *** Tipping the scales at... Woah, One at a time please! ***

Aston Martin - 1775kg 59:41
Corvette - 1496kg 54:46

The Aston is not only a bigger car but it is also made form good old fashion materials; Freshly peeled cow interior, Proper planks of burr walnut for the dashboard and genuine steel for the car itself. The Corvette has been a fibreglass/ moulded plastic car since the fifties to keep weight low. Despite the drop down in "quality materials" the Corvette is still pretty tubby in the weight area when you compare it to other Sports cars, but compared to the Grand Touring Aston it has a 279kg weight advantage.

Aston Martin DB7 8(35) ::: Corvette Grand Sport - 10(35)

*** Round 5 *** You Torque'n to me? ***

Aston Martin - 55.7kgfm
Corvette - 47.7kgfm

The Aston's V12 has just under 20% more torque than the 'vettes V8.

Aston Martin DB7 10(45) ::: Corvette Grand Sport - 9(44)​

*** Round 6 *** I Feel the Need - Historic Route X Part 1***
Velocity at the 5000m split (Top of the Bridge)
Aston Martin - 181mph 69.7
Corvette - 181mph

Nothing to split the cars on the initial run to the top of the bridge... The speeds were close. Both got to this split at about 70 seconds, I think the Aston got their quicker but I didn't write it down... so let's score it even.

Aston Martin DB7 10(55) ::: Corvette Grand Sport - 10(54)

*** Round 7 *** I Feel the Need - Historic Route X Part 2***
Vmax at the 20000m - Mid way along the back straight - Ever wondered what is the top speed of each car is, in clean air, on the flat... Wonder no more!
Aston Martin - 205mph 3m56.6
Corvette - 188mph 4m09.6

The Aston was able to stretch its legs compared to the Vette and get up to a much faster top speed, and actually was still getting faster as the track went on. Both cars would love a nice slipstream there top gears were very tall letting you cruise about at high speed effortlessly. But in clean air, the Aston was able to cut through the thick 200mph wall of air while the Corvette couldn't get to 190mph.

Aston Martin DB7 10(65) ::: Corvette Grand Sport - 8(62)​

*** Round 8 *** I Feel the Need - Historic Route X Part 3***
Full Lap time
Aston Martin - 5m47.695
Corvette - 6m11.352

Well the ultimate top speed of the DB7 was able to pull a very impressive lead 23.6 second lead at the end 18.82 miles. But the last car to stagger out of the Bloxham Factory was ... the Jaguar XJ220, So maybe they still know how to cram in a bit of top speed into a car.

Aston Martin DB7 10(75) ::: Corvette Grand Sport - 8(70)​

*** Round 9 *** Thing of Beauty or a bit of a Beast? ***

Aston Martin - Super long and sleek. The Jaguar XJS was ahead of its times in terms of looks and styling. The DB7 builds on that long low platform 20 or so years later.
Corvette - The fourth generation Corvette - To be honest it is a bit ... basic in comparison to earlier models. More substance and less style?

BUT looking at them the DB7's back end reminds me of a Toyota Celica. But I like the Toyota Celica... but I like my Aston to look like an Aston! The Pop up headlamps makes the nose of the Corvette nice and low. Both are great. The square exhaust pipes on the Vette, the Sleek headlamps with the black eye liner on the DB7. The Aston just has a little bit extra - But that is probably a Local Bias, and I guess Americans will like the Vette as it is their home town hero. The DB7 was a car that James Bond should have had but by then Bond was locked into a BMW contract... So the DB7 became Johnny English's spy car... oh dear!

Aston Martin DB7 10(85) ::: Corvette Grand Sport - 9(79)​

*** Round 10 *** Home Track : Aston Martin ***
(Seasonal Event Race - Bone Stock - Sport Hard Tyres, TCS=0 ABS=0 No impacts, always inside the white lines)

Silverstone National (only 20 miles from Bloxham Oxfordshire, )
1m07.2 (5m58.7) DB7 SH
1m05.9 (5m51.8) GS SH

Aston Martin DB7 8(93) ::: Corvette Grand Sport - 10(89)

*** Round 11 *** Home Track : Corvette ***
(Seasonal race - Bone Stock - Sport Hard Tyres, TCS=0 ABS=0 No impacts, always inside the white lines)

Laguna Seca (only 2300 miles from Bowling Green Kentucky, I know, that's practically next door!)
1m42.5 (9m13.5) Corvette GS SH
1m44.1 (9m18.4) DB7 SH

Aston Martin DB7 8(101) ::: Corvette Grand Sport - 10(99)

*** Round 12 *** Handling ***

DB7 had a simple drive. Heavy and hard on the front tyres, the Rears can kick out loose if you get a bit forceful and It was a car that took a while to find the limit the nose heavy weight does tend to punish mistakes with a face first trip into the weeds. In corners it was lumbering, the engine was good but the weight and long length of the car made it very stable but not very nimble in corners, You need to really line them up well and be silk smooh on entry with nice looping soft lines so you don't force understeer on those over burdened front tyres.

The Grand Sport is much more nimble, the relative lightness lets it tackle corners with more speed. The Shorter wheelbase doesn't hurt it in the corners either and the weight balance that helps, Leaf spring suspension like a horse drawn carriage... oh America, Bless! As the car is naturally faster you can drive it with a safety margin - so long as the track hasn't got a huge top speed section.

Aston Martin DB7 8(109) ::: Corvette Grand Sport - 10(109)

*** Round 13 *** Engine note ***

Aston Martin - V12- Sounded great revs higher. Engine feels as willing as a Polish lap dancer, running to the redline like it’s sprinting from a storm. But the only storm here is grunt, and plenty of it, punting the Aston along at will. The gear change goes glove-in-fist with these twelve pots of power, slick as magician, smooth as a single malt sucked through a saxophone.
Corvette - V8 - Here the Engine felt a bit more laid back and lazy. As smooth as Dean Martin's 8-Ball Pool Table yet as mean as Marvelous Marvin Hagler's Right Hook. It has it where it counts. That's Amore!

But at the end of the day, Is it a Hateful Eight or a Dirty Dozen?
A close win for the Magnificent DB7.

Aston Martin DB7 10(119) ::: Corvette Grand Sport - 9(118)


Fiddle sticks, stoopid tests! They are meant to help me pick one of them! So you have the Nimble cheaper in your face Corvette or the reserved, classy long legged sleek DB7.
db7vette top.jpg

Corvette Grand Sport-
Sure it looks like a joke it you respray it, but it is cheap, iconic, handles pretty good considering the suspension borrowed from the 4th century (BC).
---- Forget that, I cant's add up numbers and I had the match as a draw and even picked the Vette in a sudden death tie... But It seems the Aston is better after all.

Ryk actually Recommends the Aston Martin DB7 V12 Vantage
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One day left and only two write-ups, let's get a move on.

Ok, Ok, I hear ya :lol: I'm having a tough time deciding. The Vette does what Vettes do. It goes and turns well but has a bit of a push entering corners which can be remedied with brake bias. Decent sound out of the pipes and a fairly well spread gearbox. It keeps its stripes when repainting, so its fun to make things like a competition yellow Grand Sport. It's just not real exciting.

The Aston might be a huge whale, but a its a fast one. It too has some grunt and I love the sound. I found initial turn in to have a touch of understeer, but then it rotates well and scoots out of the corner. It's been a few days since I drove it but I think I remember that there's a big drop in rpm from 4th to 5th gear. Overall, it is surprising how much fun it is. I put several hours on CM tracks with it just fooling around enjoying myself. My times at Midfield:

Corvette Grand Sport (C4) '96 1:20.434
DB7 Vantage Coupe '00 1:21.574

The Vette is faster. However, I'd much rather drive the Aston. So my vote goes to DB7 Vantage Coupe '00 1:21.574!
So, this week's duel was between two cars from around the same time with the same layout. Both were featured in older GT games and both are standard. Not to mention this was a good, old fashioned UK vs US showdown. In my opinion, the Corvette is the better car in GT6 because it is easier to handle and slightly faster while being at a slightly lower PP, but the Aston would be an ideal choice for people looking to ride in style. Midfield raceway was also a nostalgic place for a classic GT duel.

My lap times on Midfield Raceway, stock tires, no driving line, manual, no traction control

Corvette: 1:24.259
Aston Martin: 1:24.979

Gah! the corners on Midfield have always messed me up, I've never really been able to flow through them perfectly, but my vote goes to the Corvette for getting me around the course faster.

Let's tally up the votes.

Corvette: 2
Aston: 3

So the winner of the first week is...

the 2000 Aston Martin DB7!


Congratulations to @Draggon for posting the fastest times around Midfield in both the Corvette Grand Sport and Aston Martin DB7!

Looks like things are continuing on as planned. I'll adjust the time trial time limits as requested, and of course if you have any suggestions for future duels, don't hesitate to throw me a line in the form of a PM.

See you next week! :cheers:
GT6 Duel of the Week #72: Kawaii K-Car Invasion!

Yes, I'm posting this one on a Sunday, which is how most of these post will happen from now on. I'm probably going to post the next week's duel immediately after the previous week finishes. Saves me a bit of time.

Now for this week, we have some tiny K sports cars from the isles of Japanland. It's been a while since we've had some lower-powered hardware on this thread, so let's give them both a warm welcome. Introducing the...

(insert manga for added Japan factor)


1991 Suzuki Cappuccino (EA11R)!!!!

and the...


1992 Suzuki Cara Mazda Autozam AZ-1!!!!
Wikipedia that...

(also thanks to @Obelisk for the suggestion)​

Lower displacement cars call for a tighter track, so this week we're heading to Autum Ring Mini, a track I have yet to see featured on this thread. So take these two mini-monsters down to the racetrack and put them through their paces. Be sure to sign up for our new club if you haven't yet done so. You can find a link to that in the OP. Also be sure to send me suggestions for subsequent weeks too. It always helps when you guys get involved in running this thread too!

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Oh fudge, I missed week 1. I would've voted Vette.

I have done so many events and races in my Suzuki Capp that it hurts to even think of getting rid of it, so my vote is for the EA11R.
Hey guys, just wanted to get everyone's attention for just one minute. I've had the idea of holding a Duel of the Week "Car Olympics" competition next week instead of a standard 1v1 duel. I'll be creating a conversation with the regulars to discuss the format and events of the week. we'll also discuss other topics such as vehicle selection and country representation. I hope to have all of your support so we can kick this off smoothly and have a new and interesting idea.

Of course, this will be for one week only and week four will be something suggested from week 0.