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    It debuted at number one in Germany:

    Update 2:
    It debuted at #11 in Sweden. GT5 debuted at #1...


    At this rate it looks like it might not even break the five million unit mark.

    What do you think these initial numbers mean for the GT franchise?

    Do you think this is only because of PS4 coming out now or are people perhaps getting GT fatigue?

    Was the initial disappointment that was GT5 too much so that people are weary of buying GT6?

    Please discuss.
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  2. Spagetti69

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    Not disastrous at all really. Still many company's would love those figures.
  3. leeson


    Many people gave up on GT after GT5. Many other people were waiting to see if GT6 would be a big step forward and make us forget GT5 ever existed. Unfortunately, this latest installment not only carries over most of the major issues of GT5 it also introduces plenty of new complaints.

    To me the game feels like GT5 with a better menu system, slightly better career mode, and better physics but with somehow worse graphics and worse sounds. There are also some features missing like Shuffle races. Everything else is nearly exactly the same. All the old little annoyances and gripes are still there.
  4. Crumpet

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    Because they barely did any actual marketing...
  5. TurismoBad


    Among other things - engine sounds seems to be the number one complaint and deal breaker for many.

    CAMAROBOY69 Premium

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    This for sure. These numbers were to be expected. There are not a lot of changes from GT5 to GT6. And GT5 was VERY disappointing as a GT fan. Standards are truly still killing this series. Doesn't help that it takes 4-6 months to complete 1 premium car.
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  7. Spagetti69

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    Oddly in the UK there's a couple of TV adverts airing. A bit more than GT5 in its day.
  8. mr_serious


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    After pre-ordering GT5 and being completely disappointed in the arcade stlye game-play (ie driving from the back to overtake some moving chicanes), insane design decisions, and terrible, terrible AI. I promised myself I wouldn't pre-order GT6.

    Now it is out & I have seen the reviews, youtube videos, and these forums, I am very happy I haven't bought it. It looks like more of the same. I'll not touch another GT until they put some actual racing content in there ie...

    Excellent adjustable AI
    Standing Starts
    Proper (ie not the current) damage modelling.
  9. ccvampyre


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    yup nail hit on head... the damage and single player mode are shockingly bad

    plus ps4 and more ppl going to pc..
  10. mcfizzle


    It think most people expected it to be behind GT5 numbers, especially at release. GT6 has to deal with GT5 being a disappointment in many ways thus many people holding off before making a decision along with 2 next gen consoles being released weeks before GT6. Not exactly the best sales environment. Add in the fact GT6 is available digitally and not tracked except by Sony and you get decreased sales.

    I suspect GT6 will have strong legs however due to good word of mouth plus all the added content. The marketing behind the Mercedes VGT alone has been pretty good for a concept found in a game. We will see what other types of DLC they can offer to draw more people in.
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  11. xSNAKEx


    Watching this video I noticed Gt5 sounds seem to have a HUGE amount of hiss to them. I am not talking about the wind sounds, they are just 90% hiss. There is also a lack of any distinct Turbo soudns blow-off reverb etc. People want that stuff exxagerated, and GT5 underplays these even compared to real life.

    In real life your brain would filter out most of the hiss anyway I really think they should tone down their realism aspect of sounds and go for more brute sounds.
  12. Sander 001

    Sander 001

    There was a ton of grind in GT5 which really wore me out and learning that they only made things worse for GT6 has me staying away. But I may get GT6 after all since there's a huge money glitch now.
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  13. GregOr1971


    It will sell over time , It is not GTA :D > There are enough PS3 out there and I don't think there's any serious racer comin' on PS3 anymore. PrC has been rescheduled for next gen consoles , no last gen versions for that , so this looks like last choice to do some driving.
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  14. Moglet

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    I can't speak for all of the cars but the RX-8 is missing a LOT of low down bassiness that the real thing has. Even revving it slightly produces a nice burble in the cabin and GT6 captures none of that.
  15. SVT Cobra GT

    SVT Cobra GT

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    It means that a lot of people who bought GT5 have spent their money on a PS4/Xbox One or something else and had no money left to get GT6.
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  16. Cosbuster


    This is great news and I really hope it continues like that. Any complaint fans make about the state of the game doesn't amount to much when the game keeps on selling and selling until it goes above 10 million. Crappy sales will serve as the best wake-up call.
  17. Whitestar

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    Means nothing to me. I think the game is fun and I love the new physics on my T500RS. :)
  18. MustangManiac

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    A Mazda has bass? Those rotary motors are about the highest pitch screaming motors I have ever heard other than F1, I can't stand them!
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  19. Metfanant


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    the problem is PD (and just about every Japanese developer for that matter) has completely lost touch with what the consumers want, and while they have faltered, their competition has continually gotten better and better...

    people want customization, people want cars that sound like cars...they dont want to listen to elevator music in a driving game...most people find the inclusion of standard cars to be comical (it is)...people want real damage...they dont care if the damage is 100% accurately modeled in regards to real world physics...they want to see dents, and wings fly off, and shattered glass and the audio that goes with it

    what makes GT popular for some, (particularly on these forums) like the "its a driving game, not a racing game" crowd or the "its about collecting cars" crowd...just doesn't fly with the general consumer and GT's sales will continue to fall, along with its review scores until Kaz realizes this...

    to be honest Kaz is probably lucky that PD is a first party studio that has had mega success in the past, because a third party publisher would have booted him ages ago...

    GT6 is a huge step in the right direction (in regards to the user experience compared to GT5) but the excitement isnt enjoying the heck out of someone that has owned every GT game back to the original i appreciate it for what it is...

    but part of me wonders if im enjoying it simply because i chose to get a PS4 and NOT to get a Xbone at launch and have to miss out on Forza 5 (Forza 3 and 4 were much better "games" than GT5), and since im not a PC gamer GT6 is really my only sim option...

    the average gamer did not grow up in the PS1 era...they grew up in the Xbox era with Project Gotham and them GT is boring, they dont understand what the point of the standard cars is, they dont understand why there is no damage, they dont understand why the cars sound weird...

    PD MUST...
    - embrace customization for REAL...livery editor of ANY kind...more body/aero kits

    - damage...doesnt matter if its real time and physics based...people want their cars to fall apart when they crash, even if its just for the "wow" factor

    - sound...even if the sounds are not 100% audiophile accurate...V8's need to sound like V8's...race cars need to sound like race cars...

    - standard cars must go...i dont care if it cuts the car count in half (or even worse) dont need the 99 and 02 Viper GTS (one as a standard, one as a premium) they are the SAME car in different color choices (except the 02 has ABS in real life)...we dont need a whole page of standard mid 2000 Honda S2000's...the single 2006 Premium version is enough...

    - give us something more on the single player front...the old formula of just a list of races just isnt going to cut it anymore...we dont need a stupid contrived story to go with the single player, but there should be something...earn sponsorships as you go along (great way to tie in a basic livery editor)...grow rivalries with other drivers...form a race team (great way to incorporate B-Spec)...make me feel like im racing in a "season." have a calendar where i pick and choose races to enter throughout the season

    - DELIVER your features...dont talk about stuff that wont be in the game...dont talk to me about a course editor that is 100x100km and then a month later its 50x50...then a month later its 10x10...then a month later it "wont be there day 1, but its coming!" Dont tell me you're "working on sound" but its not, stop doing things that are cool, but dont bring anything to the table (moon missions?) and get your work done!

    there is so much more i could list, but this is the stuff that comes to mind right now...
  20. Cheshyrkat


    I would like to think it is because of the PS4 and that people are just ready to move forward from the PS3. But I do think GT5(pre update) really burned a lot of people. Being a huge fan myself, GT5 almost turned me off to the series. Not that GT5 was bad mind you, but it really hit home that the series is falling behind and into stagnation. While I am enjoying GT6, the review that mentioned GT6 still suffers from the baggage of its legacy rings true to me. From purely anecdotal evidence my friends want more modern features found in other racing games and I do too. What GT does well is amazing and is what keeps me coming back but other games, while maybe not as refined, are doing things that people in my circle want. No doubt these potential anemic sales will be nothing more than a bump in PD's success, but I do hope that maybe it will nudge PD forward and we will see the series advance.
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  21. nickg07


    The PSN for credits is another reason they wouldn't let us carry our cars over. It's only fun scrimping to buy exactly the same cars so many times..

    Especially with such a lacklustre number of cool prize cars.
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  22. Squach240


    This is true. A small poster inside my Gamestop is about the most advertising i've seen locally.

    I thought GT5 was great, and what GT5 did have was actually incredible. I don't mind standard cars - but people do have this over the top-impossible expectation for 6 year old tech. If PD updated the game right now and made every standard ghosted/unavailable that didn't have an interior view - this game would be extremely empty. Maybe the standards are saving it from being empty instead of killing the series.

    I think everything is being... like expected... is faaaaaaaaaar too analyzed. Look at the time of year it is, and look what exists on the market of demand. People are busy flapping interests of new tech. PD, graciously... catered to the current folk so they didn't have to buy a new console. That's how I view it atleast.
  23. Trux


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    Wait... Has it been a week already? :odd:
  24. MatskiMonk

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    There just isn't enough new to attract casual gamers. Two of my friends have asked me if GT6 is any good, is it worth getting?... well, neither of them played GT5 for more than a week or two, and really, what's the selling point of 6 over 5?

    Don't get me wrong, I like it. But, I'm a hardcore GT fan and have been for 15 years, I spend half my spare time on GTPlanet reading about the game, so I can get the best out of the improvements and new tracks etc., but I don't think your average gamer will.
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  25. Brend

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    GT6 will be a slow burner till the PS3s death.

    I can see it reaching roughly 5.3 Million sales. Just an estimate of course.

    and @MatskiMonk - Oddly enough, 2 of my friends bought it to drive on the moon. :lol:
  26. sparkytooth

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    Mainly because it wasn't as hypetacular as GT5 was.

    Also, the even numbered GT game curse. No even numbered GT game will sell more than it's odd numbered predeccessor.
  27. Highlandor


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    Die hard GT fans (who were there the entire time of Prologue) walked away from GT5 for many reasons - it wasn't just one.

    As mentioned above, PD dont seem to understand their customers (especially those outside of the Japanese market).

    Look at GT5 as a whole, from release day to launch of GT6, it was one of the biggest screw ups in video gaming history, not only was the game no where near ready upon release, PD made things worse by constantly implementing new features, but there were always problems, and when they fixed one problem they caused another.

    The whole time major issues like online connectivity were never address, PD made no recognition of this..

    GT6 is the game GT5 should've been but they release it AFTER the PS4 is released..

    Absolutely crazy, no wonder sales are down, PD haven't got a scooby doo...
  28. AudiMan2011

    AudiMan2011 Contributing Writer

    Likely because the next generation of consoles has everyone's attention. Besides it's not just GT that's affected by the curse of the sequel. Other popular series like Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Halo, Madden, Resident Evil etc have also been affected.
  29. Foxiol


    I never knew so much people that I actually know that got the game at day one like me. lol

    A developer judges the success of the game in the very first 2 weeks to 18 days after launch, not in the sales of day one. Though these are very important.
    A game is profitable if they make more money than the one they used to make the game.

    GT5 sold 10 million copies because of the long wait and expectation, and since the game wasn´t as great as people expected to be, now that is affecting GT6 sales for sure.
    Having in mind that a lot of people moved on to the new consoles one week before GT6 was released is other thing to have in mind.

    I pre-orederd GT5 Signature Edition, played that game for almost 2 years daily (ended almost hating it, lol), now pre-ordered GT6 Anniversary Edition and thanks to the amazing physics, the great track list and a lot of cars that I always wanted...this game is one of the best in the series.
    If you only look at the flaws of the are going to miss the rest.
  30. vk56dehan


    I honestly enjoyed every part of what I just read and fully agree with you on every aspect. If only there was a way to get this all the way to the man....