GT6 to be available on PSN for digital download

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 6' started by Normalaatsra, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. Normalaatsra

    Indonesia Jakarta

    I just found this news here.

    The retail game will be available digitally through the PlayStation Network. Early birds will receive a 15th Anniversary Edition upgrade to their download and PS Plus members can claim a free Nissan Nismo GT-R N24 in the anniversary livery. This applies to teritories SCEJA (Japan Asia) are in charge of.

    This is for Asian teritories, but I reckon other markets will follow suit. Does this really confirm a digital release of GT6?
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  2. Boxout

    Brazil São Paulo

    Why only Asia? I prefer having a digital copy rather than a physical copy.
    Is like I'm throwing my money at PD and they don't want to take it...
  3. Chad Daddy


  4. crowhop

    United States Upstate SC, USA

    If this becomes available for the US, I'll be doing it. Having the digital copy should mean quicker read times since there won't be a disc in the way. I prefer not hearing the disc spin up anyway.
    If the bonus for doing it is better than the Gamestop promo, I'll be cancelling it. We shall see.

    If the bonus isn't better than the Gamestop promo, I'll get both and have the hard copy for posterity.

    The downside of this is it could mean I need to get Playstation Plus.
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  5. shirakawaa


    A plus point for the digital version is that it will certainly be better for SSDs, since it will be installed entirely on it.
  6. Wardez

    Staff Emeritus
    United States Las Vegas UTC-8

    Yeah, I wonder just how much you could improve the speed by combining the digital download version with a really fast SSD.

    I had an SSD for GT5, but it hardly made a difference since the SSD was only like 128mbps read.
  7. Does it say that it's only for Asia? Don't expect a SCE Asia site to promote releases in other regions. I hope the digital version will be available everywhere.
  8. Blitz24

    United States NJ/USA

    Wouldn't a Digital download allow for a quick upgrade to PS4?
  9. I don't think so and why would anyone want a quick upgrade? I'd rather play a finished PS3 game than some half-arsed PS4 game.
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  10. Blitz24

    United States NJ/USA

    I'm not saying anyone would 100% want it, but if given a choice, I'd not be opposed to having an option of playing it on the PS4.
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  11. Normalaatsra

    Indonesia Jakarta

    I wonder if the decrease in game size due to the new game enhancements have something to contribute to the games' ability to be dowloadable from PSN.
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  12. R.S

    Australia Australia

    I would imagine content on a BD is not compressed (as decompression is slow). A digital download will be compressed for download and then uncompressed when installed.
  13. I might have misunderstood your definition of a quick upgrade? Since the game has not been developed for the PS4, it would have to be one of those conversions that some PS2 games underwent for PS3 compatibility, thus it has nothing to do with the fact that the game will be available as a PSN download. A conversion is just not going to happen as long as the PS3 is on sale because Sony obviously wants to make us own both systems rather than making our lives that convenient.
  14. Brend

    Contributing Writer
    Scotland Port Glasgow

    Hopefully this comes to EU.
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  15. TJ13

    United States Minnesota

    I would rather have the disc version, given the problems they had with GTA on digital.

    Plus then I would get a nice box. :)
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  16. Tired Tyres

    Online Now!
    United Kingdom West Yorkshire

    I think I'd prefer a disc version to be honest. At least you can get that at a good price. DL versions of new games tend to be stuck on the RRP to keep retailers happy.
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  17. Gedi69

    England Colchester

    Will the digital version still be the same price as a hard copy? And is it confirmed that we need PS Plus to get it?
  18. iainoflo85

    Scotland Glasgow

    Digital Copies are usually the full RRP of a game. So in the UK, about 49.99.
  19. Gedi69

    England Colchester

    Cheaper to get a real copy then, cheers pal :tup:
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  20. tezster

    Canada Canada

    They should just include a digital download code for those who purchase the disc, like they do for certain blu-ray/dvd movies.
  21. iainoflo85

    Scotland Glasgow

    Yes, that would make a lot of sense. But then Sony would lose money, the point of the digital download is for Sony to get the full cost of the game, with no cut going to a retailer, which in turn would allow PD to get a greater cut from those sales.
  22. dixonbaps

    England Mushroom Valley

    I hope it's not like GT5P where (I'm 99% sure?) you had to be signed in to the PSN to play it?

    And also isn't the PS4 able to play PS3 games through the PSN? Again I'm not too sure about this either.
  23. Tired Tyres

    Online Now!
    United Kingdom West Yorkshire

    Since you can put it on two systems at the same time it would not be a bad deal.

    Especially this bit.

    Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia (SCEJA) is also announcing that GT6™ download version will be released on December 5th on PlayStation®Network (PSN) and rewards for early purchasers which are free upgrade to 15th Anniversary Edition, extra three 15th Anniversary designed cars and GT6 avatars.
    What’s more, PS Plus members will be treated to a free download of “15th Anniversary designed Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 N24” from 5th – 25th December on PS Store.
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  24. iainoflo85

    Scotland Glasgow

    Now that's a good incentive.

    And I didn't know you could have it on two PS3's, I have two PS3's so that's better than buying two copies of the game.
  25. BrandonW77

    United States Indianapolis

    You can install the downloaded game on two different consoles? This would be great news for players with triple monitors!
  26. nickg07


    It's a good incentive if you want a copy you can't resell and pay a premium to not have the physical goods to snuggle at night
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  27. Normalaatsra

    Indonesia Jakarta

    You don't need PS Plus to get it, the only bonus for being a PS Plus member is that you can unlock the GT-R GT3 N24 anniversary livery version available for limited time.
  28. It's a good incentive if you want your game to load much faster and not stress your Blu-ray drive. Considering the time one might spend with GT6 (highly individual), a few seconds here and there could really add up depending on for how long you plan on playing the game. Taking that time you saved by going digital to do some extra work and getting some extra cash could offset the higher price. In my case digital means working about one hour more(*) and I have no doubt I'll be making that timesave really quickly.

    *Counted by guessing the digital price will be standard 59.99 euros versus physical 49.99 euros.
  29. HuskyGT

    Online Now!
    United States Utah

    There is no replacement for a hard copy.
  30. Ridox2JZGTE


    HK PSN prices are in HK dollars, even with full RRP, almost 99% of game prices are always cheaper than equivalent US or EU PSN prices. I have HK PS+ ending soon, might get this too alongside my pre ordered disc.
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